(Part: 150 Mango Romance) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sidharth came back in a few minutes. He widened his in shock as he saw the condition of the kitchen. Everything was thrown out from the refrigerator and cabinet. Sidharth didn’t think that in few minutes she would make the condition of the kitchen like this. Then his eyes fell on his baby who was sitting on the floor and eating mangoes like she hadn’t eaten mango from ages, making her face and clothes dirty. Sidharth was standing there still and seeing her pregnant wife.

“Baby, you wanted to eat tamarind Right?” He asked walking to her. She looked at him cutely and mango slipped down from her hands. She was smiling showing her all the teeth to him.

“Hubby, I couldn’t able to wait, our chotu baby was hungry.” She smiled sheepishly, pointing at her belly. He helped her to get up by holding her shoulders.
“I am sorry for this.” She apologised moving her eyes toward the condition of the kitchen and then made a cute pout looking at him. Like always her cuteness was driving him crazy.

“I also want to eat Mango.” He whispered, brushing her lower lip with his thumb and his eyes glinted lasciviously. He cleaned the few drops of mango juice that were on her lips.

“Wait let me pick it up.” She moved away from him and bent down to pick up mango which was kept on the floor on the plate. He stopped her by holding her both shoulders. She didn’t understand the real meaning of his words.

He yanked her to himself. “Baby, I want to eat mango from your lips.” She made O shape mouth.

“Could I?” He asked like a gentleman, moving close to her lips and she immediately nodded her head. Then he sucked her lower lip and tasted the mango.
“You lips made the mango sweeter.” He breathed against her lips making her crazy. The next moment she captured his lips and kissed him wrapping his arms around his neck. He kissed her back with equal flavour, clasping her face with his both hands. The taste of mango was making Sidharth crazier. He was eating her lips like he was craving for them from ages.

“It was damn amazing.” He murmured after breaking the kiss and pecked her lips for thousand times. She was still lost in thinking about their kiss.

“I just remember about the cake which we kept in the oven.” He pulled away from her and looked at the oven. Sana wanted him to love him more. Her desires were at peak after their kiss. He sprinted to the oven and she was looking at him with a sad pout. She smirked when a naughty idea came to her mind.

Sidharth wore the gloves and took out the cake from the oven. He inhaled the fragrance and uttered, “It smells so good.” He turned around and his jaw dropped as he saw his baby. He stared at her with wide-opened eyes.

She was pressing the mango and the juice was dripping down her neck from the jaw and down her cleavage. Sidharth became fully turned on seeing the bold act of his baby.
“Don’t you want to eat more mango?” She asked raising her eyebrows. He grinned at her.

He kept the cake on the countertop and rushed to her. She widened her eyes in surprise as he lifted her from the floor by holding her waist. He made her sit on the countertop. They both chuckled looking at each other when the things which were kept on the countertop fell on the floor. He attacked her neck. In all this, the mango slipped down from her hand. He was sucking each and every drop of mango juice from her neck. She was moaning in pleasure moving her hands in his hair and arching her back. He pulled down the sleeves of her top from her shoulder and placed soft kisses on her shoulder while his hands were massaging her twins. They went into another world where there was nobody except them.

His hands travelled to the button of her jeans but he pulled away from her as he realised that they were in the kitchen, not in their room.
“I know what you need but before that let’s just eat the cake.” He pointed at the cake.

“Really! You will give me what I need after eating of cake?” She asked, raising her eyebrows. He saw the glint of excitement in her eyes.

He beamed at her and nodded. “Yes, my baby.” He lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead. She smiled in response closing her eyes. Then he went to bring the cake.

He was cutting the cake into pieces and Sana was looking at the cake licking her lower lip. Sidharth smiled at her and then with his own hand, he made her eat the cake.
“It’s yummy.” She said after eating the first slice. Sidharth made her eat more. After every bite, he was kissing her lips. She also made him eat and kissed his lips.

“Your hands have some kind of magic, baby. The cake is so delicious.” He held her both hands and kissed her knuckles after leaning down. She merrily smiled at him.

“Did you forget, hubby? You have to give me something.” When Sidharth asked her to get ready, She asked raising her eyebrows and crossing her hands across her chest.

“After coming back from the park.” He said and she nodded her head in response saying, “okay”. Then she went to get dressed up. Sidharth planned to go out with Sana to celebrate her parents anniversary the way she used to celebrate with her parents. First, they baked the cake and now they were visiting to park.

They had a lot of fun in the park. They clicked lots of photos. They talked, walking hand in hand. They made videos for their chotu baby. They were walking out of the park when Sana’s eyes fell on the Momos stall which was on the opposite side of the park. Her eyes twinkled and her mouth became watery. She was staring at the momos stall like she craving for it from ages.

“Hubby, I want something now. Will you give me ?” She asked looking at him the next moment. Sidharth looked at her confusingly.
“Will you ?” She asked, placing her hand on his arm.

“Off course I can give you anything. Just say what you need ?” He said holding her face. He had no idea what she was going to ask from him. She smiled in cheerily when he agreed.

“I want to eat this.” She pointed her finger at the momos stall. Sidharth looked in the direction where she pointed her finger. He became shocked seeing her first love Momos which he hated the most. He moved his eyes back at her and found her looking at him pleadingly.

“No Momos.” He denied strictly pointing his index finger at her. She made a sad pout.

“Hubby, our chotu baby wants it. What’s my fault? For our chotu baby, please.” She requested moving her hand on her belly. She tried to convince him.

“Okay, you can eat Momos because of our chotu baby.” As he agreed, she sprinted to the Momos stall joyfully like a kid. Sidharth also ran behind her.

“Baby, you can’t eat the momos from here.” He said turning her toward himself when she was about to give the order.
“It’s so unhygienic. I will make momos for you from my own hand.” He clasped her face. She was looking at him with a sad pout.

“But chotu baby wants to eat now hubby. Please…” She pleaded joining her both hands in front of him. He rubbed his forehead having no answer. He was not understanding what he should explain to her that Momos are not good for her and their chotu baby’s health.

“Bhaiya, one plate Momos.” She gave the order and glared at her.

“No, we don’t want.” He cancelled the order, making Sana angry. They frowned at each other.

“Don’t listen to him. You just give me one plate Momos.” She said to the Momos vendor. Sidharth tried to control his anger clutching his fist. He started putting the Momos on the plate and Sana showed her tongue to Sidharth.

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