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“Just pack your things up and get lost from here.” Manik shouted angrily at the Momos vendor holding his shirt’s collars. Nandini was looking at him in shock. She even felt bad for the Momos vendor as because of her, he was facing Manik’s anger.

“It’s the right time to eat momos.” Her eyes fell on Momos and her mouth became watery. She put everything on the side and held out her hand to pick up the Momos, licking her lower lip like a cute baby.  How could she leave any opportunity to get the taste of her first love?

She hastily stuffed one Momo into her mouth and closed her eyes to feel the taste of it properly. She was eating the Momos after so many months. She ate one momo and craved for more. She opened her eyes and found Manik staring at her, gritting his teeth.  She looked at him making the most adorable face. She knew very well that how to calm down her hubby.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, clutching his fist to calm down himself. “Now are you coming with me or not, Nandini?” He asked and she gave him an adorable smile.

“Hubby, one more, please.” She dared to ask for one more momo and rose his anger again. He again stared at her in fury.

“We are going, Nandini.” He stated strictly by grabbing her hand. She was looking at him with a sad pout. He clasped her hand and led her to their car. She turned her face and glanced over her shoulder at the Momos stall going with Manik. It was like a father is taking his kid away from his favourite toy.

“Sit.” He ordered her after opening the door of the car for her. She was still looking at him pleadingly. He was hell pissed off because of her behaviour. His priority was her health at this moment. He didn’t want to take any risk.
“I said sit, Nandini.” He was angry but still said calmly. She sat inside the car, pouting sadly and he closed the door.

Manik sat inside and she was looking out of the window, showing her anger to him and her arms were crossed across her chest. A smile spread across his face as he saw his cute angry baby. How could he resist her cuteness?

“Is my baby angry ?” He asked in a sugary voice.

“Chotu baby, say your daddy to take me home or else She will again run away to eat Momos.” She said to her chotu baby, placing her hand on her tummy. She was conveying her message to Manik indirectly through the medium of their chotu baby. He just smiled broadly.

“Chotu baby, tell your mommy that your daddy will again bring her back.” He said glancing at her belly. Now she glared at him in anger and the next moment she burst into laughter. Manik narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“I am not angry, hubby.” She said cutely, still laughing.
“I thought that you might be angry with me because I ate one momo. So before you could show your anger, I showed you my fake anger and my plan worked.” She told him very innocently. He made O mouth.

“But you will get punishment for not listening to your hubby.” He said pulling her toward himself by holding her arms. Her eyes shot up in shock listening to his words.

“This is very wrong. You are very bad, hubby. I won’t accept the punishment. I just ate one Momo and you will punish me for this small mistake.” She started complaining like a kid getting afraid of punishment. He chuckled seeing her reaction. She was scared like he would give her a hard punishment.

“Your punishment is that from today whenever you feel like eating Momos, you will eat only Momos which I will make for you.” He announced her punishment and her eyes twinkled. Listening to the word momos only, her mouth again became watery.

“Don’t lick your lips like this or else I won’t able to control myself from kissing you hard here only.” He warned her when she licked her lips. It turned him on. She giggled cutely putting a hand on her mouth. He drove the car hurriedly and reached back home within few minutes. He slammed her lips for the wild kiss in the car only. This kiss was showing his desperation.

Manik walked into the kitchen to make Momos for his baby. He was going to make the momos for the first by watching the video from youtube. He could do anything for his wife.

Then his eyes fell on Abhi who was cutting onions and tears were constantly rolling down his cheeks.
“What Mr ACP Abhimanyu is doing in the kitchen?” Manik asked him in surprise. Abhi gave him sad looks like he was going through extreme pain.

“Handling a pregnant wife is like climbing Mount Everest. Now she wants me to become a chef for her even after knowing that I hate cooking. Sometimes she asks me to bring something sour, then the next moment she needs something sweet. She wants to eat something very badly and the next moment she doesn’t want to eat that. And what I should tell you about her mood swings. She argues with me without any reason and starts crying on small things. Ugh… “He took out his all frustration of his pregnant on Manik and felt better. Manik couldn’t able to control himself and laughed loudly, throwing his head back.

“You know one thing, Abhi. Have you ever thought about what pain women bear to carry our baby? To give us the most precious gift, they bear the pain which is a lot more than climbing Mount Everest. Handling their mood swings and late-night cravings is nothing in front of what they are doing for us. So stop getting irritated by my pregnant sister. Enjoy her pregnancy phrase. It is very precious for a father also.” Manik was a gem. He understood the pain of a mother, the pain which they bear by carrying the baby in their womb for nine months.

“You are saying right. I was just getting irritated from her. If she was arguing with me, instead of understanding her, I was arguing with her even more. Thank you, bro. You are amazing.” He said realising his mistake. Manik opened Abhi’s eyes with his words.

“Nandini has made me amazing.” He smiled and gave all credit to his wife. Abhi shook his head in disbelief seeing his love for Nandini.

“Abhi, Is my lunch ready ?” Mukti asked, stepping into the kitchen. Manik and Mukti passed a smile. Manik went to take out something from the refrigerator. Mukti strolled to Abhi.

“The work is still in progress.” Abhi said pointing his finger at the onion which he was cutting.

“Now I don’t want to eat anything. Come with me inside.” Mukti said holding his hand and Manik chuckled silently holding the door of the refrigerator. She took Abhi with her out of the kitchen. Abhi left last time glancing at Manik.

“Hot Hot Momos are ready.” Manik announced, strolling into the room after an hour and he got shocked to find her sleeping. He put the plate of Momos on the table and then walked to her. She slept with an empty stomach and now he had to wake her up. But now how he could spoil her beauty sleep? He was confused that he should wake her up or not.

He leaned in and caressed his cheek against her cheek romantically. It was his way of waking her up. She smiled like a small baby smiles in sleep. Manik started placing soft kisses all over her face pouring all his love in those soft and tender kisses. The smile was not going away from her face. In sleep also, his touch was making her smile. This called the magic of love.

“Momos..” She woke up, shouting because she had fallen asleep while waiting for Momos only. Even she was seeing a dream in which she was eating Momos freely without any interference from her hubby. Manik shook his head in disbelief seeing her love for Momos.

“Momos Lover, your Momos are ready.” He told her after standing straight. Her eyes shimmered and she immediately sat up properly on the bed. Manik smiled at her and then went to bring Momos from the table. He put the plate in front of her, she was licking her lips. As he uncovered the dish, Nandini burst into laughter.

“Have you really made Momos? Because the shape is so different but looking cute.” She said picking up two Momos with her both hands like a small kid. Manik was also thinking that what shape of Momos he had made. She stuffed one Momo and closed her eyes to feel the taste like always. Then she stuffed another one with her eyes still closed.

He sighed because her reaction gave him an idea to him that he had made delicious Momos.
“So yummy..” she praised the momos after opening her eyes. Manik smiled, stuffing other Momo into her mouth. She chewed it happily and then she ate the fourth and last one.

“I want more.” She demanded for Momos.

“It is more than enough, baby.” He said putting the plate on the side table of the bed. She was looking at him, making a sad pout because she wanted to eat more.

“It’s your fault, hubby. Why did you make so tasty Momos that I am feeling like eating more ?” She was scolding him for making tasty Momos. Manik was staring at her in utter disbelief.

“Now you take some rest. I have to do some important work.” He said changing the topic. She nodded her head meekly like an innocent kid. He kissed her forehead gently, putting a hand on her face. She smiled in response.

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