(Part: 133 I forgive you) Mine (Manan)


The next morning Manik woke up, rubbing his eyes. He glanced at the time, it was six in the morning. He became anxious when he found Nandini missing so early in the morning. He checked the washroom and balcony. Then came downstairs to check her. He checked every room and woke up everyone but Nandini was nowhere. He went crazy because he was not able to find her. Then he found her outside of the house in the pool of blood. His eyes dilated in horrible and he rushed to her, yelling, “Nandini…” He sat down, placing her head on his lap. He was calling her and screaming her name but she wasn’t responding to him. She was lying unconscious in his arms.

“Nandini..” he screamed and woke up in the middle of the night. He was breathing heavily and sweating badly. For three days, every night, he had been seeing this type of dreams. From the day Nandini did that prank to call him home, his fear of losing his wife had increased. Therefore he was seeing this type of dreams every night. Nandini’s prank had badly affected him.

He was still angry with her and he had been ignoring her from three days. He went to the office early in the morning and came back late at night. From three days, every night, she was trying to talk to him but he was not responding to her. After coming from the office, he directly strode to the washroom to change his cloth. Then without saying anything, he lay down in bed, closing his eyes. She used to come into his arms and sleep, disheartened.

“Why you did this with me, baby? These nightmares are scaring me because of your prank. My fear of losing you is increasing. Twenty four hours I only think about you, I want to spend every second with you. When you call me, I want to respond. When you try to kiss me, I want to kiss you back. We didn’t kiss each other from a whole week. I am craving to love you but this anger is stopping me because you did wrong this time. You hurt me.” He thought, looking at his baby. After kissing her forehead, he tried to sleep, taking her in his arms.

The next morning, he woke up and tried to move his hands but he wasn’t able to move his hands because his both the hands were tied with the bedpost. He instantly understood that who did this. He didn’t struggle and kept lying there, closing his eyes.

Nandini stepped into the room with the breakfast for him. She was in her nightdress, Polka dot Pajamas with Mickey mouse top. She strolled to him. She was very upset because, since three days, he had been ignoring her. She was not used to this type of behaviour of him. His behaviour was breaking her heart. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted everything to be normal like before.

“Hubby, I know, you are not sleeping. I know that you are listening to me. I know that I hurt you but I had no intention to hurt you intentionally. I really didn’t want to hurt you because I love you.” She said, looking at him after putting the plate of breakfast on the side table.

“I am sorry, hubby. Please talk to me, shout at me and take out all your anger on me but please don’t ignore me like this more. Your baby can’t take this. She needs you. She loves you. Please forgive her. She is promising you that she would never hurt you again. She has realised her mistake.” She was sitting on her knees on the cold floor and begging for forgiveness.

“Please hubby, forgive me.” She apologised after clasping his face. She didn’t want to cry but she started crying. He instantly opened his eyes as he heard her fretful whimper. She was looking at him, having guilt in her eyes and tears were constantly rolling down her cheeks. His heart was aching.

“Open my hands, Nandini.” He said in a cold tone. Fresh tears fell rolled down her cheeks when he again called her Nandini instead of the baby.

She shuttered, crying. “I.. am sorry, hub..” she stopped in the middle because he cut her words.

“Why are saying sorry? Do you really know what you have done to me, Nandini ?” He asked in an angry tone. She looked down in guilt.

But she was a bit relieved because at least, he was talking to her. His ignorance was killing her. Before all this, for her, his anger was the worst thing but after facing his ignorance, she realised that she hated this most. When he was ignoring her, she felt like that she didn’t exist for him. He didn’t love her anymore. She was feeling like she was losing everything.

“Tell me, Nandini. Why are you saying sorry? Tell me what wrong you did ?” He asked in the same angry tone. She looked at him, having guilt in her eyes.

“I hurt you by playing with your feelings. My prank was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry,” she spoke in a crying tone and he again cut her words.

“You broke me. You know what was my condition when I got that news. I died every second, thinking and worrying about you. The fear of not seeing you when I reach back home. The fear of not talking to you when I reach back home. The fear of not listening ‘hubby from your mouth. The fear of losing you. All these things made me crazy. I can’t even imagine my life without you.” Finally, he took out whatever was going in his mind. Listening to his words, she felt more guilty. She never wanted to break the heart of her hubby but she broke his heart. His condition was the evidence of how badly she hurt him.

She stood up from the floor and leaned down. “I am sorry and I promise you, this won’t happen again.” She said after clasping his face. Their lips were few inches away. The urge of kissing each other increased. They hadn’t kissed each other from one week. They took a deep breath as their lips touched. They felt like they got their breath back. He tried to move his hands because he wanted to hold her face but realised, his hands were still tied.

“If you kiss me back, hubby. I will understand that you forgive me.” She said before kissing him. Then after saying this, she sucked his upper lips. He didn’t respond. Her heart was beating fast. She tried again. She sucked his lower lips. Her heart broke down when he again didn’t respond.

She moved a little away from him and looked at him, dejected. He was looking at her, having no anger in his eyes.

“I forgive you.” She looked at him, widening her eyes in shock when he said unexpected words because when he didn’t respond, she thought that he didn’t forgive her.

“Then why you didn’t kiss me back ?” She asked instantly.

“Because I want to hold your face while kissing you but my hands are tied .” He answered, behaving normally again. She made O mouth.

She moved her hands to open his hands but stopped as something came into her mind.

“Really, did you forgive me or you are doing this so that I open your hands?” She asked innocently and a smile flashed on his face.

“I really missed you a lot, baby.” He gave her answer indirectly that he really forgive her. When he called her ‘baby’ again, her eyes shimmered with happiness and a blissful smile touched her face. She hugged him tightly with glee. He smiled widely. They were smiling happily after the whole week.

“Now will you open my hands or not?” As he asked, she instantly broke the hug. They gazed at each other intensely, having a contented smile on their faces. Then she started opening his hands and he was just gazing at her. As his hands opened, he took her under him. He was on top of her and she was under him. They deeply gazed into each other eyes.

“It’s time to give you the real punishment for your mistake, baby.” He smirked at her and she stared at her in confusion.

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