(Part: 152 Her Late Night Wish) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth had been working on the laptop from three hours, sitting on the sofa. Sana looked at him, pouting sadly after getting tired of playing games on her phone.

“Hubby does a lot of work and I just only take rest. I also want to do work.” She felt bad for her hubby seeing him working from three hours continuously and decided that she would also work to help her hubby. For him only, she wanted to work. She got up from bed and strolled to him.

“Hubby…” as she called him, he raised his face to look at her. She strolled to him.
“Hubby, I also want to do the work with you. I want to help you. Please, teach me.” She said, sitting on his lap. Sidharth smiled, snaking one arm around her and he put his other hand on her lap.

“My baby doesn’t need to do any work until his hubby is there.” He cooed, placing his hand on her face.

“Why? You do a lot of work then why can’t I? I want to do work with you. Karna hai… Karna hai..” she said like a stubborn kid. Ignoring her words, he nuzzled her neck.
“Hubby, you can’t distract me.” She pushed him away.

“Baby, Can we discuss this later on? Did you forget that I have to give something to you ?” He asked raising his eyebrows and then placed his hand on the middle of her thigh. She forgot everything when his hand touched there. She just closed her eyes, clutching his shirt. He smiled seeing her reaction. She couldn’t resist his touch.

“Do you still want to discuss something else?” He whispered, moving close to her lips and his hand were rubbing her inner thigh slowly back and forth. She was breathing heavily. She just nodded her head because she was not in a condition to utter a word even.

His thumb brushed her lower lip before capturing her lips for the kiss. She also responded to him with the equal flavour. His hand opened the button and zip of her jeans while eating her lips. He started rubbing her inner thigh vigorously after taking his hand inside her lower inner-wear. Sana was moaning in his mouth. After kissing her lips, he attacked her neck while his hand was constantly rubbing her sensitive bud and driving her crazy. She was loving the magic of his hand. He had the magic to take her to heaven with his touch. Soon knot started forming in her tummy and she cum on his hand, screaming his name loudly with immense pleasure. So finally he fulfilled her wish.


Sidharth was sleeping peacefully, encircling his hand around the chest of his beautiful wife but she was not feeling sleepy at 3 am also. She got tired of playing the game on her phone. She was getting annoyed and feeling lonely.
“Hubby bubby, wake up.” She tried to wake her hubby at 3 am. She shook him, putting her hand on his chest to wake him up. He woke up with the jerk.

“What happened, baby? Are you fine? Is it hurting you somewhere? Are you hungry?”He started questioning her anxiously, clasping her face as he woke up.
“Why aren’t you saying anything, baby ?” He asked worriedly, caressing her soft cheeks with his thumbs.

“Hubby, if you let me speak then only I will able to speak, right.” She spoke in her sugary voice. He made O mouth.

“Okay, now tell me. What’s my baby needs? Rather I should say what’s my chotu baby needs ?” He asked putting hand on her belly. She smiled in response.

“Dance..” She said and giggled. Sidharth stared at her in shock. She wanted him to dance at 3 am. He was feeling so lazy at that time. He just wanted to sleep, embracing her in his arms.

“What.. ? Now.. ?” He asked in disbelief. He wasn’t expecting this. She cutely bobbed her head in response.

“Baby, I can do something else like singing and playing cards with you but Dance… ” He tried to convince her in his way.

“No, I want to dance with you.” She said stubbornly like a small kid. He looked at her with wide-open eyes in shock after knowing that she also wanted to dance.

“What… Do you want to dance with me? No… way. You can’t dance. You need rest baby. You are pregnant.” He freaked out. Again his caring mode switched on and he strictly denied. She made a cute sad pout.

“Hubby Bubby, Please.. tumhri baby aur chotu baby ka bhut man ho rha hai dance karne ka. Please, just for few minutes. Mere pyaare hubby man jao na.” She requested, holding his face and moved close to his face. She tried to convince him with her cuteness like always.

“Baby, why you never listen to me? Why you always want to do something which I don’t want. You won’t dance and this time you have to listen to me.” He scolded her, annoyed because she never took care of herself. Then she started crying like a small baby, making a loud voice.

“Hubby, you are very bad. You scolded me without any reason. Your baby will not talk to you.” She cried and turned toward another side to show her anger to him.
“Chotu baby, you will also not talk to your daddy.” She said putting her hand on her belly.

Sidharth was looking at her having guilt in his eyes. He was regretting shouting at his baby. He very well knew about her pregnancy mood swings and he really didn’t want to argue with her at this time. But for him, her health is most important. If she don’t take proper rest and dance at this time, it would affect her health. He didn’t want to take any risk. He cared for her a lot because he loved her.

“Baby, I am sorry.” He apologised, encircling his arm around her belly from behind. She tried to remove his hand angrily and putting her all strength.
“You know that how much I love you. It’s just that I can’t see you in a little bit of pain also.” She stopped resisting.
“If I stop thinking about your health then you will fall ill. That’s what I don’t want. You are pregnant, baby. You have another life growing inside you. At least think about our chotu baby.” He tried to explain to her the reason that why he scolded her. Sana soft heart instantly melted.

“But hubby, you are thinking so much. Mein thodhi na tumhai keh rhi hoon ki mujhe baghdha karne do. I am just asking for a slow romantic dance.” She said after turning toward him. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief because, after his big lecture, she still didn’t leave her stubbornness.

“Okay fine but not more than ten minutes.” As always his stubborn baby won. She smiled gleefully, showing her all teeth to him. He beamed at her and kissed her forehead. Then they moved out of bed and started dancing at 3 am. Sidharth keeping everything on side, he enjoyed the beautiful moment with her. Every moment which he was spending with her, was precious for him.

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