(Part: 159 Late Night Wish) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana was crying, sitting on the bed. “What happened to my baby? Why she is crying ?” Sidharth asked concernedly, walking to Sana. She raised her face to look at him.

“Is it hurting somewhere?” He asked, sitting beside her and placed one hand on her face. She nodded her head in no.
“Then? Tell me, baby ?” He cupped her face and asked worriedly, gently wiping her tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. His heart was aching badly, seeing tears in her eyes.

“I am sad and hurt. It is.. it is paining a lot here.” She said, putting her hand on her heart. Sidharth was confused that what happened to her suddenly.
“Mishti.. she has-she has painful beating marks on her body. How-how could anybody beat the small girl like this, hubby. I am feeling bad for her. Why they were doing this with her? What was her fault.” She choked up while speaking. She was so depressed after seeing marks on Mishti’s body. Sidharth also felt bad for Mishti, listening to Sana’s words.

“Baby, there are many cruel people in this world like Aman and Mishti’s relatives.” He said after composing himself.
“They don’t have heart. They don’t see whether the person is a kid or old. Don’t worry, I will always protect you from those cruel people.” He said and gently kissed her forehead, holding her face.

“I am not worried for myself because I know my hero, my hubby is with me to protect me from all the evil people. But I am worried about those people who are suffering. Who will protect them? Who will protect the kids like Mishti?” She asked worriedly from Sidharth about those kids. Sidharth looked down sadly because he had no answer to her questions.

“I want to protect them. I want to do something for them. Hubby, after seeing Mishti, my mind is only thinking about those kids who are suffering like her. I can’t sit idle. I want to do something for them. Will you-will you help me?” She asked, having hope in her eyes. Sidharth was completely understanding her.

“I am always there for you, baby.” He said and again pecked her forehead and she closed her eyes in response.
“But what do you want to do, baby ?” He asked, looking at her.

“I want to open an orphanage for those kids. I want to help all those kids who are in need.” She said with determination in her eyes. He felt proud of his baby and he had no problem with this. He was happy and thinking that why he had never thought about this before.

“I am with you in this, Baby.” He said, holding her both arms. She smiled cutely, showing all her teeth to him. He smiled back at her. She merrily hugged him and squealed, “you are best my hubby bubby.” He hugged her back and kissed her hair.

Navya came out of the bathroom. Mishti was in Navya’s arms, wrapped in a white towel, having a cute smile on her face. Her eyes were finding her Sana Didi.
“Didi toh so lhi hai.. (didu is sleeping.)”She said sadly, looking at Sana who was sleeping peacefully in his hubby’s arms. Sidharth was at looking at them. He passed a smile to Mishti and asked Navya in a gesture to take Mishti in her and Cabir’s room. Navya nodded in response.

“Mishti, you come with me. We will go to my room.” Navya said, looking at Mishti. She nodded slightly. Navya smiled and walked out with Mishti and closed the door.

Sana woke up at midnight. She cutely looked around, moving her eyeballs. Sidharth was sleeping encircling his arm around her tummy and his face was buried in her chest. A broad smile flashed on her face as she saw her hubby who was looking adorable while sleeping. She became worried thinking about Mishti that with whom she would be sleeping.

“Hubby…” she shook his bicep to wake him up. He took few seconds to wake up. He looked at her with half-open eyes.

“What happened, baby?” He asked in a sleepy tone, placing his hand on her face.
“Is our chotu baby feeling hungry ?” He asked, putting his other hand on her belly and his eyes also moved to her belly. Then he raised his eyebrows at her.

“No, chotu baby is not feeling hungry.” She said, nodding her head. Sidharth was looking at her confusingly.
“Chotu Baby’s Mumma wants to meet Mishti. Where is she, hubby?” She asked worriedly about Mishti.

“Baby, relax, Mishti is with Navya and Cabir.” Sidharth said, holding her face. Sana sighed with relief.

“I want to see her. Could we go? Please.” She requested, looking at him pleadingly.

“Baby, it’s 2 am. She must be sleeping.” He said, looking at the clock which was hanging on the wall in front of their bed. Sana also looked at the clock. Then she looked at him sadly.
“Do you want to disturb her sleep ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. She nodded her head in no.

“I just want to see her, hubby. I will come back after seeing her. Please..” she requested again, holding his hand. He nodded his head in yes. He agreed because he knew that she would not listen to him. She smiled broadly and immediately came out of the bed. Sidharth also got up lazily, stretching his arms.

Mishti was sleeping, hugging Navya between her and Cabir. They both were also sleeping. The knock on the door disturbed Cabir’s sleep. Navya murmured something in sleep. Cabir woke, rubbing his eyes and went to open the door after wearing his slippers. He opened the door in half-sleep.

“What happened, Bhai? Is everything alright?” Cabir asked worriedly when he saw Sidharth, standing outside of his room. Sana was not visible to him because she was standing behind her tall hubby.

Sidharth opened his mouth to speak but before him, Sana said, coming in front of Sidharth. “Cabir Bhai, I want to see Mishti.”

Cabir stood on the side and gave her way to go inside. She walked inside happily while Cabir and Sidharth glanced at each other. They also walked inside the room behind her. Sana smiled, seeing Mishti. She sat beside Mishti on the bed. She caressed her forehead and gently kissed her there. Sidharth and Cabir were looking at her, standing beside her.

“I am sorry, Cabir Bhai. I disturbed your sleep.” She apologised cutely, holding her both ears after getting up from bed.

“It’s completely fine, Sana. Don’t be sorry.” Cabir placed his hand on her face. They passed a small smile to each other.

“I think, we should go now, baby.” Sidharth said, holding Sana hand. She nodded her head in yes, looking at Sidharth. They wished good night to Cabir and then walked out of the room.

“Hubby, now Chotu baby is feeling hungry.” She said, putting her hand on her belly. Sidharth was thinking that now he would sleep peacefully, he became sad for a second. But he still passed a smile to his baby.

“So tell me, What my Chotu baby wants to eat ?” He sat on his knees in front of her and said, holding her waist and his eyes were looking at her belly. Sana smiled, looking down. She ruffled Sidharth’s hair.
“Baby, our chotu baby is not replying. What to do ?” Sidharth asked cutely after raising his head and looking at her.

“Hubby, don’t worry. Chotu baby’s Mumma will tell you, what he wants to eat.” She said and made him get up, holding his biceps.
“Chotu baby wants to eat something spicy.” She said, licking her upper lip and closing his eyes. Sidharth smiled at her. She opened her eyes and he pecked her lips. In response Sana sucked his lips, holding his face.

Sidharth was about to kiss her lips after pulling her toward himself, holding her waist but they moved away from each other, listening to somebody’s voice of clearing of the throat. They looked in the direction from where the voice came. They saw Abhi, he was walking toward them, his lips were drawn up to a naughty smile.

“What are you doing here at late night?” Sidharth asked before Abhi could tease them.

“Sidharth if you have forgotten, let me remind you that my wife and your sister is also pregnant who keep me awake the whole night. ” Abhi said sadly like he was suffering a lot. Sana giggled, seeing his condition. Sidharth shook his head.

“Aww, Abhi jiju. You are so cute.” Sana said, pulling his cheeks. Abhi made faces.
“Where is didu ?” She asked, raising her eyebrows.

“She is hiding from me.” Abhi said making Sidnaaz confused.
” I mean we are playing hide and seek.” He said and Sidnaaz smiled. They didn’t get shocked by his answer.

“Now I am going to find her. You both enjoy your night.” Abhi turned to walk, saying this but stopped, listening to Sana’s word.

“We both will also play with you.” Sidharth eyes popped up, listening to this. Abhi turned, having a smile on his face. He chuckled, seeing Sidharth’s expression.

“Baby, you are feeling hungry right. You should eat something. We will play hide and seek in the morning. Let’s go to eat something.” Sidharth said, patting her back. He really had no mood to play hide and seek, that’s why he was trying to convince her.

“But I want to play now. Hubby, please..” she pleaded, joining her hands in front of him. Sidharth agreed, nodding his head in yes because he had no other option. Abhi was trying to control his laugh, seeing Sidharth’s condition. Abhi was happy to see that he was not alone who was suffering the torture of a pregnant wife’s mood swings. Sidharth was with him.

“Abhi, what are you doing here? I had been hidden there for ten minutes and instead of finding me, you are busy talking to them.” Mukti shouted in anger at Abhi, walking toward him. Abhi made a sad pout. He got tired of handling Mukti’s anger. She used to shout at him unnecessarily every time.

“Didu, Abhi jiju is innocent. I stopped him from going because I also wanted to play hide and seek with you.” Sana said, coming in front of Abhi. She saved her jiju from Mukti’s anger this time and he sighed, placing hand on his chest.

“Wow, it will be so much fun. Let’s play then. Why are we wasting time ?” Mukti said excitedly. Sana bobbed her head cutely. Abhi and Sidharth were looking at them like two innocent kids who had no other option except to listen to them.

They had been playing hide and seek from half an hour. It was Sana’s turn to find them. After finding Mukti and Sidharth, she was finding Abhi for few minutes. Sana started laughing when she found him, sleeping in the hall, behind the sofa. Mukti and Sidharth walked toward Sana. They both also joined her in a laughing session.

Next morning

Sana woke up early in the morning. She wanted to go and meet Mishti. But she didn’t want to wake her hubby and she couldn’t even go, leaving her hubby alone. Because his hubby hated to wake up alone in the morning. He wanted his baby to be in his arms every morning. She was in a dilemma. At last, she came out of his arms and decided to meet Mishti. She walked out of the room, last time glancing at Sidharth even after knowing that her hubby would get angry when he would not find her in his arms.

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