Our Angel (Part: 2 First Feed) {Sidnaaz}


Shehnaaz gained her consciousness back after an hour. She was on the hospital bed and Sidharth was sitting beside her on the stool, clasping her hand.

He passed her a smile and leaned forward to kiss her forehead. “How are you ?” He asked concernedly.

“Hubby, I’m fine. Where is our chotu baby? Is it a boy or a girl ?” She asked, her eyes are sparkling with excitement and Sidharth was just smiling at her.

“It’s Chotu Baby girl.” He told her and gently kissed her hand.

“Wow, baby girl. Hubby, I want to meet her.” She squealed in excitement. Sidharth stood up and helped Shehnaaz to sit with the support of pillows. Then he went to another side of the bed where their princess was sleeping in the cradle, wrapped in the white sheet. He picked her in his arms carefully and she yawned in sleep. He kissed her forehead. Shehnaaz was looking at them with excitement.

Sidharth gave Angel to her. She cradled her in her warm arms and few tears trickled down from her eyes mechanically. It was a blissful moment for her. She had been waiting for this day since so long and finally, her chotu was in her arms, in front of her eyes. She started crying like a small baby, staring at her.

“Hey, baby, why are you crying?” Sidharth asked concernedly after cupping her face and wiped her tears.

“She is finally with us, hubby. I just can’t believe it. I’m so happy.” She said while crying and started kissing all over her face. Chotu baby woke up and stared at her Mumma cutely first and then she moved her eyes toward her father.

“Hi, my chotu baby, my princess,” Shehnaaz whispered, caressing her nose with her tiny nose. Sidharth smiled at them.

“Hubby, she is saying hi to me.” Shehnaaz shouted joyfully as chotu baby held her finger with her tiny hand.

“Hello, chotu baby.” Sidharth caressed her face and she instantly moved her leg toward him.

“Sidharth, she kicked like she used to kick inside me.” Shehnaaz burst into laughter as she responded to her father by moving her leg. Sidharth chuckled and kissed her feet after bending down.

“She slept again, hubby.” She said disappointedly.

“She is so beautiful like an angel. Hubby, do you like the name, angel ?” She asked excitedly.

“Wow, baby, I loved this name. Our angel.” He gently kissed his daughter’s forehead and then her wife’s forehead.

“Thank you, baby. It because of you, today our daughter is with us. Thank you so much.” He thanked her touching his face with her.

“Hubby, it because of you, our chotu baby is with us because you are my strength. It wouldn’t be possible without you. So, thank you for always being there for me. You are the best husband of this world and I love you a lot.” She confessed and pecked his lips.

“No, baby. It happened because of you.”

Before Shehnaaz could say something, Angel started crying, moving her hands and legs in her arms.

“Oh, my angel. Sh… Mumma can’t see you in tears, stop crying.” Shehnaaz swung her gently and tried to soothe her. She fell asleep within a few seconds and her hand remained in the air only.

“She is so cute.” Sidharth smiled and put her hands down.

“Cute like me..” Shehnaaz winked at Sidharth and he chuckled.

“Yes, cute like you.” He kissed her nose and she grinned.

“How are you feeling, Shehnaaz ?” Doctor asked, entering the room with the nurse. Sidnaaz smiled at her.

“I’m feeling so good. Now, I just can’t wait to hear Mumma.” She said excitedly and they both chuckled.

“We have to take the baby for few tests. Could we ?” Doctor asked before taking Angel.

“But be careful,” Shehnaaz warned her, giving Angel to Doctor.

“I’m a Doctor, Shehnaaz. Don’t worry.” The doctor assured her and gave Angel to the nurse.

“I just come.” The doctor went out, leaving Sidnaaz alone.

“Hubby.” She called him, opening her arms and Sidharth understood, what she wanted from him. Sidharth smiled at her and hugged her tightly after bending down. She hugged him back, encircling her arms around his neck. After breaking the hug, he captured her lips and kissed her lovingly and gently. He was thanking her for the precious gift through this kiss.

“I love you, baby.” He whispered after breaking the kiss.

“Hubby, I have become a mother, now. So, stop calling me baby. It’s doesn’t look good.”

“No, my baby will always remain baby. I’m gonna call you baby always.” He pulled her cheeks and she giggled, she wanted to hear this only. Sidharth kissed her cheeks and then pecked her lips.

Angel was sleeping in the cradle when Mukti came to meet her with Abhi, leaving Arjun (chotu ACP) with Navya at home.

Angel woke up and frowned, moving her eyebrows closer together and the deep line appeared on her forehead as Mukti picked her up. It was like she was saying to Mukti “Put me down and let me sleep peacefully.”

Abhi started laughing loudly, holding his stomach. “Sidharth, I’m sure, she will be like you. Look, she started showing her anger to us from now only.”

Shehnaaz giggled and Sidharth glared at him.

“Aww, she is damn cute.” Mukti kissed her forehead and rubbed her nose with her.

“I’m happy if she will be like my hubby. I don’t have any problem.” She said cheerfully.

Angel started crying and Mukti rocked her back and forth but she cried more. “Sweetie, I think, she is hungry.” Mukti understood because she had a one month experience now.

“Give her to me, I will see.” Sidharth said holding Angel in his arms.

“Is my angel hungry ?” Sidharth asked Angel, raising his eyebrows. She cried more, moving her hands and legs and closing her tightly.

“We are going outside,” Abhi said and went out out the wardroom with Mukti.

“Baby, you have to feed her.” Sidharth said walking toward Shehnaaz with Angel.

Shehnaaz opened the side zip of her gown and took her one of the twins out. “Give her to me, then.”

Sidharth carefully gave Angel to her. She held her carefully in her arms and brought her mouth closer to her twin. Angel instantly started sucking her nipple, keeping her tiny hand on her twin. Shehnaaz smiled blissfully and kissed her head after leaning down. Sidharth smiled too, admiring them. Shehnaaz grinned, looking at Sidharth. He bent down and kissed her forehead. She smiled, closing her eyes. Feeding her daughter is one of the blissful moments for every mother.

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