(Part: 162 Her Strict Hubby) Mine (Sidnaaz)


The next morning Sidharth was preparing breakfast for his baby when she was sleeping in her room comfortably, hugging her teddy. Sidharth was preparing the omelette and sandwiches for her. Every morning he prepared a healthy and tasty breakfast for his baby with so much love as he had no trust in the chefs of the house.

“Good morning, Navya and Mishti.” When Navya and Mishti walked into the kitchen. He wished them, turning toward them. They both wished him back.

“Uncle, what are you making today ?” Mishti asked Sidharth, strolling to him. Navya went to take out veggies from the refrigerator. Sidharth picked up Mishti in his arms and made her sit on the countertop.

“Omelet and Sandwiches. Do you want to eat anything Mishti ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yummy! Omelet and Sandwiches are my favourites.” She said after licking her lower lip. Sidharth smiled at her cuteness. Navya too smiled, seeing her cute antics.

(Shocked seeing Sidharth behaving so nicely with Mishti.)

This happened when Sidharth came to know about her pain and sufferings. He came to know that the poor girl deserves happiness. She suffered all her life without any fault. He felt sorry and even apologised to her for his rude behaviour. He promised her that he would always take care of her. Whenever she needed someone, he would be always there for her. Sidharth was not a bad person. He just took time to adjust with new people in his life.

“Here is the sandwich.” He said taking out the sandwich from the toaster and put it on the plate.
“And here goes the omelette.” He said while transferring the omelette from the pan to the plate. He held out the plate in front of Mishti, having a smile on his face.

“I won’t take it. You made this for my didi.” She said, nodding her head negatively. Sidharth and Navya looked at each other.

“I will make more. Don’t worry.” He replied politely and made her eat the sandwich from his hand. Mishti ate it happily. Navya and Sidharth smiled, looking at her.

“Hubby, today don’t make breakfast for me.” They all heard Sana’s voice and looked toward her. She was stepping inside the kitchen sadly. Sidharth sauntered to her, giving the plate to Navya. Navya picked Mishti in her arms and left from there, giving privacy to them.

“Good morning, chotu baby.” He kneeled in front of her and wished good morning to their chotu baby, holding her waist. After kissing her belly, he got up and wished his baby. Then he gently kissed her forehead, holding her face with his hands. She was looking pale to him this morning.

“Is everything alright, baby? And why you don’t want to eat breakfast? Even last night you didn’t wake me up at 2 am for the food. What’s the problem?” He asked worriedly, caressing her face with his thumb and playing with her hair.

“Hubby, I am feeling low. I am not feeling like eating or doing anything. I am feeling empty from inside. I am not understanding what is happening to me. I am feeling like crying and I don’t know why.” She said like in the next moment she would start crying badly.

“Wait.. wait.. don’t cry. It is happening because of pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones are making you feel like this. Don’t worry. I am with you. We will watch lots of movies and play games together.” He explained her by cupping her face and tried to calm her down. She just nodded slightly, looking at him grimly because she was feeling very low and weak.

“We will go through this phrase together, baby. I am with you.” He said taking her in his protective arms. She snuggled in his arms and felt a little better.

“I really wished that I could get pregnant instead of you, baby.” He said and this made her chuckled. But he was serious because he couldn’t see her in pain and becoming weaker and weaker in front of his eyes every day.

“Hubby, let’s take shower together, please.” She requested him after breaking the hug.
“I really miss our bathing session.” She said sadly while Sidharth also looked at her sadly.

“You know that baby I am doing this for our chotu baby. We need to wait and you know that our wait will be worth it. It’s just a matter of only a few months.” He tried to explain her and she nodded her head agreeing with his words sadly. He held her hands and rubbed her knuckles with his thumbs, looking at her. Then he kissed her knuckle and his eyes were still looking into her eyes. She smiled in response and he smiled, seeing her smile.

She came out of the bathroom in a white loose top and black ankle-length jeans. She had a naughty smile on her face. Sidharth walked into the room with a glass of juice and fruits for her. He couldn’t able to take off his eyes from his beautiful angel. Her wet hair was driving him crazy. The water droplets falling from her jawline to her neck making him crazy. She walked toward him and waved her hand in front of his eyes to bring him back on the earth. He came on the earth back and composed himself by closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

“Your breakfast and now don’t say no it. You are feeling or you are not feeling, you have to drink this juice and eat these fruits.” He said strictly and holding her hand, he took her toward the sofa. He made her sit and himself settled down beside her. He made her drink the glass of juice first.

“Hubby, first listen to me please.” She said after drinking the full glass of juice.

“First fruit and then we will talk.” He said sternly, putting one piece of apple in her mouth and made her quiet. She eats it making bad faces. Sidharth was behaving like a strict teacher with her. He is controlling his laugh seeing the cute faces which she was making.

“Hubby, now I have eaten the breakfast. You have to listen to me.” She said while he was busy cleaning her face and hands with the towel like her mother.

“Of course I will listen to you.” He said lovingly, coming close to her face and pecked her lips.

“I want to do the makeup of you, please.” She requested. Sidharth’s eyes shot up in shock when she spoke this. Her words were unexpected for him.

“She wants to do the makeup of me but why?” He thought in his mind while she was looking at him with pleading eyes.

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