(Part: 138 Am I really Pregnant) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Sidharth, Relax. Be positive, she won’t be pregnant. You are thinking a lot.” Abhi gave him the pregnancy kit which he had brought for Mukti. Abhi had heard Sidharth’s self talk. He slightly nodded and went to his room. He was not in a condition to talk. He just wanted to confirm that she is pregnant or not.

He stepped into the room. A smile flashed on his face as he saw his sister who was so happy with her pregnancy. She was sharing her happiness with Sana that how it feels when you are going to become a mommy. Sana was listening to her like an excited kid.

“I also want to do babies but hubby is not ready. He asked me to wait for few years. But listening to you. I also want to become pregnant.” Sana said innocently and Mukti chuckled, listening to her words. Sidharth became more worried. Sana’s eyes fell on Sidharth and he gave her a small smile.

“Your hubby came, now I should go to my hubby. Take care, sweetie, and get well very. soon.” Mukti kissed her forehead and Sana smile gleefully. She walked out of the room, passing a smile to Sidharth.

“Hubby, I am feeling better now. Don’t be so sad.” She said when she noticed her hubby was worried. Sidharth sat beside her, smiling.

“Your baby is strong. You know, why I am strong. I am strong because you are my strength. Until my hubby is with me, I will never fall weak.” She placed her head on his chest. He felt better, listening to her words.

“Baby, I need to tell you something.” As he said, she immediately looked at him after raising her head from his chest.

“What?” She asked, raising her brows.

He took a deep breath and told her, “ I think, you are pregnant.” She gave him shocking looks.

“But hubby how can this be possible? Because you always used.. what is called?” She was trying to remember the word, placing her finger on her chin and staring at the ceiling.

“Condom.” Sidharth said, understanding that what she was talking about.

“Yes, Condom.” She waggled her index finger at her, smiling. “You have used it every time before our lovemaking, then how could this be possible that I can be pregnant?” She asked, confused.

For the first time, her questions were irritating him and even her cuteness was not giving him peace because he was hell worried for his baby.

Still, he explained to her calmly. “Sometimes the condom breaks. I have a strong doubt that you are pregnant. Even you missed your period this month.”

She squealed with delight. “Really, Hubby! This is amazing. I’m so happy. God has listened to me. Yippee, I will become mommy.” She became super happy listening to Sidharth’s words and hugged him. Sidharth didn’t hug her back for the first time.

“Baby, we need to confirm first.” He said after pulling her away from him by holding her arms. “You need to do this pregnancy test.” He gave her the pregnancy kit.

“I don’t know, how to use it.” She said, looking at the pregnancy kit confusingly. Sidharth then explained to her and she was listening to him excitedly.

“This is super easy. But I didn’t understand one thing. How we will get to know the result.” Another question came up. He took a deep breath to compose himself.

He clasped her face. “Baby, first do this. Then I will tell you.” She nodded.

Then he climbed down the bed and helped her in getting up from the bed. She went to the washroom to do the test. He was pacing across the room, anxious. He was praying to God constantly for the negative result.

After a few minutes, she stepped out, holding the pregnancy kit in her hand. He rushed to her and snatched the kit from her hand, making her shocked.

“I think, he is excited like me that’s why he did this.” She smiled, thinking wrong. She had no idea that how much he was worried.

As he saw the result, the pregnancy kit slipped down his hands. He was staring straight as he was hell shocked. This made Sana also shocked.

“Hubby, What happened? What’s the result? Am I not pregnant ?” She asked sadly, seeing his reaction.

“You are pregnant.” He said in low voice, looking at her. His fear came true, she was pregnant. Her eyes shimmered with happiness.

“Yippee, I’m going to become a mommy. I am pregnant.” She whooped super happily, clapping her hands.

“I thought that I would have to wait for few years but god has listened to me. Hubby, I am so happy. The baby will be ours. I just want our baby in my hand right now. I want to play with our baby and I want to touch our baby. I want to do everything with our baby.” She was excitedly telling him that how much happy she is.

And on the other side, Sidharth was standing like a statue in front of her grimly. Lots of things were going in his mind. He didn’t want this right now. Seeing her so much happy, he was not understanding that how to tell her that he is not happy. He didn’t want to snatch her happiness at any cost but he had to and he knew. He couldn’t let her do their baby, putting her life at risk.

“Hubby, are you not happy ?” She asked sadly from him, holding his hand when she noticed that he was standing sad in front of her.

“Baby, I,” He placed his one hand on her face and his other hand, she was holding. He was not understanding what to say because he didn’t want to break her heart by directly telling her that he didn’t want the baby. She was looking at him silently and waiting for his answer. He was looking at her, having concerns in his eyes.

“You are still my small baby. You are only nineteen years old. It’s too early to get pregnant at this age. You are not ready. You can’t take this responsibility of baby right now. It’s not like that I don’t want the baby. I want our baby but not right now.” He explained to her, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. He tried to explain her in the best way, using words that wouldn’t hurt her.

“Hubby, lekin ab god ji ne toh mujhe pregnant kar diya na. God ji hi chate ki tum daddy bano and mein mommy. Meine toh jeed ni ki na. God has listened to me and I am very happy. (Now god made me pregnant. God only wants that you become a daddy and I become a mommy. I didn’t force you.)” She cutely and her words brought a smile to his face. Only she had the power to make him smile in sadness. She was his angel.

“Hubby, let’s decide our baby names. Haye.. mein toh bata bhi nhi sakti mein kitni kush hoon. Mein toh aaj hi sabh planning kar lungi humhre chotu motu baby ke liye. ( Hubby, I can’t even express in words that how much happy I am. Today only, I will plan everything for our baby.)” She said joyfully, placing both hands on her belly. Her eyes were twinkling with happiness. Her words and her happiness was making the situation more difficult for him.

One news can be good and at the same time, it could be bad also for another person. In the same way, Sana’s pregnancy was good news for her and another side it was bad news for her hubby. He didn’t want the baby because he knew that she couldn’t take this responsibility.

“Hubby, please say something. Your silence is giving me negative vibes. Please, say that you are happy. If you don’t say anything, your baby and our chotu baby will also get upset.” She requested him to speak, joining her both hands in front of him cutely.

“Baby, you are not understanding me. You are just nineteen years old. You can’t take this responsibility. Your body can’t bear the pregnancy, now. You need to understand that you can’t do this baby. I can’t see you in pain. It’s not the right time. I just can’t put your life at risk for our baby. I just want you to be with me absolutely fine.” He again tried to make her understand. His words were showing that how much he loved her. But somewhere his words were hurting Sana. She was so happy with the news but his words were making her sad.

“Hubby, you are making your baby sad. I am ready for the baby. I know you love me a lot. Your concern for me is right. But What’s the need to talk about this now? I am pregnant, now. You need to accept it and be happy.” She tried to convince him to accept her pregnancy.

“I won’t..” he suddenly shouted and she widened her eyes in shock.

“I mean, I can’t accept the news.” He said in a calm tone after taking a deep breath.

“You are not understanding that I can’t put your life at risk. I can’t see you in pain. Getting pregnant is not a small thing, Sana. Why are you not understanding that you can’t do the baby? I can’t let you do the baby.” He said again a little loudly, losing his temper. He was hell pissed off with the news. He did what he didn’t want to do. He broke her heart with his words.

“Hubby, What do you mean that I can’t do the baby? Why can’t I do the baby? What you will do?” She asked in a crying tone and few tears rolled down her cheeks. When he saw tears in her eyes, he felt like killing himself. He looked at her, dejectedly and immediately wiped her tears.

“If you don’t want the baby then What do you want ?” She asked in a low voice, upset. Sidharth was looking at her, having concerns in his eyes for her. There was a silence of few seconds and his next words were unexpected for her.

He took a deep breath and stated, “we… need to abort the baby.” He finally gathered the courage and said what was going in his mind. His words were like a bomb fell on her. The floor slipped down underneath her feet, listening to his words. It was unbelievable for her that her hubby is talking about abortion.

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