(Part: 160 My Baby got hurt) Mine (Manan)


Nandini walked out of the room, leaving her hubby alone in the morning. Even after knowing that he hates to wake up without her. He wanted to wake up in his baby’s arms every morning and wanted to fall asleep in his baby’s arms every night.

Nandini knocked on the door of Cabya’s room.

“Mishti..” as soon as Navya opened the door, Nandini ran toward Mishti who was playing with Cabir, sitting on the bed. Navya chuckled seeing her excitement and walked behind her.
“I missed you so much, Mishti, last night.” She said, picking Mishti in her arms and kissed her both cheeks.

“Didi, I also missed you. Yaha sabh bhut achai.. cabil uncle, Navya auntie. Mishti bhut happy hai.( Everyone is nice here, I am happy.)” Mishti said gleefully. Mishti’s happiness had no limit because for the first she was getting happiness. Before meeting them she had only endured pain.

Navya was making breakfast for Mishti while Nandini was playing with Mishti in the kitchen. Mishti was sitting on the countertop and Nandini was standing in front of her. Next moment Manik walked there and hugged Nandini tightly. She was taken aback. He hugged her like he wanted to store her in his arms for a lifetime. He got scared when he didn’t find her in his arms. With this hug, he was calming himself down because he knew only his baby could give him relief.

“I am sorry, hubby. I wanted to meet Mishti that’s why I left you alone on the bed and I don’t want to disturb your sleep.” She apologised sadly, hugging him back. Her words brought him back on the earth. He broke the hug, his eyes were filled with anger.
“Hubby..” she was about to speak more but he shushed her by placing his index finger on the middle of her lips and his eyes were looking into her eyes.

“Baby, you disappointed me. I told you many times that I want you in my arms at any cost in the morning. But you don’t listen to me. You could have woke me up but no.. you want to make me angry. You love to make me angry.” Manik was saying all this calmly but his eyes were filled with anger. Nandini felt bad, she was looking down in guilt. Navya and Mishti were staring at them.

“Hubby, I didn’t want to wake you up early in the morning because I am not letting you sleep at night. I am feeling so guilty. I am a very bad wife.” Because of pregnancy, Nandini started crying. Manik was now regretting scolding her. In anger, he forgot that his baby was pregnant and her mood swings were at the peak.

“Baby, I am sorry.” He took a breath and apologised, holding her face. She looked at him through her wet eyelashes.
“Tears aren’t made for my baby’s eyes.” He said lovingly, wiping her tears. She gave him a small smile.

Then he knelt in front of her and held her waist.
“Good morning, my chotu baby. Daddy is getting excited to meet you with each passing day. Come fast..” Manik said and kissed Nandini’s belly over the fabric. Nandini smiled broadly and ruffled his hair. Navya and Mishti were smiling at them.

He pecked Nandini’s forehead and then said, “now good morning to my baby.”

Nandini just hugged him. He hugged her back, having a smile on his face. Closing their eyes, they got lost in each other arms, forgetting about the surroundings.

“We are also here.” Navya’s words brought them back on the earth. Mishti chuckled, listening to Navya’s words. Manan broke the hug, having a smile on their face.

“Good morning, Navya.” Manik said, looking at Navya. She smiled back.

“Hubby, Mishti is also here.” Nandini said, pointing her finger at Mishti who was sitting on the countertop.
Manik looked at Nandini and then toward Mishti and wished her, “Good morning, Mishti.”
She wished him back with an adorable smile, “good morning uncle.”

“So what my baby and what our chotu baby wants to eat in breakfast?” Manik asked, raising his eyebrows and then walked toward the refrigerator to take out veggies from it.

“I will eat whatever you will make for me with your hands, hubby.” Nandini said walking toward him when he was taking out veggies from the refrigerator. He turned back and give a quick peck on her cheek. She smiled in response.

In the afternoon Manan were sitting in the dining area. They were taking lunch. Mishti came running toward Nandini and by mistake, the hot bowl of vegetables fell on Nandini’s hands and clothes. Nandini hissed in pain while Mishti got afraid.
“Bring ice fast.” Manik shouted at two servants who were standing there. They immediately rushed to the kitchen.

“What you did? Can’t you walk properly?”Manik yelled at Mishti in anger, making her flinched because she hurt his baby. Then he looked at her hand, having pain in his eyes. Nandini who was in pain felt bad for Mishti. Navya came there, listening to Manik’s voice.

“Bhut dard ho rha hoga na, oh god. (It must be hurting you a lot?)” He stammered, placing his hand on her face and having tears in his eyes. He was going crazy seeing her in pain. Nandini could see that. Manik’s condition was hurting her more than the physical pain.

Manik glared at Mishti and about to again shout at her but Nandini stopped him by holding his hand from her other hand. Manik took a deep breath to compose himself and looked at Nandini with concerns in his eyes. The servant came with ice the cubes and gave them to Manik. Mishti was standing there, bowing her head down in guilt. Navya noticed her.

Manik tried to control his emotions, pressing his lips when he again looked at her burnt hand. Automatically few more tears fell down his cheeks and directly landed on her hand. Nandini was just looking at Manik with sorrowful eyes. Nandini hissed in pain when Manik touched the ice on the burnt area. More than her he hissed in pain. While crying, he was rubbing ice on her burnt hand. Nandini was also crying, looking at him. Mishti was also sobbing.

“Now it’s fine, hubby.” Her hand was hurting badly but seeing his condition she said, putting a hand on his face. He looked at her sorrowfully. Only a small scar on her body broke his heart. Her burnt hand was killing him. He wanted to take away her all pain. He was hell angry at Mishti for hurting his baby.

“Manik, you take Nandini inside. I called the doctor. She will be reached here very soon.” Navya said breaking the silence. Manik wiped his tears and nodded his head at Navya. He again glared at Mishti who was looking at Nandini’s hand. Then he scooped Nandini in his arms and took her upstairs in their room. Before going he instructed servants to bring more ointment and Ice cubs.

“Navya auntie, didu ko mili vajase chot lagye. Ab uncle mujhe kabhi maaf nhi kalenge aur yaha lene bhi nhi denge. (Navya Auntie, didu got hurt because of me. Now uncle will never forgive me and he will not let me live here.) I am feeling bad for, Didu.” Mishti cried out.

Navya kneeled and took the little girl in her arms. “No, Mishti, you will live with us.”

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