(Part: 157 Guilty) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“What I am doing? I am hurting my baby because of my anger. She is pregnant. She should remain happy and what I am doing? She was crying because of me and I was hurting her more and more. I need to control my anger. She wants to keep the girl in our house, I won’t stop her. I just only want her happiness. I’m feeling so guilty for becoming the reason for her tears. I shouldn’t have behaved like this with her. I did wrong because of my anger. I hurt my baby.” Sidharth was standing on the terrace, holding the railing. He was scolding himself for behaving like this with his baby. He never wanted to become the reason for her tears. Her tears were his biggest weakness. Her eyes brimmed with tears were, again and again, coming in front of his eyes and making him feel more guilty.

Sana was still crying silently, sitting on the sofa, holding her knees. For the first time, Sidharth had hurt her and she was very upset. She was not understanding why her hubby was behaving like this.

He was standing outside of the room and felt hurt, seeing her condition. He shut his eyes, getting disappointed from himself. He took a deep breath and walked inside. Sana looked at him with her teary eyes. He felt a sharp pain in his heart when he looked into her eyes. The eyes were questioning him that why he behaved like this. He sat beside her without looking at her because it was getting difficult for him to control his tears, seeing her crying like this. Sana was just looking at him, having tears in her eyes.

“Baby, I am sorry. Please, stop crying. It’s not good for you and our chotu baby.” He requested, placing one hand on her hand and his other hand wiped her tears from her cheeks.

She sobbed and stammered, crying, “Hubby, I’m hurt. I, I just want to help the girl. She needs me hubby. She is the little girl who suffered a lot. She is not a ga, garbage.” Her voice choked and Sidharth just pulled her into his warm arms. Tears fell from his eyes too, seeing her crying because of him. He spoiled everything because of his anger.

“Baby, I was angry. I don’t know what happened to me when I saw her sleeping on our bed. I am sorry. Please, stop crying, please.” He apologised, rubbing her back while she was sobbing in his arms, clutching his shirt. His heart was breaking down into millions of pieces. He was feeling like killing himself for hurting her to this extent.
“Stop crying, please.” He requested, clasping her face after breaking the hug.

“Will you not allow Mishti to live with us ?” She sniffed and asked, looking at him. Sidharth was looking at her and thinking that what he should say. He didn’t want to hurt her more by denying it.

“If I allow her to live with us then tell me who will take of her? You are pregnant, Mukti is pregnant. The kid needs proper care. NGO is best for her.” He said after thinking for a moment. He tried to make her understand calmly now.

“Hubby, she is scared and I promised her that she would live with me from now. Navya is also there. She will take care of her. Hubby, I promise you, I will not stress myself. Please, allow her to live with us. I don’t want to send her away from me.” Sana requested him. She was looking at him with pleading eyes. She rubbed her nose which became red because of crying. Sidharth wasn’t understanding that how to explain his stubborn baby.

“Okay, fine. But if I see that you are not taking proper care of yourself because of her then don’t blame me after that for my acts.” He warned her in a serious tone. She meekly nodded her head like an innocent kid and a small smile spread across her face. He felt good to see her smile. Only for her smile, he agreed. But in reality, he was still against this. He thought to discuss all this later on because he knew that his stubborn baby wouldn’t listen to him now. Her pure and innocent heart would never let the little girl go away from her.

“Won’t you show me that what have you bought today ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows to change the topic. Her eyes started twinkling in excitement. She got super excited to show him all the things which she had purchased. She stood up instantly and sprinted to the cupboard like a small kid.

“Baby, be careful.” He also stood up and said, getting worried for her. She started taking out shopping bags from the cupboard. Sidharth helped her in this. She smiled, looking at him. He kissed her cheek. Seeing her happy, he was happy. He only wanted her happiness and except this, he wanted nothing. As long as she remains happy, he would also remain happy.

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