(Part: 96 The Intense Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

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I strode into the farmhouse without following his order. I’m still wearing my undergarments. Today I’m going to disobey him intentionally because for one day I want to become his naughty Princess. It’s great to be his good Princess, but now I want to see how it feels to be his naughty Princess. I’m a bit nervous but extremely excited.

As my eyes fell over him, my breath stopped for a moment. He’s sitting in the hall, looking tempting hot. The three buttons of his black t-shirt are opened, his tie is kept on the table and his blazer is kept beside him on the sofa. I strolled to him and his eyes swept to my face.

He stood up, staring at me darkly. “Today you made me wait so much, Princess. You’re half an hour late. I think you have forgotten about the rules.” His voice is filled with dominance, and his intense and dark gaze is fixed at my face.

“Now raise your dress and show me you’re wearing undergarments or not.” He commanded and complied by holding the hem of the dress and raising it. I’m keenly observing his expression. He frowned as he saw my undies. He glared at me.

“First you reached late and now you are wearing your undies when I ordered you to come after removing it.” He moved dangerously close to me, taking my breath. “I think, today someone is deliberately behaving like a naughty girl by not following her master’s order.”

I instantly nodded my head. “No, Master.”

I can’t accept in front of him that I’m really deliberately doing this, not now.

“Then why you didn’t remove them, Princess?” He asked in a dangerously calm tone and as his warm breath caressed my face, a shiver coursed down my spine.

“I wore them specifically for you, Master and I wanted to show you.” I answered him, gazing at him. He looks more tempting in Master look.

He grasped my chin. “This is not the valid reason of defying my order, Princess. The thing is that today you have disobeyed me and now you deserve punishment.”

“You will come to know, now go to the playroom and be ready for me.” He ordered me.

“Okay, Master.” I nodded obediently and ambled to the playroom. I’m just wondering what punishment he would give.

I stepped into the playroom and switched on the light. My heartbeat accelerates every time I see the things which are kept in the playroom.

I pull off my dress, then undergarments because he wants me ready for him and now I don’t want to disobey him more. I think it’s enough for today.

I strolled to one of the shelves. I’m seeing the things of the playroom to pass my time. I know he gonna make me wait like I made him wait.

But he surprised me by coming at that time only. As I heard his footsteps, I instantly turned around to face him. He is gazing at my naked body, his eyes are filled with immense desire. His intense gaze was making me shiver and arousing me. It feels like he’s drinking my body through his eyes.

He strolled to me and ordered me, “turn around.” I instantly complied and stood facing my back to him. I glanced at him over my shoulder, he’s still gazing at my body. He’s standing only a few inches away from me.

“Now bend down and hold your Ankles.” He whispered in my ear and sent the chill down my spine. I don’t know what’s going in his mind.

I bent down and grasped my ankles. “Now open your legs.” He squeezed my butts, I moaned and open my legs. He’s stroking my butts, “wider.” He suddenly hit them slightly making me jump on my place. I opened my legs wider.

“Five spanks for coming late and five spanks for not following my order. You will count, okay?”

Only the word ‘spank’ turns me on. I’m hell ready for the spanking.

“Now count.” His palm landed on my butts.

“One, Master.”

He’s fondling my hips. “Good Girl.”




I jumped, he spanked me harder this time.

“Thre,” he cut me off with another spank. My butts are burning and my core is dripping wet.


He gave me a hard spank, I yelled in pleasure and pain, clenching my ankles. I’m painting.

Five more to go, Can I take it? He’s caressing my butts and I’m feeling so good. I closed my eyes as his lips touched my burning butts. He is placing soft kisses all over my hips and stroking my back.

“Now you can stand straight.” He said, I widened my eyes in surprise.

What about the remaining five spanks? Did he forget about them?

I stood straight, confused and he strolled in front of me, his lips were drawn up to a devilish smile. His smile grew wider as he stared at my glistening core.

He suddenly snaked his arm around me and yanked me to himself. He moved closer to my lips and I closed my eyes, waiting for him to kiss my lips.

But he pulled apart after whispering against my lips, “Kiss after punishment.”

I opened my eyes and he smirked at him. “Now keep your hands behind your back and widen your legs as much as you can.” As he ordered, I understood where he’s going to spank me.

Oh, God. I’m excited. I hastily placed my hands behind my back and splayed my legs for him. I’m completely comfortable to stand in front of him utterly exposed like this.

I squeezed my eyes shut as he cupped my inner thigh. Oh, God! He’s slightly tapping his middle finger over my sensitive bud nonstop and bringing me to the edges.

And suddenly he hit there and I panted. It feels so tremendous. He hit again, harder this time before making a circle over my bud and tapping it. I’m so close. He hit there three times continuously, and I jumped and moaned loudly after every spank, clasping my hands together.

“Do you want more, Princess?” He asked in a husky tone in my ear, slightly rubbing my bud with his finger.

“Yes, Master.” I answered, grinding myself against his finger and he spanked me there continuously, I don’t even know how many times. I felt so terrific.

And suddenly he plunged his two fingers into me without any warning, I screamed, scratching his shoulder through my nails. He thrust me with his fingers hard and fast, rubbing my bud vigorously with his thumb and I exploded in no time. Oh God, It was so intense, my legs are still shaking.

I placed my head on his chest, panting after the intense orgasm. He suddenly scooped me into his arm and laid me down on the bed. He lay down, holding me in his arms and pulled the quilt over us.

“Rest for some time, then we will have another session. I have a surprise for you.” As he murmured lovingly, my eyes twinkled.

“Wow! Surprise, I love surprises.” I squealed, gazing at him. We beamed at each other and he placed a tender kiss on my forehead, stroking my hair. It feels so good to be in his arms and to feel his lips over my skin.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 96 The Intense Punishment) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Nandu tou badi bold hou rahe hai by defying manik two times in a day is a very big thing and she did it just to be his naughty princesses for one day good going nandu…
    As usual master ke punishment bade hot thi he always innovate new ideas to give punishment to nandu so that it will give nandu more pleasure…
    At at the end he again became her loving master aww….

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