(Part: 95 Becoming His Naughty Princess) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I came back home from college after giving my first exam. It was English only. I’m sure I’ll score great. Now my next exam is after three days. I have to study a lot, I haven’t prepared anything for that exam.

I slumped on the sofa, exhausted. Mom brought a glass of water for me. I drank in one go.

“Thank you, Mumma.” I smiled at her broadly after giving the glass back to her.

“Get up and get fresh fast. I’m arranging the lunch on the dining table.” She ordered and strode to the kitchen.

I instantly stood up because my stomach is rumbling because of hunger. I’m starving and I need food.

After having lunch with Mom, I wandering across the balcony. I called my hottie professor, but he didn’t pick up my call. He must be busy in some meeting. I’m now waiting for his call. We talked in the morning, he just wished me good luck. I’m missing him and longing for his touch.

As my phone buzzed in my hand, I instantly checked it. A placid smile flashed on my face as I saw his message.

My hottie Professor: I’m in the middle of the meeting, Princess. I’ll call you as the meeting get over.

I pouted sadly after reading his message.

Me: Okay, miss you.

I ambled to the room back and took a nap. I woke up hearing my phone ringing. I picked up the phone from the table and my sleepy eyes shimmered as I saw his name flashing on my phone’s screen.

I immediately answered the call, “Hello.”

“Oh hello, Princess. How was your exam?” He asked.

“It was great. Tell me when are you coming?”

“Princess, I want to tell you something.” He’s sounding serious.

“What?” I instantly asked.

“Tomorrow, I’m going out of Mumbai for an important project,”

I cut his words and asked, “when will you come back?”

“After two weeks. I planned this project to complete now because you have exams and If I stay here, I’ll disturb you in your studies which I don’t want to do. But you know I can’t control myself. I had been postponing this business trip for two months because I wasn’t feeling like go away from you.” I’m understanding him but I’m upset because I have to spend two weeks without him. It’s hard to even spend one day without him. I really don’t know how I’m going to spend fourteen days without him.

“How we will stay without each other for two long weeks?” I asked him, upset.

“It will be difficult but we both will focus on our work.”

“Tomorrow, when you will leave?”

“I have an early morning flight.”

“Could I request you something?” I asked him.

“Yeh, of course, Princess.”

“I want a playroom session before you go. Please, Master.” I said ‘Master’ huskily to turn him on.

“I was also planning this.” I smiled after knowing this.

“Great! So when I have to come, Master.” I asked, grinning. We gonna have playroom session after so many days and I’m so thrilled.

“Now. I want you here within half an hour, Princess.” He said in dominating tone which turns me on. He has power to arouse me with his sexy voice only.

“Okay, Master.” I smiled brilliantly.

“Don’t be late.” He said like he’s warning me.

“I won’t be late, Master. Now bye, I have to get ready for you.” I disconnected the call after saying this, smiling gleefully.

I hurried climbed off the bed and I changed my clothes within five minutes.

I’m combing my hair, standing in front of the mirror. I’m wearing his favourite colour black dress, it’s off-shoulder, so I’m wearing a tube bra underneath it. My undergarments colour also black. I only want to wear the garments of his favourite colour. Really love makes people completely insane.

I sat inside the car and glanced at my wristwatch after keeping my handbag on the passenger seat. Now I have only twenty minutes to reach his place. I don’t want you to be late. As I started the car engine, my phone rang up in my handbag. I took out the phone, Anu’s name is flashing on the phone’s screen.

“Anu, I’m going to meet my Master and I don’t want to get late. So I’ll call you later,” she cut off my words.

“Why you don’t want to get late?” She suddenly asked an unexpected question and I narrowed my brows, a bit confused.

“Because this is my master’s order. He warned me to be on time and I don’t want to displease him.” I told her genuinely.

“If you reach on time, don’t you think, then there will be no fun?” She asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked, narrowing my brows, bemused.

“I mean, you should make him wait. Then your master will be angry and you know, it will be more exciting. He will be more rough and hard.” I opened my mouth in O, finally understanding her.

“That’s a great idea, Anu. I like it. Now I will reach late. You’re right, it will be more fun.” I squealed excitedly and grinned.

“I think, you’re a very good submissive of your master. Now it’s time to make you a bit naughty also.” We both laughed loudly.

“I’m so excited to become a naughty Princess of my Master.” I giggled.

“So your training to become a naughty girl starts from today.” We both are laughing nonstop. I’m so glad that now I have someone with whom I can talk about all this.

“Anyway, Anu, does Cabir also have a playroom?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, but now I don’t want to talk about it because I will get turn on. Now I’m allowed to meet him after exams as he wants me to focus on my exams.”

“Same, Anu. It’s the last time, I’m meeting him. Tomorrow he’s going on a business trip. He will come back after two weeks.” I told him sadly.

“Our masters care about our studies more than us.” As she said and we both chuckled.

“Okay, now bye. I can’t wait more to meet him.”

“Don’t forget to tell me what he did when you reach late.”

I laughed. “Yeah, of course, my trainer.” I disconnected the call. He gave me time to reach till five and it’s already five. I have really put myself into great trouble.

Within fifteen minutes, I reached his place. As I stopped the car and remove the seat belt, my phone beeped. I received a message from him, my heart is pounding with excitement and nervousness.

My hottie Professor: You’re already fifteen late. Where are you?

I can feel his anger while reading his message.

Me: I’m outside.

My hottie Professor: How you become so late? I was expecting you on time, Princess.

I bit my lower lip.

Me: I’m sorry, Master. I was stuck in traffic.

I lied to him.

My hottie Professor: Now come inside fast and I want you without undergarments.

Me: I’m wearing your favourite colour undergarments.

My hottie Professor: I still want you to remove them.

Me: Okay, Master.

My Hottie Professor: Today I’m going to tease you more in the playroom for getting late. So get ready, Princess.

A shivered of excitement rushed down my spine after reading his message. I’m so excited for today’s playroom session.

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8 thoughts on “(Part: 95 Becoming His Naughty Princess) {Manan&Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Ketna bekar hota hai yeh exams ke days all you have to is study and nothing else so we can understand nandu’s painbut when you you have such a caring master you don’t have to worry about anything as manik is ready to go out of mumbai so he doesn’t disturb her while studying how sweet…
    Hehe yeh anu nandu ko naughty banake he chodke she made nandu go late at manik’s farmhouse to create more thrill in nandu’s playroom session..
    Aab manik kya karege iss par…

  2. And Manik more dominant side when she does all of these things🌚😉
    And after a good discipling lesson some good sex🤤😌

    Me and my kickdown cravings 😂😂🌚

  3. I’m hoping Anushka training lessons gives me a chance to read the badass Nandini which I badly want to read😎
    The seductive one, one that tests manik self control and riles him up by defying his sexual orders🥳

  4. Anushka is Me. Me is Anushka 😙😌
    She said the truth.. what’s fun in following every order obediently…rile up the guy and then enjoy the pleasure😂🌚😏😈

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