(Part: 166 A Hot Surprise for my Hubby) Mine (Manan)


“Did you have breakfast?” He asked being a caring husband like always. She nodded negatively and he frowned. She made herself ready to bear his anger by closing her eyes. Manik was really going to shout at her but seeing her adorable face, his all anger vanished away.

“Now wear something fast. We will take breakfast together.” He said in a calm tone and her eyes shot open because he didn’t scold her for not taking breakfast on time and didn’t even give her a long speech that she should think about their chotu baby. She was shocked.

“I want to wear this shirt because I feel comfortable in your shirt.” She said pointing her finger at the white shirt which he was wearing under the coat.
“Could I ?” She asked raising her eyebrows.

“You can wear any shirt of mine. And You don’t need to take permission. Everything which is mine, it is yours too. But why this one ?” He asked confusingly.

“Because in this shirt, your fragrance is present. And I will feel you more close to me by wearing this shirt.” She held his collar and spoke, coming close to him. Manik was surprised to listen to those words. He held her face and just captured her lips after leaning down. He kissed her passionately and she responded to him with equal flavour.

He broke the kiss after making her breathless and pecked her forehead and cheeks. After that, he removed his coat and kept it on the bed. He was about to open the first button of his shirt but she stopped him, holding his wrist. He looked at her confusingly.

“I will remove your shirt. Now put your hands down and stand straight.” She ordered him. He meekly nodded his head like an innocent kid and put his both hands down.

She started opening his belt. She opened the button of his trousers and took his shirt out which was tucked in his trouser. She was staring at his abs after opening all the buttons of his shirt. He smiled and took off his shirt. She started moving her hands all over his bare chest. He closed his eyes to feel the touch of her soft hands. Then she started placing kisses on his bare chest and abs. Manik was enjoying her touch forgetting everything. She was turning him on completely. While kissing his chest, she slid one hand into his boxer. She looked at him shyly, having a smile on her face when her hand touched his hard manhood. Then she started rubbing it, kissing his chest. He was moaning in pleasure, closing his eyes forgetting everything. Within few minutes he released.

“It was amazing.” He said after coming back on the earth. She smiled at him with glee.

“This was the reward for always being so good. I know that you are controlling yourself because I am pregnant.” She said, having respect for him in her eyes.

“It is just a matter of few months. I am completely fine with it. But I like your this surprise. Keep surprising me like this always.” He said tucking her wet hair behind her ear and winked at her. She smiled, moving her eyelashes down. He just embraced her in his protective arms.

“Okay now wear this. I am bringing breakfast for you.” He said giving his shirt to her after breaking the hug. Nandini smirked, making him confused and then her next act shocked him.

She opened the knot of her towel and it fell on the floor revealing her body. She was standing only in her inner wears in front of him. Manik was looking at her with his wide-open mouth and eyes. She winked at him and said huskily coming close to her ear “I want you to make me wear this shirt with your hands.”

“But at this moment I only want to remove the remaining pieces of your clothes instead of making you wear this shirt.” He said in a husky tone, caressing his face with her and his one hand was on her cheek. His touch was making her feel heaven. She got lost in his touch, closing her eyes.

“But my bad luck. I have to make you wear this shirt.” He said holding her shoulders disappointedly and pulled her a little away from himself. Like always he got successful in controlling his manly desires. She made a sad pout. He kissed her pout making her smile. Then he helped her in making her wear his shirt. Like her mother, he was buttoning the shirt and she was looking at him, having so much love for him in her eyes.

“From now, I will only wear your used shirts. I am feeling like I wrapped you around my body. It feels so good.” She spoke contentedly, hugging herself. He chuckled seeing her and started kissing all over her face. He was confessing his love with every kiss. She was just smiling happily.

“I love you so much, baby. Why are you so adorable?” Saying this, he kissed her lips softly. Breaking the kiss both smiled, at each other. He kissed her lips again lovingly.

“I just come.” Then he left to bring breakfast for her after kissing her forehead. Not before closing his jeans button and wearing his t-shirt.


“Navya, she was crying like hell because now she can’t wear her favourite dresses. She had really scared the hell out of me.” Manik told Navya when she asked about Nandini. Navya chuckled and left from there shaking her head in disbelief. Then Manik went to the kitchen.

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