(Part: 135) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, let’s do this. It will be so much fun.”

Sana whispered something in Sidharth’s ear and then squealed excitedly, getting up from the bed. He was staring at her in disbelief.

“Seriously Baby, from where do you get this type of ideas? You are crazy.” Sidharth shook his head incredulously and stood up.

“I know, I’m your crazy baby.” She said, wrapping her hands around his neck.

“That’s why you love me.” She gazed into his eyes and pecked his lips. Sidharth smiled, grasping her waist and pulled her to himself.

“You know me very well.” He was playing with her hair, smiling at her. They were looking into each other eyes lovingly.

“And do you know, what I am going to do next?” He asked, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Uhmm..” she wondered, placing her forefinger on her chin and her eyes were looking up. He was just admiring her cute baby.

“Are you going to kiss me ?” She asked, raising her eyebrows at him and held his shirt’s collar. He smirked and then captured her lips after clasping her face. She responded to him with equal flavour, moving her hand in his hair.

After sometime

“Just don’t show your face to me, Sana. I’m not talking to you.” Sidharth yelled, pushing Sana out of his room. Before Sana could say something, he slammed the door on her face.

“Hubby, I am sorry. Please talk to me.” She beat her hand on the door. Mukti and Abhi came outside, listening to their voice. Sana was smiling inside because she planned to have some fun. She wanted to surprise everyone, that’s why she made this plan.

“Didu, hubby is not talking to me. Please do something.” She showed her fake sadness. Mukti and Abhi took her downstairs for breakfast. Navya and Cabir were already taking the breakfast. She sat down beside Navya sadly. Navya and Cabir looked toward Mukbhi, they shook their head dejectedly.

They started eating breakfast. “Everything will be fine, Sana. He will forgive you. He loves you a lot. It’s just that you made him very angry this time. Give him some more time.” Navya said, holding her hand. Sana was not eating, she was waiting for Sidharth because she was excited to tell everyone that her hubby forgave her.

Sidharth marched to them in attitude and settled down opposite Sana. He didn’t look at Sana. He started eating. They all were staring at him and then looked at Sana sadly.

“Hubby, if you don’t talk to me, I will cut my wrist.” She said dramatically, picking up the knife. She put it near to her wrist.

“Put the knife down, Sana.” Abhi yelled.

“Are you crazy, Sana?” Everyone was shocked and freaked out because they had no idea that Sidharth had already forgiven her. Sidharth was silently sitting and enjoying the show.

Sidharth couldn’t control more and he burst into laugh loudly. Everybody stared at him in shock. Before they could ask something from him, they heard Sana’s laugh. They were laughing looking at each other crazily. They were just staring at them, having no idea that what was going on.

“One second, Were you both making us fool all this while?” Cabir asked, looking at them suspiciously by raising his one brow. Everybody stared at them for the answers and they both finally stopped laughing.

“Yes,” Sana said, walking toward Sidharth. She sat on his lap. Sidnaaz passed a winsome smile to each other. They all were happy to see them together again but angry also because they both were making them fool.

“Tell us, when this happened?” Mukti asked excitedly because after seeing them together again, she forgot about their prank.

“Last night.” Sana said, smiling gleefully. Their happiness was clearly visible in their eyes. Their one hand was entwined with each other which was kept on her lap. His other hand was wrapped around her neck. He was just gazing at his baby.

“Listen, we are forgiving you for this prank because we are happy to see you both together. But seriously Sana, you made us really scared with this.” Navya said pointing her finger at the knife. Everybody laughed, recalling her acting. Sidharth kissed her knuckles after taking her both hands toward his lips. They gazed into each other eyes intensely.


After few days

Sidnaaz were back to their normal life. Sana started going to college and Sidharth got busy with his work. Their love and their desires were increasing with each passing day like always. Their love had become their addiction. They craved for each other when they stayed away.

Sana stepped into the girl’s washroom of college and widened her eyes in shock to find a couple walking into the loo, kissing each other wildly. She was staring at the door, making a cute pout and her eyes were widely opened. Except for her, nobody was in the washroom because it wasn’t break time. Standing outside, she was hearing their moans and recalled about their honeymoon washroom’s romance.


They were taking the lunch, sitting at the luxurious restaurant. He was caressing her thigh. She shut her eyes and bit her lower lip as his hand pressed her inner thigh. Within a few seconds, he removed his hand. She looked at him with pleading eyes, making a sad pout. He was just smirking at her, placing his both hands on the table.

“Hubby, I need it right now.” She said like a stubborn kid wants his toy.

“What baby?” He picked up the glass of juice and said after taking one sip of juice. She made an irritated face, looking at him. He loved to tease her.

“I need orgasm right now.” She came close to his ear and whispered, covering his ear with her both hands. He smiled, listening to her words. She used to demand orgasm from him like a kid demands candy from his parent. And this used to turn him on.

“Here, how?” He asked, raising his eyebrows, showing her that he was clueless.

“I don’t know, I just need it. Do anything or else I will get mad.” She warned him sternly, getting up from the chair. Seeing her desperation, he laughed, covering his face with his hand.

“Baby, sit down. Let me think and you also think that how can we,” he said, holding her hand. She sat down, making a sad face because she wanted orgasm badly.

“Idea.” She squealed merrily after thinking for a moment.

“We can go to the washroom.” She told him, again getting up from the chair.

“Come sit.” He again grasped her hand and made her sit on the chair.

“Let me tell you that there is a separate washroom for boys and girls. Then how can we go to in the same washroom?” He raised his brows and waited for her answer.

“You just come with me and leave everything on me.” She said, getting up. He also stood up, nodding his head. She clasped his hand and strolled to the girl’s washroom.

“You stand here and when the washroom gets empty, I will call you and as you get my call, try to come fast or else someone I will come and see you.” She was giving him instructions and he was meekly nodding his head like an obedient kid. She stepped into the washroom. He was thanking God for blessing him with the purest soul on this earth, his lips were drawn up to a beatific smile.

After five minutes, two girls stepped out of the washroom. Then only his phone rang up and as instructed by his baby, he rushed into the washroom after glancing at the caller id. As he reached inside. Sana instantly pulled him into the loo, holding his hand. She locked the door hastily.

“My desperate baby.” He whispered, pinning her on the door by grasping her arms. They gazed into each other eyes deeply. She smiled at him. The next moment, he captured her lips and slid into her jeans and finally she got what she needed.

Flashback Over

Sana came on the earth back when the bell rang up. She walked out of the washroom, upset because after recalling about their honeymoon, she was aroused. She needed him. Her eyes shimmered and she smiled with glee as an idea popped into her mind. She sprinted to the classroom.


So what do you think, what idea came in her mind?

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