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Today was the delivery of Mukti’s baby. Nandini couldn’t go because she was on bed rest for a month.

“Hubby, call Abhi jiju. I want to see their baby. I wish, I was there.” She was asking her hubby to call Abhi after every ten minutes. She was sitting with the support of a pillow and Manik was sitting beside her, holding her hand.

“Abhi said that as soon as the baby comes, he will call me. Please have some patience.” Manik tried to explain the desperate Nandini. But stubborn Nandini had her own way to convince her hubby.

“Please hubby, call him for the last time. Promise, after this, I won’t ask you to call.” She looked at him pleadingly and tried to convince him.

Manik agreed nodding his head and she smiled happily. He took out the phone from his pocket and called Abhi.

“Manik put the phone on speaker.” He did what she asked him to do. She was excitedly looking at the phone and waiting for Abhi to answer the call.

“Hello…” They heard Navya’s voice from the other side and looked at each other in confusion.

Manik opened his mouth to speak but before him, Nandini asked, “where is Abhi jiju, Navya?”

“He is inside with Mukti. She has given birth to a baby boy.” Navya gave the good news making them smile broadly.

“Mukti and baby, both are fine, right ?” Manik asked concernedly.

“It’s a normal delivery and both are fine.” Manik sighed with relief.

“Navya, where is the baby? I want to see him.” Nandini was super excited to see the new member.

“I’m also waiting to see him, Nandini. Nurse hasn’t brought him outside yet.” Nandini became upset, she wanted to see the baby.

“Navya, call me as soon as the nurse brings him out. I’m dying to see the baby.” Nandini said and after that, they hang up the call.

“When you will come, chotu baby? See, your brother has already come.” She asked from chotu baby placing her hand on the baby bump. Manik chuckled at this.

“Only one month to go, baby and our chotu baby will be in our arms.” Manik said caressing the baby bump and kissed Nandini’s forehead. They looked at each other having smile on their face.

After a few minutes, Abhi video called Manan. Manik was in the washroom and his phone was kept on the bed. Nandini answered the call excitedly. She saw Mukti who was sitting holding the baby in her hand. He was wrapped in a white sheet. Mukti was admiring him.

“Congratulation Didu and Abhi jiju.” She congratulated them happily. They thanked her. Abhi showed the baby from close.

“He is so cute. I want to hold him and pull his cheeks.” Nandini said gleefully.

“Where is Manik ?” Abhi asked after turning on the front camera.

“He is in the washroom.” As Nandini told Abhi, Manik stepped out from the washroom.

“Congratulation, Abhi.” Manik congratulated Abhi leaning down, touching his face with Nandini to come in camera.

“Thanx bro. And now meet your nephew.” He said turning on the back camera to show Mukti and baby. Manik smiled at them. This moment made him remind of Mukti’s birth. When first time he had held his little sister in his arms.

“God bless you both.” Only these words came out of his mouth at that time. Mukti smiled looking at the camera.

“Say hi to your mamu and mami.” Mukti asked the baby to say hi caressing his cheeks. He smiled in sleep. Everybody also smiled seeing him. He was looking super cute.

“Hubby, my back is hurting a lot.” Nandini cried in pain after waking up from the evening nap. That time, Manik was working on the laptop sitting beside her. He immediately put the laptop on the side and looked at her.

“Baby, you will be fine. Relax..” he tried to calm her down caressing her forehead while she was crying. He got hell worried for her. He got up and took out the healing cream from the drawer.

“I will apply this on your back and the pain will go away like magic,” Manik told her showing the tube to her.

“Apply it fast.” She cried out making Manik more worried.

He carefully turned her on one side and put the pillow under her baby bump. He knelt on the floor. He pulled up the top from behind and opened her bra before applying the healing cream. He gently applied the cream to her back and started massaging it softly. Nandini was feeling relief.

“Baby, feeling better ?” He asked concernedly while massaging her back.

“This feels so good hubby. I am feeling much much better now, keep doing this.” Nandini whispered and Manik sighed with relief.

“I love you so much, baby,” Manik said lovingly and kissed her cheek. Nandini smiled with closed eyes. She was enjoying this massage session.

“Manik, you were right, the pain has really gone away like magic.” Nandini moaned in pleasure now.

She didn’t come to know when his hands came in front and started massaging her twins from behind and his lips kissing her back. One hand was caressing her belly and the other was squeezing her twin.

“I love you, hubby.” She moaned with pleasure when he pinched her nipple.

He turned her face toward himself and kissed her lips. “I love you more, baby.” He whispered after breaking the kiss for a second and then again started kissing her lips lovingly.

At night manan were trying to sleep. Nandini was lying on her back and Manik was lying on one side and his hand was inside her top. He was gently caressing her belly.

“Hubby, we will do three babies only.” Nandini spoke suddenly. Manik’s eyes widened in shock listening to her words.

“One baby is enough. You know that I can’t see you pain.” Manik freaked out.

“Hubby, chotu baby will need brother and sister in future to play.” She tried to explain to him her point of view putting a hand on his face.

“Chotu baby has already gotten his brother to play. So, one is enough.” Manik stated strictly while Nandini made a sad pout.

“Just one more, please.” She pleaded showing her one finger to him like a kid is pleading for one more chocolate.

“Chotu baby, do you want to share your parent’s love with your siblings ?” Manik asked from chotu baby putting hand on her belly.

“He kicked.” Nandini cried out.

“Look, chotu baby also doesn’t want any sibling.” Manik grinned with triumph while Nandini made a sad pout.

“Please, one more, hubby. Please.. .” She looked at him pleadingly.

“We will discuss this later on, okay.” He tried to end the conversation here only because he didn’t want to make her upset by fighting with her. He was never going to allow her for a second baby. She was already going through so much pain because of her first pregnancy and it was getting so difficult for him to see her in pain.

“No, I want to discuss this right now.” She screamed stubbornly, he shook his head.

“Baby, one is enough. You know that I can’t see you in pain.” He tried to explain her calmly cupping her face.

“We will discuss this some other day because my chotu baby is craving to eat something.” Manik sighed with relief listening to her words.

“Thank you, chotu baby. You are best.” Manik kissed her belly and thanked him to end the conversation. The baby kicked in response making Nandini shout. Manik touched his face with her and both chuckled.

“Manik, I have decided that what I will call Didu’s baby.” Nandini said excitedly when Manik was feeding her salad at late night.

“What ?” Manik raised his eyebrows and stuff one slice of cucumber in her mouth.

“Chotu ACP.” She ate the cucumber and then told him excitedly.

“Chotu ACP, it’s cute.” He chuckled and Nandini was grinning. She was super happy to give the nickname to Mukbhi’s baby.

“Love you so much, my cute baby.” Manik pulled her cheeks and pecked her lips. One day, she would surely kill him with her cuteness.

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