(Part: 141 You are my strength and weakness) Mine (Manan)


It was a late night. Nandini was sleeping peacefully in Manik’s arms but the sleep was far away from his eyes. His mind was constantly worrying about her. He was afraid of losing her. Only the thought of losing her was piercing his heart. The hole which he was feeling inside his heart was growing bigger and bigger, thinking about the pain of losing her. He was thinking that if one day he lost her, what he would do without her. She was the only reason, he was living. Nobody would understand his condition. Nobody would ever understand that what she was for him. Nobody would understand that what he was going through. She was the reason, his heart was beating. He could scarify all the happiness of the world for her. He needed her in his life even after dying. She was necessary to complete everything that lacks in his life. He was a broken soul before meeting her. She completed him. His soul, his body, his heart, his breath didn’t belong to him as much it belonged to her.

His last night passed away, staring at her and the ceiling of the room. He didn’t sleep for even a single second. He tried but couldn’t. When he was closing his eyes, he was seeing her, going away from him. He was now even afraid to close his eyes. He never thought that one day, only the thought of losing someone would make him so restless.

He watched her, waking up. She smiled, looking into his eyes which were already looking at her.

“Good morning.” She wished him good morning with her sweet voice, placing her hand on his face.

“Hubby did you sleep at night or you passed the whole night, gazing at me like this.” She asked in a fun tone, not knowing that what she was saying, was true. He didn’t say anything to her. He just hugged her tightly, hiding her in his arms. He wanted to keep her safe in his arms forever.

“Let’s take the shower together, today.” He said after breaking the hug.

“Are you reading my mind, hubby ?” She asked suspiciously, raising her one brow. He looked at her in confusion.

“I was also thinking of taking shower together, today.” She laughed cutely, saying this. His heart felt relief, seeing his baby happy. The thought of losing her was making him weak and at the same time, her happiness was giving him the strength to go through this situation together. Her love was his weakness and his strength. Sometimes, it made him so weak and sometimes it made him so strong.

In the bathtub, Manik was sitting behind Nandini, wrapping his arms around her. She was sitting in between his legs, resting her head on his chest. Both of their eyes were closed. They were lost in each other arms. Manik restless heart calmed down.

“Some people spend their whole lives to find what I found in you. In your arms, I found immense peace. Hope I could be in arms till infinity.” Manik whispered, entwining his fingers with her fingers. Nandini smiled warmly, listening to his words.

“The feeling of being in your arms with our fingers entwined and the soft feel of your warm breath on my neck, it can never be described in words. I found my home in your arms. I can spend the rest of my life in your arms.” She uttered after kissing his hand. He kissed her temple lovingly from behind. She just smiled. They wanted this peaceful moment to never get end.

“Do you know when you talk like this, I fall in love with you more.” He breathed and she smiled gleefully. He pecked her lips.

He was standing only in his towel in the bathroom. He was drying his baby’s hair with the towel lovingly. She was standing only in her undergarments in front of him. She was admiring him while he was doing his work. She pulled him closer to herself by holding the knot of his towel with her both hands. He gazed down into her eyes, having a smile on his face.

“My naughty baby.” He tapped his finger on her nose.

“Mera pyaara hubby bubby. (My loving husband)” She pulled his face down to kiss him.

Their lips were just about to meet with each other but he turned his face to another side. She looked at him, shocked and confused. She was all ready for the kiss. She didn’t understand that suddenly what had happened to him.

She clasped his face and turned his face to her. “What happened, hubby? Why did your turn your face when we were just about to kiss? You never did this before.” She asked him lovingly.

“Because I didn’t want to hurt you.” As he told her, she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“What are you saying, hubby? Why would the kiss hurt me? I didn’t understand.” She asked cluelessly, looking at him.

“The state in which we are now, the kiss would lead us to what I don’t want.” He tried to explain her in complicated language, forgetting that she was his baby Nandu who needed an answer in details to understand something.

“What do you mean? Our state, where it will lead us? I am not understanding anything, hubby.” She said innocently, looking at him. Manik was just looking at her worriedly.

“First, we will kiss and then automatically your hands will remove my towel. After that, my hands will remove your innerwear.” He said after taking a long breath. His words were turning her on. She was becoming wet in between her thigh.

“After that, I won’t able to stop myself from coming inside you, baby.” He said, looking at her. Then she cut him off.

“Then what’s wrong in this, hubby ?” She asked confusingly.

“You are pregnant. Our lovemaking can make your pregnancy more complicated or maybe it can hurt you.” He said, holding her face in between his hands. His voice was filled with concern.

“Really?” She asked becoming upset. She was looking down sadly. His heart broke, seeing her sad.

She softly held her chin and made her look at him. “Baby, you don’t need to be sad. In pregnancy, you should live happily every time or else it will affect our chotu baby. And our chotu baby will always remain sad.”

“How every time, you control your inner desire? I clearly remember those days when I wasn’t aware of the sexual feeling, you used to control yourself that time also. Mere toh bash ki bat hi nhi hai. Mein toh apne aap ko bilkul bhi control nhi kar pati. (This is not the cup of my tea. I can’t control my desire.)” She said cutely, playing with her fingers. Her last words made him chuckle.

“I can understand, baby. The sexual desires are very strong. Nobody could resist it. But for me, you are most important. My sexual desires are nothing in front of my baby. I just cared about you. Mein tumhai ittu sa bhi hurt nhi karna chata.” He said and showed her thumb and middle finger, pressing them together. She smiled broadly, seeing his cuteness.

“Oye… Oye kya bat hai, My hubby has started talking like me.” He chuckled.

“You look cuter than me when you talk like me.” She pulled his cheeks.

“Then you are highly mistaken, baby because nobody could look cuter than you. My baby is cutest.” He said while his fingers tugged her hair behind her ear.

“If I am cutest, then you are super duper.. cutest.” She said, stretching the word duper more.

“I love you so much.” She confessed and placed a soft kiss on his cheeks. He smiled broadly. With her, he used to forget all his stress and pain. Nobody could say that he was the only person who wasn’t able to sleep at night. That’s what called love. When you are with the person whom you love, you smile, forgetting all your tension.

“What the hell are you doing, baby?” Manik asked in utter shock, marching into the room with the breakfast which he had prepared for her. He found her throwing the clothes out of her cupboard in anger. He kept the plate on the table and strode to her.

“Hubby, I’m finding my favourite top, it was so pretty. I wanted to wear it before I get fat but I have lost it.” She told him grimly and her eyes glistened with tears.

He clasped her face. “Don’t cry. It was just a top, we can buy a new one.” She pouted sadly at him.

“Hubby, that top was very special for me. I wore that top when we had made love for the first time.” She told him the reason why she was so upset about that top. The top was not just the top for her. Her feelings were attached to that top.

“Promise, I will find it for you. But first please let’s do the breakfast. Your hubby has prepared it for you.” He promised her and she nodded her head.

They turned to walk but stopped as she asked him. “Wait, do you know, What I was wearing that night?”

“Of course, I remember. How could I forget?” A smile spread all over his face, remembering their first night.

“That night was one of my best night, baby. That night we completed each other. I remember everything very clearly about that night.” He said, putting a hand on her face. His voice was filled with so much love.

“Really! I am so happy to know this. I thought that you might be forgotten. Now we both remember the top in our memory. So, you don’t need to find it. I wanted to wear it, just to remind you but you already remember.” She said cheerfully. He lovingly kissed her forehead, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. She smiled blissfully in response.

“Hubby, when will everyone come back from the marriage? My tummy is paining. I want to share this good news with them. I am super excited to see their reaction.” Nandini asked when they both were feeding each other. Mukti, Abhi, Cabir, Navya, Khushi and Arnav, they all were gone Udaipur to attend a marriage function.

“Tonight.” He told her, even he also wanted to see their reaction.

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Few words for his immense love for his baby.

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