(Part: 147) Mine (Manan)


“Look who is here. ” Mukti stepped into the Kitchen, carrying the baby of six months who was crying constantly. Manan looked at her in confusion.

“Whose baby is this, Mukti? Aww, he is so cute.” Nandini caressed the baby’s cheek and he gave a cute smile.

“I brought this baby for our practice.  Two babies are going to come into this house very soon. We need to do the practice.” Mukti joked and laughed. The baby also laughed with her.

“Didu, Great Idea.” Nandini took the baby from her and cradled him. The Innocent Nandini took Mukti joke seriously.

“Mukti, seriously?” Manik asked in disbelief.

Mukti laughed and said,” Bhai I was just kidding. He is Abhi’s friend baby and He is downstairs.” Mukti told them.

“I thought you seriously brought this baby for practice didu.” Nandini said disappointedly and made a cute sad pout. Baby also made sad pout like her. They all saw and laughed. The baby also laughed, clapping his hands gleefully.

“I just can’t wait for the babies to come. When this eight months will get a pass?” Manik smiled at his excited baby. Seeing Nandini’s excitement, his excitement was also increasing.


“I’m going to the office.” Manik said to Nandini, taking out the clothes from his cupboard. Nandini stood sadly behind him because she wanted to be with him. Manik turned around with clothes in his hands.

“I know you need me at this time. Even I want to work at home only because I want to take care of you. But I have to go. Cabir was saying there is some problem.” Manik said sadly because he also didn’t want to go. He wanted to stay to take care of her pregnant wife.

“I understand, hubby. Work is also important. I will take care of myself. You go and solve the problem. Don’t worry about me. Your baby is going to become Mumma now and now she can take care of herself.” She reassured him, cupping his face. She was also sad because she also wanted to be with him. But for him, she was smiling and trying her best to make him feel better.

“I love you.” He murmured and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response, having a small smile on her face. Then they stood there for few minutes, touching their forehead with each other silently. They were finding so much peace at that moment, her hands were placed on his chest and his hands were at her waist.


“Listen, no running, no jumping, no eating of junk food and no naughtiness. Just remember one thing that you are pregnant, Okay.” He instructed her strictly before going. He was standing at the door of their room and she was sitting in the blanket. He was explaining to her like a father is explaining to his kid. She like an innocent kid meekly nodded her, having a cute smile on her face. She felt blessed to have Manik in his life.

“Hubby, you can go now. You know, I am so happy about one thing now that I will not get bored when you will be in the office because now I have my chotu baby with me. I will talk to him and make the videos diary for him.” Nandini told cheerily and Manik just smiled, listening to her words. He was so happy because his baby was happy. He was still thanking God for sending that lady to him at the right time.


“Didu, I want to ask something,” Nandini stepped into Mukti’s room, she was reading Magazines, sitting on the sofa. She raised her head to look at her.

“What?” Mukti asked and she sat beside her. Instead of asking, she smiled showing her all teeth, making Mukti confused.

“Didu, Can I do make out in pregnancy? I am asking this from you because Hubby was saying that it will harm me and our baby.” Nandini asked innocently from her and Mukti’s lips stretched up to a smile. Her innocence always brought a smile to her face.

“Yes, you can.” When Mukti said this, Nandini smiled happily. “But if there are complications, you should consult the doctor first. Normally there is no risk.” Mukti explained to her and Nandini nodded her head, understanding her. Mukti always explained to her everything perfectly like her elder sister. Nandini was blessed to have a person like Mukti also in her life.


Manik was sitting in his cabin, holding his head. He was upset because of the problem which was going in the office. He came on the earth back when his phone rang up. He looked at the caller Id.  A smile spread across his face only after seeing his baby’s name flashing on the phone screen. He picked up the phone and put it on his ear, having a bright smile on his face. She was her stress reliever.

But the next moment, his smiled faded into a frown as he heard her crying.

“What happened, baby? Why are you crying? Are you fine?” He asked worriedly, getting up from his chair. She cried more and this made his heart stopped beating for a moment.

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