(Part: 98 His Unique way) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I’m lying naked, bounded, waiting for his surprise. I’m extremely excited and my heart is racing.

I shivered and arched my back, taking a deep breath as I felt coldness on my flat belly. He’s caressing an ice cube down my belly by holding it with his mouth because I can also feel his warm breath caressing there. Warm and coldness together, what a deadly combination.

I moaned as he suddenly pinched my both hard nipples. He placed the ice cube on my belly button. The ice is melting fast because my body is on fire.

Is this a surprise? I wondered.

I clenched my hands and shivered again as he rubbed the ice cube over one of my hard nipples, playing with another one with his cold thumb and finger. He sucked it, putting the ice in his mouth and I moaned with immense pleasure. I’m enjoying it. He hardly sucked both of my nipples with the ice in his mouth.

He stroked the melting ice over my lips which are longing for his touch. He kissed me passionately with Ice and I kissed him back hungrily. I’m enjoying this cold kiss, the ice is melting in our mouth and travelling down our throat, it’s sending a different kind of sensation down our bodies. I’m loving it.

He pulled away when the ice melted in our mouth completely.

As I felt an ice cube on my pelvis, first I gasped and then I raised my legs in the air mechanically. I tried to close my legs but can’t move them even an inch because my ankles are fastened with the spreader bar.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” I moaned hysterically. He’s rubbing the ice cube to and fro against my sensitive bud. My whole body is trembling with an intense sensation. My inner thigh is getting numb because of coldness.

After pulling off the eye mask from my eyes, he uttered against my lips. “Now the real fun will begin.” We gazed deeply into each other eyes. He kissed me insanely and deeply before flipping me over my front quickly.

He clasped my butts and squeezed them, placing wet kisses down my back.

“I’m going to write a question on your back with the Ice cube and you have to understand and answer the question. You will get three chances to understand the questions.” He whispered in my ear from behind before rubbing his lips on my cheeks.

What! Does he really want to play the game now? Why? I’m craving to feel him inside me.

“Do you understand, Princess?” He asked and nibbled my sweet spot of the neck. My core throbbed for him.

“I want the answer, Princess.” He spanked my butts, I moaned and lifted my hips from the bed in response.

“Yes, Master. But what if I don’t understand your question?” I asked, confused.

“We’ll see.” He placed a soft kiss on my cheek before unbinding my wrist. He placed millions of soft and tender kisses all over my wrist.

“Now are you ready, Princess?” He asked after picking up an ice cube from the bowl.

“Yes, Master.” I answered gazing at him over my shoulder. He beamed at me. His eyes are sparkling with immense happiness.

What’s going in his mind? I wondered, confused.

I shivered as the ice cube touched my back. He slowly caressed the ice cube, writing the letter, but I didn’t understand because it’s difficult, I’m feeling cold and my body is shivering.

“Write the first letter again, I didn’t understand.” I uttered when he was writing the second letter.

“Okay, so your one chance is gone. Concentrate, Princess.” I glanced at him, he grinned at me. He’s sitting astride my thighs on his knees.

“So, ready?” As he asked, I nodded.

“Please, go slow this time.” I requested.

“Okay, Princess.” He leaned down and kissed my lips lovingly before again writing the first letter with the ice cube, making my body shiver.

“It’s W.” I squealed and grinned at him with triumph after understanding the first letter.

He smiled at me and wrote the second letter. He drew a straight line.

“Is it I?” I asked to confirm and he nodded. I grinned widely because now I’m understanding it. I’m enjoying this. I enjoy everything with him.

And then the next two letters are L. W, I, L, L. I joined all four letters.

“The first letter is will.” I squealed gleefully after understanding the first word and he chuckled.

He picked up another ice cube from the bowl.

“U.” I guessed the first letter of the next word.

“Y, O, U, you is the second word, I’m making it easy for you because I’m eager to know the answer to my question.” He said and I made O mouth.

“So it’s Will you?” I asked to confirm and he gave me a slight nod, smiling.

He continued and my heartbeat quickened when I understood the next letter. It’s M.

I assumed, “m means marry?”

He smiled widely and said, “let me complete the question.”

He continued, my heart beating fast.

He wrote, A. R. R. Y. So I assumed right, it is ‘marry.’ Butterflies are flying in my stomach.

But who propose for a marriage like this?

Oh, God, this man is unbelievable.

Only my master can do this. I didn’t expect him to propose to me so soon, specifically not in this way. It’s so unique and out of the box proposal.

So this was the surprise. He never fails to blow my mind with his surprises.

“Yes, Yes, I’ll marry you.” I whooped with immense joy after turning toward him hastily. We beamed at each other, our eyes shimmering with happiness. We kissed each other deeply, pouring all our love. I love him so much. His love and everything about him drives me insane.

“I didn’t expect this.” I breathed as we pulled away and he grinned at me.

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life with your master, Princess?” He asked, smiling.

“Without any doubt, my answer is yes. I want to stay with you till my last breath and if there is a life after this, I want to be with you there too.” I whispered, gazing into his eyes deeply.

He yanked down his boxer and plunged deep into me, confessing loudly, “I love you, Princess and I want to make you my wife very soon.”

“I can’t wait to call you ‘my hottie husband.” We smiled with delight, touching our face, he’s deep inside me. After that, he pounded into me hard and fast and I’m screaming with immense pleasure, feeling complete and inseparable from him.

They’re sleeping naked peacefully in each other arms in the bedroom, a white duvet partially covering their bodies. He woke up with a blissful smile on his face and his smile grew bigger as he saw his beautiful Princess who is sleeping soundly, her head is placed on his chest. He couldn’t wait to call her his wife. He’s gazing at her with immense love. He always felt so blessed to have her in his life. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead after brushing her hair from her face.

He picked up his phone from the side table when it buzzed. He narrowed his brows as he saw the notification of a message from an unknown number on lock screen. He unlocked the phone and opened the message instantly.

Unknown: I’m back, baby boy.

He froze at his place after reading the message. He instantly understood who is back as soon as he read the word, ‘Baby Boy.’


Yes, the story ends here. This is the first story with 98 parts which I completed so soon. From the beginning, I wanted to write a story on this type of relationship and also filled with true love and finally, I wrote it and completed it. I just can’t believe that I completed this book.

Do shower your love for the last time on this story.

Your favourite session of them from the whole story.

And the good news is that most probably I’ll come with the third of this story in future, but not so soon.

Now I’m going to write the book ‘Mafia’s badass Girl.’ Which will be available on my site, “Mehaklovely.com” You can follow my Instagram page mehaklovelystories for further information.

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
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    Wahhh kya propose keya manik ne nandu ko in such a unique way where he gave her pleasure along with her life’s most amazing and wonderful happiness where she gets to call him her husband…

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