(Part: 158 Her Overprotective Hubby) Mine (Manan)


Nandini went to the bathroom to wear nightwear. Manik stared at the little girl who was sleeping on their bed. He went to sit on the sofa but stopped when he heard the voice of Mishti. He turned around and found her shaking in fear. She was looking at him, having fear in her eyes. Manik walked toward her, taking slow steps.

“me.. mein ka pe hoon aul didi ka hai? (where I am and Where is didi?)” Her voice was shivering because of fear. She was getting scared of Manik.
“Ka aap mujhe maloge..?(will you beat me?)” She asked moving away from him when he sat beside her on the bed. Manik immediately nodded his head in no.

“No, dear, I will not beat you and you don’t need to scare of me.” Manik said but she was still looking at him, having fear in her eyes. Manik was about to say something more but before that Nandini came out from the bathroom. As Mishti saw Nandini, she jumped from the bed and scurried to Nandini. She hugged Nandini, wrapping her arms around her thigh. Nandini raffles her hair, having a smile on her face. Manik got up from the bed, looking at them. He got worried for Nandini because Mishti’s clothes were dirty and Nandini could catch the infection.

“Didi, mein kape hoon aul yeh uncle kon hai? Yeh mujhe malenge toh nhi na.. (Where I am didi and who this uncle ? Will he beat me?)” Mishti asked from Nandini, raising her head. Her hands were still encircled around Nandini’s thighs. Manik’s eyes were just seeing Misht’s dirty clothes and he was worrying for his baby because he was overprotective for her.

“Mishti, he is my hubby. I mean my husband. He is very nice. This house is our house and nobody will beat you here. You don’t need to be scared of anybody here.” Nandini tried to make her understand, placing her hand on her face. Mishti was looking at Nandini innocently and trying to believe her words.

“Baby, I think.. Mishti’s need to take birth first. Look at her clothes. They are dirty or else you will catch the infection.” Manik said in a concerned tone, walking toward them and pulled Nandini away from Mishti, holding her arm.

“You are right, hubby. Come, Mishti, I will give you a bath.” Nandini said, holding her hand.

“Baby, you won’t give her a bath. I am calling Navya. She will bath her. You are pregnant, baby.” Manik said putting his hand on her face while Nandini smiled in response seeing that how much he cared for her.

“Okay, you call Navya. Until then I am removing her clothes.” She said and looked at Mishti, having a smile on her face. Manik had a problem with this also.

Manik denied her to even change Mishti’s clothes. “Baby,  don’t touch her clothes. They are dirty. You can catch the infection, you are..”

Nandini said, cutting his words ” You are pregnant, Baby.” She completed his dialogue which he had been saying every time from the day he came to know that she’s pregnant.
“Hubby, I don’t have any disease, I am just pregnant.” She tried to explain him but nobody’s words could change the overprotective Manik. Mishti was looking at them innocently. She wasn’t understanding that what they were talking about.

“You promised me that you will listen to me, baby. Now don’t argue with me. I am going to call Navya and you will not go anywhere and do anything.” He instructed her in a strict tone and left after last time glancing at Mishti who was standing there confusingly.

“Didi, yeh uncle aul app, yeh kya bol rhai thai.. pregnant. Yeh kya hota hai? (What is the meaning of Pregnant?)”Mishti asked innocently from Nandini. Nandini made cute faces, looking at Mishti. She was thinking that how to explain her. Now it was her time to answer the questions. 

“When any woman is going to become a mother, It’s said that she has become pregnant.” She explained her and chuckled softly. Mishti was looking at her with 0 mouth.

“Iska Matlab aap mote hoge haina? (Which means you will become fat, right ?)” She asked cutely, making Nandini laugh. 

Within few minutes Navya walked into Manan’s room. Mishti and Nandini were talking, sitting on the bed. Navya walked toward them. Mishti again got scared, seeing the new person. She clutched Nandini’s hand tightly. Navya and Nandini looked at her worriedly.

“Mishti, she won’t harm you. She is my friend. She is very sweet like me.” Nandini said the last line cutely, putting her hand on
Mishti’s cheek. Navya was looking at her, having a smile on her face.

“Hello, Mishti. I am Navya. We can become friends if you want.” Navya said, extending her hand towards Mishti. She held her hand, still looking at Navya with doubtful eyes.

“Sachi aap meli friend banoge? ( Really you will become my friend ?)” She asked and her eyes started twinkling to know this. Navya nodded her head in yes.
“Mein aaj bhut kush hoon. Mujhe aaj meli didi mil gye aur meine apna phela friend banaya. ( Today I am happy because today I found my didi and also made my first friend.)” She said cheerfully. Navya and Nandini were smiling at her.

“Where is hubby, Navya?” Nandini asked about Manik and Navya told him that he is with Cabir and Abhi. Then they both went to give a bath to Mishti.

“I said yes to Nandini for keeping Mishti in this house because I don’t want to make her upset,” Manik told this to Cabir and Abhi. While Cabir and Abhi had no problem with it.

“If you have permitted so we both don’t have any problem. In fact, Mukti also wants this.” Abhi said and Cabir nodded his head, agreeing to Abhi’s words. But Manik had a problem with his decision.

“But how can we keep a stranger in our house? Who will take care of her? Nandini and Mukti are pregnant. They need to take care of themselves at this time. I am just hell confused. Nandini is not ready to listen and I don’t want to make her sad at any cost.” Manik said tensely, holding his head.

“Bhai, don’t worry. Navya will take care of her. We will see after some time that what we have to do with Mishti. You keep trying to explain to Nandini that it is best to send her to NGO.” Cabir said, putting his hand on Manik’s shoulder. Manik nodded his head at him.

“I am just thinking about the little girl Mishti. She has suffered a lot. Her parents died in a car accident when she was two years old. Her Mama and Mami treated her like she was their slave. They used to beat her.” Abhi told them about Mishti. Manik and Cabir were looking at him sadly. They felt bad for Mishti.  They knew this, there are so many more Mishti who are suffering like this every day. There are so many cruel people in this world.

Manik walked into his room and widened his eyes in shock when he found Nandini again crying, sitting on the bed. Taking long steps, he reached to her within a second. Nandini raised her head and looked at him. She got up and started crying, hugging him tightly. Manik’s heart stopped beating for a moment. He got hell worried for her.

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