(Part: 93 Rewarding My Princess) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


The wait is killing me, I’m feeling like I have been waiting for him for ages. I’m getting irritated now. I need him badly.

“Master, I have realised my mistake. I’m sorry.” I apologised and he again didn’t respond to me. He’s completely ignoring me. Now I felt hurt and a lone tear trickled down my cheek automatically. I’m craving for him.

“It’s been only ten minutes passed, Princess, you have to wait for half an hour.” He said without looking at me, he was busy doing something on his phone and talking to the person by AirPods. Few more tears rolled down my cheeks after knowing that I have to wait for twenty minutes more. I just can’t bear this torture anymore. I need him badly. I’m feeling like crying.

“I’m sorry, Master.” I genuinely apologised in a crying tone.

He looked at me and opened his mouth to say something, but paused as he saw tears in my eyes. I’m pleading to him through my eyes.

He said something on phone and disconnected the call before removing his Airpods. He placed them and his phone on the table. He stood up from the chair and strode to me, gazing at me.

He leaned down and gently wiped my tears with his hands. “I’m sorry for bringing these tears to your eyes.” He apologized from the core of his heart and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes in response and he kissed my eyelids.

He is opening my hands, gazing at me intensely.

“Where did my master suddenly go?” I asked him.

“Your master is in front of you and he’s guilty for bringing tears in his Princess’s eyes because he can’t see tears in her eyes.” He answered lovingly, stealing my heart all over again and a blissful smile touched my lips.

He finally unbounded my hands and I clasped his face. “I’m sorry for not talking to you to in the class when especially for me you weren’t teaching today.”

“I’m glad you realised this, but I have also realised that you didn’t hurt me intentionally, you were excited to talk to Anu after knowing such a big secret about her. I should have understood you earlier. Now it’s time to give reward to my Princess.” As he said the last line, stroking my cheek with his thumb, my eyes glinted with happiness and my smile grew wider.

“So what do you want in reward, Princess?” He asked, moving closer to my face.

“I want you to fuck me hard.” I whispered huskily, lips are only a few inches away and our warm breath is caressing each other lips. I added, “very hard.” As I bit my lower lip sexily, he captured my lips, grasping my jaw with one hand and slid his other hand into my top, caressing my back. He kissed me passionately and I kissed him back deeply and with more passion, pulling him closer to me by grasping his hair. His hand is roaming all over my back inside my top after unhooking my bra. I moaned in his mouth as he squeezed my twins inside my top.

He left my lips and attacked my neck. He nibbled my sweetest spot and my core throbbed from him. “I need you, Master…” I moaned loudly as he bit my neck and pinched my nipples inside my top.

“Me too, Princess.” He uttered after standing in front of me.

“Go and sit on the edges of the table. And wait for your master.” He ordered in dominating tone, unbuttoning his jeans. His dominating aroused me more.

I stood up from the desk and wandered to the table after last time glancing at him. I sat on the edges of the table, splaying my legs for my master. He pulled his jeans and boxer down his legs, facing his back to me.

Oh, Fuck! His bare butts. He’s looking so tempting. I want to squeeze them.

Why I never did this before? I wondered. I’ll surely do this today if he doesn’t hold my hands. I’m still leering at his butts and craving to squeeze them.

“Wait for a second, I can ask this in my reward.” I murmured to myself and grinned.

He turned around and my eyes fell on his hard junior which is dying to come into me. He strolled to me and smirked at me.

“Master, could I ask for one more thing in reward?” I asked him.

“Yeah sure, Princess.” He bent down and sucked my lips.

My eyes shimmered and I told him excitedly. “I want to squeeze your bare butts.”

He laughed at me and I pouted at him in anger.

“Why are you laughing at me?” I asked, frowning.

“Because I wasn’t expecting this.” He responded.

“Could I do this?” I asked again.

He didn’t answer me, he just clasped my hands and placed them over his butts. He closed his eyes and groaned as I squeezed his round and perfect shape butts, smiling excitedly. I kept doing this and he kept groaning. I’m loving it.

I screamed and clenched his butts, digging my nails into them as he shoved himself into me without any warning after grasping my waist. Oh, fuck! I felt incredible. I had been craving to feel him inside me from tomorrow. Finally, I get him. It feels so good. I feel so complete and whole. I wrapped my legs around him and took him deeper into me. I couldn’t describe this feeling in words.

“I love you, Princess.” He confessed before coming out of me and pushing into me again deeper.

“I love you more, Master.” I screamed with immense pleasure as he thrust me hard and fast. I’m squeezing one of his buttocks with one hand and clenching his shirt with my other hand. I’m feeling so damn good. I didn’t want him to stop.

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5 thoughts on “(Part: 93 Rewarding My Princess) {Manan& Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

  1. And you are doing an amazing job…you write so well and good♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Though these words are less for your praises but I hope they could convey my love🤗🤗♥️

  2. She could have ran away hurt or could have just pretended…She could given him a boner and then refuse to carry ahead…She could have lashed out at him and then they could have a makeup rough sex…
    Lot’s of things could have happened but she always turns soft😤☹️

    I know I’m demanding much but dear author please think about these possibilities too🙈😂😜

  3. Okay…the first half was super cute 🥺♥️
    I melted there😩 but why she always have to be soft for him😒
    For atleast once give him a taste of his medicine too😌

  4. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor nandu uske yeh punishment uske liye bhot bura sabit hue she wanted hwr master very badly and her master was determined to give her punishment and he was not even ready to listen to her pleas…
    Manik can bear anything but not tears in his princesses eyes thats why his all anger melted away as soon as he saw tears in her eyes he even apologised to her and decided to give his princesses reward…
    Hehe nandu ke wish ketne weird and unexpected thi which made manik laugh and his princesses to pout…
    And as usual unka romance and love making was damn hott and full of passion…

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