(Part: 134 The Hot Shower Romance) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, could you please postpone the punishment? I just really need you badly. I’m craving for your love. I just need you to be inside me.” She said in a pleading tone, directly gazing into Sidharth’s eyes. Her words were clearly showing that how badly she needed his love at that time. A week was like one year for her. Punishment always made her excited but she didn’t need it that time. She just needed his love.

Sidharth just slammed her lips without saying anything. His hands went into her hair and her hands went into his hair. They were wilder, they were faster and trying to match up each other speed. All this was showing that how much they had craved for each other. Inside their mouth, their tongue were dancing. They were eating each other lips. They both wanted that this kiss to never end. They both had become the drug of each other. The more they get, the more they crave for.

“I want to come inside you badly. Only that’s why I am leaving you for now. But be ready for the punishment at night.” He whispered after breaking the kiss against her lips. She was breathing heavily after their wild kiss.

“Then please make love with me fast. I can’t wait anymore.” She said like a desperate soul, grasping his vest tightly. He smiled, listening to her words.

“I just…” before she could say something, he captured her lips again for another wild kiss. They were kissing each other and their hands were pulling down each pant. Their complete body shivered as their main part came in contact with each other. She clutched his vest tightly from behind when Sidharth started to ease into her. His hands were massaging her twins. They felt completed again. He was sliding into her deeper and deeper. He left her lips and they gazed into each other eyes deeply, having a smile on their faces. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he went deeper into her. She moaned loudly, hugging him tightly, wrapping her arms around his neck. After few minutes, they both exploded. Sidharth lay down beside her, panting.

“I miss this, I miss you… so much.” She whispered, placing her head on his chest and her hands clutched his vest. He held her tightly in his arms like he wanted to store her in his arms forever and ever.

“Look at me. I want to say something.” As he said, she raised her head to look at him and their eyes met.

“Promise me that you will never do this, again.” He said, cupping her face. His fingers gently tucked her hair behind her ear.

She nodded her head immediately. She went close to his lips and whispered, “never.” Then she sucked his upper lips and he sucked her lower lips. Then moved away from each other. The kiss was the promise that she would never hurt him again. She would think for a thousand times before doing anything.

“Let’s take a shower together.” As he uttered, his eyes shimmered and a gleeful smile flashed on her face.


They both were standing completely naked under the shower. The cold water was falling on the floor after cascading down their hot body. Sidharth was standing behind her. He was nuzzling her wet hair and his hands were doing magic on her body. His one hand was massaging her twins and his other hand was moving on all over her thigh. She was badly waiting for him to touch her sensitive spot. He was moving his hand everywhere except there. He was enjoying this a lot. Every time, he loved to tease her before giving her extreme pleasure.

“Hubby.. please,” she pleaded and the next moment she moaned as he squeezed her twins.

“What please, baby?” He asked after grabbing her both the hips from behind and pulled her more closer to himself. He ground himself against her, arousing her more.

“Hubby.. aahaa..” she was about to say something but before she could, he made her moan by pinching both the nipples together.

“Hubby, I just want you to rub me here.” She grasped one hand and put it in between her thigh before he could tease him more. A smile flashed on his face as he saw her desperation.

“Hubby..” she cried, sexually frustrated as he again removed his hand.

The next Moment, Sana was pinned on the wall by his hubby. She widened her eyes in shock. He turned off the shower.

“I have some better plans, baby.” He told her, gazing at her and she got lost in his black bewitching eyes.

He sucked her lips and then went downward, kissing her jawline, neck, twins, stomach, belly button, waistline. Then finally he stopped at her thigh, kneeling in front of her. He opened her legs widely and buried his face inside her thigh. As his tongue touched her most sensitive spot, she moaned loudly, arching her back. Her hands went into his hair. His tongue moved faster and faster, she moaned louder and louder, fisting his hair. She was feeling so good, the way his tongue was making her feel weak on her knees. His hands were keeping her legs open, holding her both the thigh. Stopping for a while, he glanced at her. She looked down at him.

“Do you want more, baby?” He asked, looking at her.

“I need it badly, please.” She pleaded and he smiled.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked like a gentleman, placing her one leg over his shoulder to get complete access to her inner thigh.

“Whatever you do, I am more than comfortable with it.” She answered and smiled slightly at him. Her words made him happy.

“Now hold your breath, baby, because you’re going to get the most intense orgasm of your life.” His words turned her on. She smiled widely, showing her teeth to him. He smiled seeing her cuteness.

“Could we just kiss first before this ?” She asked after biting her lower lip sexily. He stood up without saying anything.

“You take my words.” He whispered before taking her lips in his mouth. They were kissing each other for the tenth time this morning but still, it seemed like they were kissing each other after ages.

After a few minutes, she was moaning like hell when his two fingers were thrusting her and his other hand was rubbing her most sensitive spot. Her one leg was on his shoulder. It was getting so difficult for her to stand on her one leg but she didn’t care as the pleasure which her hubby was giving her, was heaven. She was moaning like hell, closing her eyes and his hubby was admiring her. Her loud moans were making him harder and harder than before. She was just about to cum but he stopped immediately.

This time, he didn’t stop to tease her. He stopped because he also wanted to cum badly with her.

He knew that after this, certainly, his baby would faint. For the first time, he was making her so much tired. He didn’t know what was it. Maybe the one week distance made him crazy and desperate. The same was with Sana. Like usually she used to interrupt with her questions and problem but this time, she didn’t even for once interrupt in their make-out session. She just needed him more and more. They both forgot everything and only remembered each other.

“Hubby, I need it badly.” She said difficulty, trying to catch her breath back, resting her both hands on his shoulder.

“I also need you badly.” He breathed after getting up. She blushed, looking down at his hard like rock junior.

“Hubby, seriously this is like magic and this always blows my mind. How can it grow big and become hard every time?” She asked surprisingly, looking at his junior. He was just smiling, looking at her.

“Like you become wet and this happens with boys.” He answered her question politely like always. She just smiled in response.

Then he lifted her from the floor by holding her waist like she was a small kid. He placed her on the countertop and shoved himself into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. He accelerated the speed. They moaned and she scratched his back. He was nibbling down her neck. He gave her a love bite on the side of her neck. Their chests were pressing against each other. They went into their own world. At last, they both exploded, hugging and screaming loudly. And finally, they completed their morning make-out session.

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