(Part: 164 His Make Up Session) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana closed the door when Mishti left with Navya. Mishti had an appointment with the doctor. Sidharth was sitting in the balcony and he was on the video conference with a dealer. Sana marched toward him angrily. Sidharth’s eyes fell on his angry baby. He was speaking something but he stopped at that moment only when he saw her. Sana stood in front of him, frowning and crossing her arms around her chest. Within a few seconds, he ended the conference. He closed the laptop and stood up, looking at her.

“Why you commented on my short height?” Sidharth was about to say something but before that, she burst out on him. Sidharth opened his mouth in O when he got to know the reason for her anger.

“Baby, I just want to give a reason to Mishti. Why are you getting angry?” He walked closer to her.

But she asked, cutting his words” But why my short height, hubby ?”

“Oh, my baby got hurt.” He said, cupping her face and she nodded her head at him.
“Baby, I had no intention to hurt you. You know that your short height makes you special to me. There is an advantage.” He said while playing with her hair.

“What ?” She asked instantly, looking at him for the answer as an innocent baby.

“When I hug you… you can hear your favourite music.. my heartbeats.” He said, tugging her hair behind her ear. She finally smiled, listening to his words. He embraced her into his protective arms and she snuggled in his arms, listening to her favourite music. He said right, it was the biggest advantage of her short height.

Sidharth was sitting on the bed, waiting for his baby to come and to do his make up. Sana strolled to him, holding the make-up kit with her both hands. Her eyes are shimmering with excitement and her lips drawn up to a cheerful smile. Sidharth was happy, seeing his baby happy. She sat down in front of him. She kept the kit beside her. Sidharth was looking at the make-up kit like it was a bomb that would get burst.

“Baby, take less please.” He requested like a cute baby when she was just about to apply foundation on his face.

“My hubby bubby, don’t worry. I will do very light makeup.” She pulled his cheeks and he made a sad pout. She pecked his pout and he came closer to kiss her.
“No kiss, first make up.” She said, putting her hand in between their lips.

He mouthed sadly, “okay.”

She started applying foundation all over his face with her forefinger and then spread it on his face with the beauty blender. Sidharth was making weird faces and thinking that when this would get end. His face was inching because of the foundation.

“Done.” Sidharth smiled surprisingly because she completed his make session within two minutes.

“Done really ?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes, the first step is done.” His all happiness went into the gutter, listening to her words.

Then she started applying one after another thing on his face which he didn’t even know what was. He knew one thing that he was going to look funnier than a clown. He was sitting, closing his eyes in front of her and she was applying eyeshadow on his eyelids. She laughed while applying lipstick because he was making crying faces like small a baby and moving his face away. All the things which she was applying on his face, it was irritating him. But he was sitting patiently only for his baby’s happiness. He could do anything for her happiness and applying make-up was nothing.

“Wow, my hubby bubby is looking so beautiful and cute in makeup. Thank you my hubby bubby for fulfilling my craziest wish.” She squealed happily, clapping her hands. Sidharth was looking funnier than a clown.

“Baby stop, you applied lots of chemical on my face. You can’t kiss my cheeks.” She moved closer to kiss his cheek but he stopped her by holding her shoulders and denied as always being her over caring hubby.

“What? But you always kiss me with the make-up. That’s wrong… I will also kiss you.” She said stubbornly and again moved close to him. He stared at her in anger and pulled her back, holding her shoulder.

“Why you never listen to me? The chemical can harm you. You are pregnant.” He said in an angry tone and this hurt her. Within a second tears brimmed in her eyes and he felt guilty. He tried hard to not argue with her every time and especially these days because she was pregnant. He didn’t want to hurt her in any manner. But sometimes he hurt her with his anger unintentionally.

“Why tears baby? Okay, I am sorry.” He took a deep breath and said, holding her face in between his hands. His thumbs wiped her tears which were rolling down from her eyes to her cheeks.

“Why you are sorry? I am sorry. I never listen to you. You care for me a lot. I am careless, I am stupid..” she started blaming herself and made Sidharth again angry. At that time he just wanted to slam her lips and tell her what she was for him. But he couldn’t because of the lipstick.

“Just shut up..” he shouted, placing his finger on her lips. She stared at him silently.
“Who gave you the right to say careless and stupid to my baby? Nobody has the right to say bad about my baby, not even you. She is perfect for her hubby and he doesn’t like to hear a single word against her. So better you think before saying bad about my baby.” He warned her strictly and a smile flashed on her face. He sighed, seeing her beautiful smile.

“I love you so much, my baby. You mean the world to me.” He said, taking her in his arms. She snuggled in his arms like a small baby snuggles in his mother’s arms. For her, his arms were the safest place. He kissed her hair and she smiled in response. He never failed to make her feel that how special she was for him. He could sacrifice all the happiness of the world for his baby.

When Sidharth looked at himself in the mirror, he shouted like he saw a ghost because she had made him a ghost with make-up. Sana was just laughing, looking at him. He glared at her and she made a puppy face. He threw his anger away, seeing his baby’s face.

After clicking lots of photos of him and clicking selfies of him with herself. She was removing his make-up with the make-up remover by using cotton. They were in the bathroom. She was sitting on the slab and he was standing in front of her, closing his eyes. After that, he applied face wash on his face and he was rubbing it all over his face. Sana was looking at him, resting her hands on the slab and swaying her legs back and forth. He splashed the water on his face and then looked at her. She asked him in a gesture to come close to her. He leaned down, she cleaned his face with the towel lovingly. After she was done, he kissed her forehead and she smiled in response, closing her eyes.

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