“Baby, you know that now you don’t only have to take care of yourself, even you have to take care of our chotu baby too. There is one more life that is attached to you. So you have to take care of my both babies. Let me remind you… no junk food, no running, no jumping.” He was standing outside of the car, giving instructions to Nandini who was sitting at the back seat of the car. She was nodding her head like an innocent kid. He was instructing her for the tenth time since he had asked her to go shopping with Abhi and Mukti, they both were smiling, sitting at the car’s front seat.

“Bhai, you used to instruct me like this when I used to go for school’s picnic.” Mukti said, looking at Manik and giggled. Manik smiled at Mukti, recalling those days.

“Now will you let us go, Manik? So that we can able to come back soon.” Abhi said frustratedly because he was going crazy, thinking about the consequences of going shopping with two preggy women. Manik gave him glares.

“Jiju, give us just a few minutes.” Nandini said, looking at Abhi. Manik looked at her confusingly. She took her face out of the car’s window and in gesture, she asked Manik to come close to her. Mukbhi turned around to look at them. Manik leaned down towards her and the next moment she captured his lips, holding his face. Manik was taken aback for a moment and his eyes popped out in surprise. This was really unexpected for him. Mukti and Abhi were looking at them with wide opened mouth and eyes. Nandini always used to do something unexpected. A few seconds later,  Manik also responded to her with equal flavour.

After this quick and unexpected kiss, they both bid bye and Abhi drove the car away. Manik stared at the car until it disappeared from his eyesight. Then he also left for the office halfheartedly because he also wanted to go with her to protect his baby from every danger.

Mukti and Nandini were seeing the tops for themselves in the showroom. Abhi was sitting between them. Till now everything was going smoothly and Abhi was at ease. 

But the next moment only both liked the same top and started fighting like small kids. “Didu, I like this a lot. I am your younger sister, couldn’t you leave this top for your sweetie.” Nandini said dramatically, trying to snatch the top from Mukti’s hand.

“I also like this top. You can take any other top but I won’t give this one.” Mukti said like a stubborn kid, holding the top tightly. Mukti was behaving like a kid because of pregnancy or else she would have never fought with Nandini for a top. Nandini looked at her with an angry pout.

“Please didu, dedo na.. (Give it to me.)” Nandini requested and she was constantly snatching the top from Mukti’s hand. Mukti nodded her head negatively. The shopkeeper was staring at them shockingly and calling them crazy, not knowing the fact they both were pregnant. Abhi was sitting between them, feeling like crying. From What he was afraid, it was finally happening.

“Jiju, ask didu to give me the top.” She pleaded to Abhi while he was giving looks like please don’t involve me in this.

“Abhi, ask her to stop asking for the top. Your shona baby likes this top a lot.” Mukti said, holding Abhi face and turned his face toward herself. Abhi gave her sorry looks because he couldn’t do anything.

“He is my loving jiju, he will listen to me.” Nandini got hell angry. She said, holding Abhi’s arm and pulled him toward herself.
“No, he is my husband first, then your jiju. He will listen to me.” Mukti roared, staring at Nandini angrily and pulled Abhi toward herself in the same way as Nandini had done. Abhi just closed his eyes frustratedly and prayed to God to save him.

“What happened to you both? Can’t you both sacrifice a top for each other? What about your sister’s love? Everything was fake right?” Abhi wanted to shout out loud but he remained calm because he didn’t want to create more problem.  He tried to explain both of them. They both were looking at each other, having guilt in their eyes after listening to his words. Abhi’s words opened their eyes.

“I am so sorry, sweetie. You take this top. I will purchase another one. It will suit you more.” Mukti said holding out the top to Nandini and Abhi sighed.

“No, didu, I won’t take it. You keep this. It will suit you more. And I am really sorry for arguing with you.” Nandini apologised cutely, holding her both ears. Mukti negatively nodded her head and again asked her to keep the top. Now they started fighting on this, making Abhi and the shopkeeper shocked. They both were staring at Mukti and Nandini with an open mouth. Abhi felt like hitting his head on the wall and burn that top on which they both had been fighting from twenty minutes. He was feeling like he came shopping with two small kids, not with two women.

“Just enough.” Abhi shouted, holding his head with both hands when finally he lost his temper. The people who were present in that showroom stared at him including Mukti and Nandini.
“Let me remind you both that we live in the same house. You both can share this top. Why are you fighting on the useless topic?” Abhi took a deep breath and then spoke, snatching the top from Mukti’s hand.

The next moment, They both burst into laughter and Abhi shook his head in disbelief, seeing them.

“Abhi jiju, you are so stupid. Why you didn’t tell us this before? We wasted our precious time fighting. You could have explained this in starting only.” Nandini blamed him like it was all his fault. Mukti nodded her head agreeing to Nandini’s words. Abhi gave them faint smile while inside he was crying and regretting badly for coming with them.

Mukti and Nandini were shopping for their baby. Abhi was walking behind them while they were filling their trolleys with the babies stuffs. He was just seeing the time in his phone and seeing them, they were putting everything in their trolley.
“Is it done?” wherever he was asking this question, Nandini was showing her hand to him, indirectly asking him to don’t disturb them because they were doing very important work.

“Manik, yaar tune mujhe kha phasa diya. Do you have any idea, what is my condition right now? They are behaving like two crazy kids.” Abhi answered Manik’s call and burst out all his frustration on Manik. Manik chuckled, making him angrier.
“You are laughing. If you were here then only you would have come to know that  how much I am enjoying here.” Abhi said sarcastically while Manik tried hard to control his laugh.

“See now you are behaving like a kid. Aren’t you complaining to me like a kid ?” Manik asked and Abhi made bad faces because he was not in a state to listen to Manik’s lecture about pregnancy.
“Manik, please… I am really not in a mood to talk. So tell me why you called me ?” Abhi said in an annoying tone, seeing Mukini who were still busy, filling their trolleys. He was feeling kind of grumpy.

“Give the phone to my baby. I want to talk to her.” Manik said and now Abhi chuckled thinking that his baby would not talk to him because she was busy with her so-called important work.  Manik thought that he became crazy that’s why he was laughing without any reason. Abhi called Nandini, patting her shoulder from behind and she showed her hand to him.

“Nandini, your hubby wants to talk to you.” As he told this to her, she instantly turned around and snatched the phone from Abhi’s hand happily. Abhi looked at her in disbelief.

“Hubby, missing you so much.” She said, putting the phone on her ear.
While Abhi muttered, shaking his head” really missing him, I didn’t feel like this.”
Then Mukti called him and he went to help his wife and Nandini got busy talking to her hubby.

Mukti and Nandini walked out of the showroom while Abhi was paying the billings of their unlimited shopping. More than half of things, he asked to directly deliver at home. But then also he left with ten to twelve shopping bags. He was struggling with those bags and both the girls were laughing and talking, standing outside of the showroom. He held the bags with both hands and the person who was on the counter, slipped one bag around his neck and chuckled at his condition. Abhi glared at him. He turned around and complained to god, looking up.  When Abhi came outside, struggling with the bags. Both the girls started laughing out at him crazily while Abhi was going crazy. He was feeling like to cry out loudly. He was looking at them with a fake smile on his face.

“We are very sorry jiju. We forgot about the bags.” Nandini apologised cutely from Abhi, taking few bags from him while Mukti removed the bag which was hanging around his neck.
“But you were looking so cute with the bags.” Nandini giggled, saying this while Mukti kissed Abhi’s cheek, saying sorry to him. Mukti’s one kiss made him happy and he happily kissed her cheek. Nandini immediately clicked their few candid pictures.

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