(Part: 143 My Hubby Fell Sick) Mine (Manan)


Next morning

Last night also Manik couldn’t able to sleep because he was scared to even close his eyes. He was getting sick, wondering about Nandini. She woke up and wished him ‘good morning’, hugging him. He hugged her back.

She broke the hug and uttered, “Hubby, you know what I saw in the dream,” she paused when she kept her hands on his cheeks as he was warm. He had a fever. Because of sleepless nights, he fell sick.

“Hubby, you are burning.” She freaked out, touching his forehead. Then held his wrist.
“You have a fever.” She said worriedly, looking at him.

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” He assured her, placing his hands on her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

“Wait, where are you going ?” She asked, holding his hand when he was just about to leave the bed.

“I was waiting for you to wake up. I have an important meeting today and I am already late.” He said like he was absolutely fine and she frowned, seeing him behaving so careless about his health.

“I won’t let you go anywhere in this condition. Hubby, you have a fever. You need to take a rest. Cabir bhai will handle the meeting and you are not going anywhere.” She stated strictly, gripping his hand tighter.

“I told you, I’m fine. Stop behaving like a kid and let me go, baby. I am getting late.” Manik asked her to let him go. But how could his baby let him go out for work in this condition?

“What! I am behaving like a kid? You are behaving like a Kid hubby. When I fall sick, you don’t even let me get up from this bed even. And now when you fall sick, you are expecting me to let you go office. I won’t let you go anywhere until you get fine.” She said sternly and held his vest tightly so that he couldn’t able to go.

“My caring, baby, I am fine. I will be back home in few hours. If you think that I have a fever then I will take medicine. Now please let me go.” Manik tried to convince her to let him go. Nandini left his vest, indirectly permitting him to him go.

“Thank you for understanding me.” He pecked her lips. She smiled faintly in response. As he stood up, he felt dizziness but ignoring this, he went to take shower.

“Hubby, I won’t let you go anywhere in fever. If you are stubborn, then your baby is more stubborn than you. Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedi karni padti hai. (When things don’t work your way, you have to make them work for you)” She said in a serious tone, something was going on in her tiny mind. How could she let her hubby do work in fever?

Manik after few minutes came out from the bathroom, taking a quick shower. He was in a shirt and pant. The Shirt was nicely tugged in his pant. He saw his baby, taking out blazer from the cupboard for him. She turned around and they both looked at each other and passed the smile. She strolled to him, holding his blazer in her hand. As she held out the blazer to him, the blazer slipped down from her and she fainted his arms. He hastily scooped her up into his arms and lay her down on the bed.

“Baby…” he tried to wake her up, holding her face. He got hell worried for her. She wasn’t responding to him. He immediately called the Doctor while his hand held her hand. He stared at his baby, anxious and his eyes glistened with tears. He kissed her hand and kissed her face a thousand time.

The doctor reached there within a few minutes.
“I don’t understand that how suddenly she became unconscious,” Manik said worriedly, walking inside the room with Doctor. Doctor asked him to relax because this all is normal in pregnancy.

She sat on the bed, making them shocked. “I am absolutely fine, Doctor.” He was shocked but sighed with relief as he saw her sitting fine.

“I am not sick, my hubby has a fever. Check him.” She said, getting up. Manik felt hurt because she again did the same thing which she had done (fake accident) before.  But this time her motive was right.

Manik didn’t react in front of Doctor. Nandini held his hand and made him sit on the bed.
“Doctor, my hubby has a fever and I asked him to take a rest but he was not listening to me. That’s why I planned all this to call you. So that you would convince him to take rest.” She told about her plan to Doctor. The doctor nodded her head, understanding her. Manik was just sitting silently on the bed.

“Mrs Malhotra, you did utterly right. He has a high fever. It’s 103 degrees. Mr Malhotra, you need to take proper rest and eat medicine on time, or else your condition will be getting worse.” The doctor made Nandini worried. After that Doctor left, giving the prescription of medicine to her.

“You did the same thing which you did earlier,” Manik said disappointedly, looking at her. She was standing beside him.

“Because hubby, you didn’t leave any other option with me. You were not ready to listen to me. I didn’t want to fight with you.” She sat beside him on the bed.
“I did this for you because I cared for you.” She said, holding his hand. Her voice and her eyes were filled with concern.
“Please take care of yourself too.” She requested him and kissed his hand after taking it near to her lips. Manik was gazing at her silently.

“If you care for me then don’t keep this baby. I fell sick because I am not able to sleep at night. I am just thinking about you. If you keep this baby, then anything could happen to you. I am afraid. If you care about me then you have to listen to me” These words automatically came out of his mouth. He didn’t want to say this because he didn’t want to make her upset. His words broke her heart and she left his hand.

“I am sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Even I didn’t want to say these words to you. Forget my words. I am sorry.” He immediately apologised, realising that what he said to her. He put his hand on her face, she wasn’t looking at him, her eyes were looking down in sadness.

She moved her eyes to him and placed her hand on his face. “It’s Okay, Hubby. I understand.” She gave him a faint smile.

“You need to take a rest now. I’m sending someone to bring these medicine for you.” She said, covering him with the quilt. He could clearly see that she was hurt. She was avoiding eye contact with him.

“I didn’t mean it, Baby. I am sorry. Please don’t think about my words.” He again apologised, placing his hand on her face.

“It’s okay, hubby. You don’t need to apologise to me. I can understand that you are worried about me. In the same way, I am worried for you. Please for me, take care of yourself too.” She said and strode out of the room to bring medicine.

“Uff… I need to relax my mind.  I am making things more difficult for her. Somewhere I am hurting her. How could I, again and again, asked a mother to kill her baby? I need to stop here only. I am getting overprotective for her. By doing all this, I giving her tension. For her, I need to stop worrying about her.” He tried to calm down himself.

On the other hand, Manik’s words affected her mind a lot. She came out and asked one maid to bring all the medicine, giving her the prescription. Then she went to talk to Mukti. She needed someone to share her problem. She knew that Mukti could only give her the right advice because she always understands her.

“Didu, I am so confused. I want to keep this baby. But by doing this, I am losing my hubby. I am trying a lot to make him understand that I am ready to take responsibility but he is not believing me. I want everything normal like before. Please didu tell me, what I should do?” She shared her problem with Mukti.

“Sweetie, I am happy to know that you are ready to take the responsibility. It’s not his fault too, you are like a small kid for everyone. Therefore when you told us that you are pregnant, we didn’t believe you. You just need to make your hubby believe that you are ready to take responsibility for the baby. It will take time but gradually he would start feeling better when he sees that you are ready for the baby.” Mukti explained her and like always she gave her the best advice.

“Thank you so much, Didu, for taking my all tension away. You are the best.” Nandini hugged her tightly, smiling contentedly.
“Hubby get ready to meet a new Nandini, a responsible Nandini.” She said, having determination in her eyes. Mukti wished her all the best.

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