(Part: 97 The Playroom Session) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I woke up after taking a nap and a beatific smile touched my lips as I saw him gazing at me, his eyes were filled with immense love. He came over me and kissed my lips chastely. I responded to him, running my fingers through his silky hair. His lips are like my drugs.

“Do you want to have something to eat before the playroom session?” He asked, raising his brows after breaking the kiss.

I shook my head. “No, I’m full. We can have the session now.” I smiled at him excitedly. He kissed me again before climbing down the bed and tossing the quilt on the floor.

“Why are you so sexy, Princess?” He asked, unbuttoning his shirt and gazing at my body with his eyes filled with immense desires and like always he aroused me with his intense gaze. Only his mare gaze is enough to make me wet and insane.

I bit my lower lip, gazing at his tempting bare chest. “You’re hotter than me, Master.”

He pulled off his shirt. “Oh really?” He asked, hurling his shirt in the corner of the room.

I hastily knelt on the bed in front of him and placed my hands on his tempting bare chest, gazing up at him intensely. “Yes, you’re really hot.” I whispered before placing wet and soft kisses all over his chest.

“Oh… Princess, I love you so much.” He moaned, embracing me in his warm arms after bending down.

I started opening his jeans button but he stopped me by holding my hands. “Not now.” As he denied it, I pouted sadly at him.

“Why? I took my punishment like a good girl, then why can’t I have you, Master?” I asked, upset.

“Because I have planned something for you.” As he told me, I made O mouth.


“Have some patience, My Princess.” He grinned at me before ordering me, “now lie down straight on the bed.”

“Okay, Master.” I sucked his lips before lying down.

He strolled to one of the shelves to bring something and I’m gazing at him in anticipation. My heart is thumping with excitement. He loves to create suspense and it arouses me more.

He grinned at me after turning to me. I swept my eyes to the thing which he’s holding in his hand. It’s like a rod and cuffs are attached to each end of it. It’s a spreader bar, I instantly understand and my eyes twinkled.

“Do you know what’s it, Princess?” He asked, walking to me. He was grinning at me widely.

I nodded, “yes, it is a spreader bar.” I smiled at him.

“So you will also know what happens with this.” He asked after keeping the spreader bar beside me. I nodded, smiling excitedly.

Then he took out red colour eye mask from the door. He sat beside me, smirking. “Raise your, Princess.” I raised my head from the bed and he made me wear the eye mask.

Now I’ll not able to see what he’s doing to me and it excites me more. First spreader bar and now this. What more?

Oh God, this is getting more thrilling.

“Just feel it, baby.” He whispered against my lips and as I raised my head to kiss him, he moved away. I heard his chuckle and pouted sadly.

“Have some patience, Princess.” He gently brushed off my hair from my face.

Then he bounded my wrists above my head with the bedpost before squeezing and kneading my twins, sitting between my legs. I moaned, clutching my hands and arching my back. Oh God, he’s grinding his crotch against me and driving me crazy.

After a moment he moved away from me and I craved for his touch and closeness. Then he strapped my ankles. I can’t see but I know he cuffed my ankles with the spreader bar. As he extended the bar, my legs spread wider than my imagination and I gasped. I can’t even move my legs an inch also. I’m completely exposed to him and this feeling is turning me on more. I can vividly imagine him gazing at me with his eyes filled with immense desires. My body is on fire with only imagination. My heart is pounding with excitement.

I can hear his footsteps going away from me. Where he’s going?

I can’t see but I can ask him.

“Where are you going?” I asked him.

“To bring surprise for you, Princess.” His words ignited new excitement in me.

“Come fast,” I uttered.

“Wait, I have a better plan.” I can sense something mischief from the tone of his voice.

What, plan?

“What?” I asked automatically.

“You ask lots of questions, I should tie your mouth also.” He chuckled evilly.

My Evil Master!

I gasped, stretched my arms and tried to close my legs as suddenly he pressed the vibrator wand against my sensitive bud. It’s turned on.

“Now you won’t get bore until I bring your surprise.” He’s strapping the vibrator with my thighs. After strapping the vibrator band, he turned it on high speed. I moaned loudly with immense pleasure, arching my back and clenching my hands. Oh God, it’s so intense, but I love it.

“Enjoy, Princess.” He walked away after kissing my lips, leaving me with the vibrator turned on high speed, I can’t even move an inch.

Oh God, Oh God, I’m so close. I exploded, panting. My legs are shaking and I raised them in the air, screaming loudly and stretching my arms. The next orgasm started building up in me. I’m so sore but enjoying also.

When he will come?

“I’m back, Princess.” He came after a few minutes. I’m not in a condition to answer him, I’m close to my second orgasm.

“Did you enjoy it?” He asked after turning off the vibrator and unstrapped it from my thighs.

I’m exhausted, but craved for more and felt irritated because I was so close to my second orgasm.

“Answer me, Princess.” As he hit my pelvis, I raised my butts and moaned.

“I enjoyed it a lot, Master.” I answered him, breathing heavily.

“Now get ready for the surprise, Princess.” I felt his weight over me and he placed a lingering kiss on my lips. My excitement is increasing with each passing second. I really have no idea that what would be the surprise. I’m profusely excited.


What do you think, what would be the surprise?

Love Mehak

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  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Loving there master and princesses session so far in everything they do there love love for each other always reflects in them which gives a new meaning and it takes pleasure to another level…
    Manik and uske surprises are always soo interesting it always keeps nandu on toes…
    Aab iss baar asa kya hoga joh nandu bhot enjoy karege…

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