(Part: 169 Stealing The Mangoes) Mine (Manan)


Manan were going back home and on the way, they were just talking about their chotu baby and the beautiful feeling of hearing his first heartbeat. Nandini didn’t remove her hand from her belly for even a single second. She was talking with her chotu baby and with her hubby. She looked out of the window and her eyes twinkled.

“Hubby, stop the car.” She shouted and Manik immediately applied the brake getting worried for her. He looked at her and found her looking outside of the window. Her black eyes were shining and he got lost in her baby.

“Baby.” He called her after few minutes and she looked at him having a cute smile on her face.

“I want to eat that..” she pointed her finger out of the window while her eyes were looking at him with excitement. Manik looked out of the window and he saw an ice cream stall under the tree. She also looked outside.

“You want to eat Ice cream. Baby, I will make you eat from a shop, not from here.” He spoke strictly having no idea that what was going in her baby’s ‘Khurafati mind’.

“Uff oh… Hubby, I am not talking about Ice cream.” She said putting her hand on her forehead making Manik confused.

“Then what ?” He asked confusingly looking out of the window but there he found nothing except an Ice Cream stall.

“I want to eat yummy yummy mangoes.” She said licking her lower lip like a cute baby.

“So why did you ask me to stop the car? We can eat the mangoes at home.” Manik was confused and Nandini was smiling wickedly showing her all teeth to him. Her this smile made him scared.

“Hubby, I want to eat mangoes from that tree. They are looking so yummy.” she again licked her lips and said looking at the mango tree which was inside somebody’s private garden. Manik was shocked to hear this.

“Baby, why these mangoes? We can’t go there and who will climb on  that tree ?” Manik started giving excuses and Nandini made a sad pout.

“Hubby, Chotu baby wants to eat.. what can I do about this? Hubby, don’t say no, please. Please for me and chotu baby.” She requested him and put his hand on her belly. Manik denied by nodding his head in no and she made a sad pout.

“No, Baby, this is impossible. How we will go inside? A guard is standing outside. What if we will be get caught ?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Hubby leave everything on me and just come with me, please. Hubby bubby, please… I really want to eat those delicious mangoes. Please please..” She requested joining her both hands in front of him. Manik was cursing the tree inside his mind.

“Okay, fine.” He shouted and she hugged him joyfully saying thank you to him. He knew that if he again say no then he would have to face her anger which was dangerous for him. That’s why he agreed.

“We want mangoes from that tree.” She spoke innocently to guard when they reached the gate.

“And I want to meet Salman Khan.” Guard chuckled making Nandini confused.

“So meet him, why are you saying to me? Open the gate, please, we will take only two mangoes and give you the money also.” Nandini requested him innocently.

“Oh madam, this is not my garden. I can’t permit you to go.” Guard said in attitude to Nandini and that’s was enough for Manik.

“Oh just cut the crap..” he yelled angrily.
“Just take this and open the door.” He spoke in his famous attitude putting two notes of two thousand in his shirt’s pocket. Guard’s eyes glinted with happiness. He immediately opened the door for them. Nandini was so impressed with her hubby. She walked inside behind Manik having a huge smile on her face.

“Just try to do it fast.” Guard said and Manik glared at him.

“Manik, let’s go..” Manik was about to shout at him but Nandini dragged him toward the mango tree holding his hand.

“Manik, I knew that you can do anything. You are perfect in everything. I am so proud of you, my hubby bubby.” She said cheerly and then she placed a kiss on his cheeks after standing on her toes. He just beamed at her.

“Hubby, now how will we reach the mangoes. You were right the tree is so giant.” She said looking at the tree from down to up. Then she looked at Manik sadly. Manik was standing crossing his arms around his chest and thinking that how to reach mangoes.

“I have an idea. Wait.” He spoke and his words brought a huge smile to her face. Manik picked up a stone that was kept under the tree.

“You stand here and don’t move okay.” He led her far away from the tree and instructed her to stand there only. She nodded her head cutely like an obedient kid.

“Hubby..” he was walking toward the tree but he turned to look at her when she called him. He raised his eyebrows and she opened her arms. He immediately understood what she wanted at that time. He rushed to her and engulfed her into his protective arms. He could do anything for her and she always felt so lucky to have him in her life. Through this hug, she just wanted to say thank you to him for always being there for her, taking care of her and protecting her from the cruel world.

“So now Can I go? You know we don’t have time.” He spoke after breaking the hug. She chuckled and nodded her head, permitting him to go.

Manik reached the tree and hit the stone on the branches but except few leaves, nothing fell. Manik looked at Nandini who was looking at him like an excited kid. He tried two three times but not even a mango dropped down. Manik looked at her before hitting for the fifth time. She made a sad pout. This time he threw the stone praying to god because he wanted to bring a smile on his baby’s face and he could do anything for that. Two mangoes dropped down together and Nandini eyes shimmered brightly. She clapped her hands cheerfully standing there. Manik was also smiling seeing his baby’s smile. He picked up both mangoes and walked toward her having a smile on his face.

“So here are your mangoes, baby. Do you want more ?” He asked like a gentleman after giving mangoes to her. She immediately nodded her head in no having a huge smile on her face. She mouthed to him I love you and in response, he kissed her lips softly after leaning down.

“I love you, my baby more..” he confessed breaking the kiss against her lips. She caressed her nose against him and they smiled.

“Who is there..?” The owner of the garden saw them from the balcony of the house and shouted at them. Manik immediately scurried toward the gate by grasping Nandini’s hand without even looking at the owner. They reached the car and burst into laughter looking at each other.

“Seriously Nandini… I  never did something like this before in my life. But this was amazing.” He said between her laugh. Nandini was also laughing crazily looking at him.

“I enjoyed it a lot. Chotu baby do you enjoy it?” She asked from chotu baby looking at her belly. Manik took her in his arms and they were still laughing. Manik never thought it would be so much fun doing this. He experienced a new thing in his life because of his baby and off course because of his chotu baby. He was extremely happily.

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