(Part: 136 His Desperate Baby) Mine (Manan)


“Khushi, I’m going. I want to meet Manik now.” She informed Khushi, picking up her bag from the desk.

“You know that I can’t come with you. The next lecture is of Arnav. And Manik will kill me if I let you go alone. After this lecture, I will drop you, Nandini.” Khushi tried to explain. Nandini was listening to her, hanging bag around her shoulder. It seemed like now nobody could stop her from going.

“Khushi, I will book the cab. I’m nineteen years old. I can go myself and I am going.” She said stubbornly. She turned to walk but Khushi stopped her by holding her hand.

“I know, Nandini, you can go alone but who will make your hubby understand this?” Khushi asked because she knew about Manik’s nature. He would certainly kill them for sending Nandini alone.

“I will make him understand. When I reach there safely myself then only he will understand. Please, Khushi. I am not a kid anymore.” She requested and tried to make Khushi understand her point of view.

“Okay, but call me as soon as you sit in the cab and send me all the details of Cab.” Khushi finally agreed. Nandini smiled with glee and hugged her.

“I’m coming to surprise you, hubby.” She strolled out of the classroom, smiling merrily.


She stepped into the office excitedly, playing with the strap of the bag. She walked to the reception.

“I want to meet hubby..” she said and the receptionist gave her confused looks.

“I mean Manik Malhotra. I am his wife.” She said proudly.

“Welcome, mam. Let me call his secretary. She will take you to his Cabin. You may sit there for a minute.” The receptionist replied politely. Nandini nodded her head and went to sit in the waiting area.

“Mam, Sir is in the meeting. His secretary is coming. She will take you to his Cabin. Mam, do you need water, juice or anything else?” The receptionist asked after coming to Nandini after two minutes.

“I don’t need anything. I just want to meet my hubby.” She said in loud voice, standing up.

“Mam, please sit down. His secretary is coming. You can talk to her.” The receptionist left after saying this. Nandini sat down sadly. She wanted to meet him as soon as possible but it seemed like today god was also not with her.


“Call hubby now and tell him, it’s an emergency.” Manik’s Secretary took her to Manik’s Cabin. Nandini ordered her to call Manik. She left, nodding her head meekly. Nandini was roaming across the Cabin, getting more and more desperate to meet him.

Within five minutes, the door of the Cabin opened and Manik rushed into the cabin. When his secretary, Rita

told him that her wife has an emergency. Manik just ran out after calling off the meeting. This showed that how much he loved his baby. His meeting was nothing in front of his baby.

They looked at each other. He was looking at her worriedly. She looked at him, having a smile on her face. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on her toes. She jumped on him to hug him. He hugged her back. But within few seconds, he broke the hug because he was worried for her.

“Baby, what happened? Rita told me that there is an emergency. What is the emergency, baby?” He asked concernedly after clasping her face.

“See, how wet I am.” She uttered, placing his hand in the middle of her thighs. When his hand touched there, she took a deep breath. It was like finally, she got her breath back. Manik was utterly shocked because he wasn’t expecting this emergency.

“Seriously baby, this was the emergency?” He asked unbelievably, removing his hand and she again felt irritated. She nodded her head in response.

“Today when I saw a couple romancing in the washroom, I recalled about our honeymoon washroom romance. This turned me on. Without thinking anything, I came here to meet you.” She told everything to Manik like a kid tells everything to her mother. A smile spread across his face, listening to her words.

“You did right to come here.” He yanked her to himself by holding her waist. But something came to his mind and he left her waist. She narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Wait, how did you come here ?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I booked the cab.” She answered him happily.

“What? Are you crazy? You could have called me and I would have sent the driver to pick you up. Cab’s drivers are not trustworthy. It’s not safe” He freaked out and she was just smiling, seeing his caring nature.

“Everybody books the cab nowadays and it’s safe, my hubby bubby.” She said pulling his cheeks.

“I know but it’s not safe for you, baby. You have never travelled alone before.” He said, putting a hand on her face. His voice and his eyes were filled with concern.

“There is always a first time, hubby. Today I travelled alone and standing absolutely fine in front of you. This means that I can travel alone from now.” Her words shut his mouth. But still, he was not ready to permit her to travel in the cab.

“Hubby, will you now focus on my emergency? I am going crazy.” As she said, a smile flashed on his face and he nodded.

“So, from where I should start?” He asked, coming close to her.

“From locking of the door.” She told him, pointing her finger at the door. They laughed, looking at each other. Then he went to lock the door.

He turned around after locking the door and widened his eyes in shock as he looked at his baby.

She was herself pulling down her jeans, she had never done this before. She looked at him after placing her jeans on the table.

“I am making your work easy.” She grinned and winked at him. This bold act of her turned him on. He just rushed to her. He clasped her face and captured her lips. They were eating each other lips hungrily. She slid her hand into his boxer after opening his jeans button. His one hand entered inside her wet innerwear and the other was playing with her twins. She closed her eyes when his hands started rubbing her inner thigh. She went to heaven with his touch. He accelerated the speed of rubbing, she also accelerated the speed of rubbing.

“Your touch is my heaven.” She whispered huskily against his lips as they broke the kiss.

“Same are my words.” He said and bit her lower lip.

“Oh hubby, you’re amazing.” She moaned when he rubbed her inner thigh vigorously.

“Why do you stop?” She asked confusingly and annoyingly when Manik stood few steps away from her.

“Because..” saying this, he made her sit on the table by holding her waist. They laughed together when the things which were kept on the table fell on the floor. He first removed her lower innerwear and then removed his boxer. Like always, she giggled, seeing his hard and huge manhood. He smiled at her after listening to her giggles.

“Are you ready, baby?” He asked, moving closer to her.

“I always remain ready for you, hubby.” She told him and again giggled. Manik held her legs and raised them, she wrapped them around her waist. He pulled her toward himself. They took a deep breath, closing their eyes when their main parts came in contact. He was easing into her slowly and she screamed his name loudly. Then his cabin filled with their moans and giggled. Luckily the Cabin was also soundproof like their room.

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