(Part: 148 Early Pregnancy Mood Swings) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I was thinking that when I become fat, then you will stop loving me. I will look so Ugly. Hubby, I don’t want to become fat.” She told him the reason, crying. Sidharth sighed with relief after knowing that nothing was serious.

“Baby, why are you thinking about this again and again? Don’t you know that I will always love you ?” He said getting angry because he didn’t understand that why this was happening. After all, she was pregnant. This was happening because of the hormonal changes which were happening in her body. Sidharth didn’t know about this or else he would have handled her in the best way.

“Here I am crying and you are shouting at me. Very bad hubby. I don’t want to talk to you.” She growled at him. Sidharth opened his mouth to speak something but before he could speak, she cut the phone.

“What is happening to her? Why she is not understanding that I don’t care about her outer body. I love her innocent and pure heart. I need to make her understand this.” He said to himself and walked out from his Cabin.


Within half an hour Sidharth reached back home. He walked into his room and widened his eyes in amazement as he found Sana dancing gleefully. Nobody could say that she was crying badly before half an hour. Her change of mood confused him because he did not know about pregnancy mood swings.

“Baby, you are pregnant. You should take a rest.” Sidharth walked toward her and said in a concerned filled voice, holding her arms.

“And Why are you dancing ?” He asked confusingly.

“Because I feel like to dance, hubby. Can’t I even Dance now?” She asked becoming sad.

“You were crying on phone a few minutes back and now you are dancing. What’s going on ?” He asked, bemused.

She moved close to his ear and whispered,” Even I don’t know what is happening to me.” She laughed loudly after saying this and he shook his head in disbelief.

“Let’s dance please.” She requested, holding her waist.

“Okay, My beloved wife.” He yanked her to himself, clutching her waist. She rested her hands on his chest and they both gazed into each other eyes. Then they moved with the flow, a romantic song was playing in the background.


At night, Sana was sleeping in his arms peacefully and he was reading about pregnancy on google that what a husband should do when their wives are pregnant. He was doing all this because he wanted to take proper care of her at this time. Reading about all this, he also came to know about pregnancy moods swings. Now everything got crystal cleared to him. He studied about this for hours and then fell asleep.

“Hubby, wake up. ” Sana was waking up Sidharth in the midnight because of midnight cravings. He took few minutes to wake up.

“What happened, baby? Are you feeling hungry ?” He asked, yawning. She was confused that how he came to know because she had no idea that her hubby had slept after doing full reach on pregnancy.

“I know my chotu baby is feeling hungry.” He glanced at her belly and placed his hand there.

“Let’s go and feed him.” He said getting up from the bed. Sana was staring at him in disbelief because she didn’t expect this reaction from him.

“What happened? Let’s go.” He asked when he found her staring at him.

“Hubby, I thought that you would scold me and deny me from eating late at night. But seeing this, I am surprised.” She had a slight smile on her face.

“I would have scolded you if you weren’t pregnant.” He told her, sitting beside her on the bed.

“But things are different now.” He placed a hand on her face and tucked hair behind her ear.

“You are pregnant. You are craving for food because of our chotu baby. You don’t need to take tension about anything. Wake me up anytime in the night, I have no problem. ” He was completely understanding her condition and she hugged him gleefully. His love always made her speechless. He hugged her back, smiling.

“Hubby, I want to climb on your back. I am feeling lazy.” She said after breaking the hug. He smiled and stood facing his back to her. She happily stood up on the bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist tightly. He strolled out of the room, holding her legs.

“You know, Hubby, you are the best hubby in this whole world. You are understanding, you are caring, you are loving, you are sweet, you are romantic and you are my cute hubby bubby. You are perfect in every way. If I want also, then also I can’t find anything wrong with you. I love you so much..” she was praising her hubby when they were ambling to the kitchen.

They stepped into the Kitchen and found Mukbhi there. Mukti was eating the chocolate and Abhi was standing beside her in half-sleep. They both looked at Sidnaaz. He made Sana sit on the countertop and then walked toward them.

“So Sana also feeling hungry at night. Do you want to eat chocolate sweetie?” Mukti asked after walking to her. Sana nodded her head, licking her lower lips.

“Pregnant wives and their late-night cravings.” Abhi pointed at Sana and Mukti who were busy eating chocolate like they were cravings for it from so many years. Sidharth gazed at his baby admiringly, he was loving the way his baby was munching the chocolate.

“Majnu..” Abhi murmured, looking at Sidharth.

“Yes, I am Majnu..” Sidharth said vaguely, gazing at his beautiful wife. Abhi shook his head in disbelief seeing his crazy love for Sana. The way she licked the chocolate from her lower lip, turned him on. He would have kissed her if Abhi wasn’t here.

“Mukti, let’s go inside. I am feeling sleepy.” Abhi said and Mukti nodded her head. Then they both walked out of the kitchen.

Sidharth rushed to her and leaned in, cupping her face. He licked the chocolate from the corner of her lips and then sucked her lower lip. She looked at him, making a cute face. She was surprised by his sudden romantic gesture. His act made her turned on. Both were aroused which means now nobody could stop them from making love. Not even Sidharth’s overprotectiveness because his desires were at the peak. He needed her. He wanted to feel her inside himself. He craved for her love every day. He was addicted to her love.

“Hubby, I have one question.” She said, showing her one finger to him. How they could proceed further before her question session?

“And what’s that question ?” He raised his brows, crossing his arms across his chest.

“I asked from Mukti today that we can have s in pregnancy or not. She said there is no risk if there are no complications. So..” before she could complete her words, Sidharth shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

“There are no complications for now, but I don’t want to take any risk. You and my chotu baby are my priority. If Doctor also said yes for make out then also I won’t do it because this is nothing in front of you and my baby. Hope you understand.” He explained to her, clasping her face. His every word was showing that how much he loves Sana. His physical desires are nothing in front of her. She hugged him tightly because he again made her speechless with his words. She always felt lucky to get a husband like Sidharth. She was blessed to have him.

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