(Part: 132 Getting Peace) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Hubby, I’m sorry for the prank.” She apologised, making Sidharth hell shocked. He stared at her in shock and utter disbelief. He removed his hand from her face and took a few steps away from her, staring at her incredulously. He was thinking that this was the prank of somebody else, his baby couldn’t do this. His baby couldn’t hurt him because she knew that how much he loved her. But he was wrong, she did this. Everything was planned by her.

“Don’t,” he said sternly by showing his hand when she was about to hold his arms, coming close to him. He was staring at her in disbelief and she was looking at him with guilt in her eyes.

“You hurt me a lot, Sana.” He said disappointedly. She closed her eyes dejectedly and few tears rolled down from her cheeks when he spoke those words. He called her Sana instead of the baby for the first time. She had no intention to hurt him but she hurt him. She opened her eyes and looked at him with tears in her eyes. He clenched his hands to control his anger and walked toward the door of the room.

“Hubby, listen to me for once. Please… ” She walked behind him but he ran out, shutting the door on her face. In this, her finger got hurt. She cried in pain, holding her bleeding finger. She was not crying because her finger was hurt, she was crying because she hurt her hubby, she made him angry and she broke his heart. He had never behaved like this before with her. His act vividly showing her that he was badly hurt. She was regretting doing this with him.

Everyone was sitting in the hall, waiting for Sidnaaz to come. “Sidharth.” They called Sidharth when they saw him marching to the door in anger, he ignored everybody and rushed out of the house. They all looked at each other, baffled.

“Mukti, you go and talk to Sana. I really don’t know, what is going between in both of them.” Abhi said worriedly. Mukti nodded and strolled to her room.


Sidharth was driving the car recklessly and rashly in fury. He didn’t know where he was going. He was hurt. He was badly hurt. He was going crazy. He wanted to shout at her. He wanted to take out his anger at her, but he didn’t do that because in anger also, he didn’t want to hurt his baby. He couldn’t see tears in her eyes. If it was her mistake, then also he couldn’t see a single tear in her eyes because he loved her unconditionally. But with each passing second, his anger was rising. He was going insane wondering how could she play with his feelings.

“How could you, Sana. How could you?” He roared in fury, clenching the steering tightly after applying the brake.

“Just to call me back, she faked her accident. She knows how much I care for her, she took the wrong advantage of my love. I know it was difficult for her to live without me but how could she do this? I was dying every second when I came to know about her accident. I got scared for her. I was going mad, thinking about her and here she was sitting alright.” He was crying his heart aloud. His condition was clearly showing that he was badly hurt.

“This time, I won’t forgive her. She needs to know that what she has done. She needs to know that what she has done with me, she has done utterly wrong. She needs to know that how badly she has hurt me.” He said in anger and the grip on the steering became tighter. His eyes became red because of the anger and because of crying constantly. He was staring at the steering in fury.

On the other hand, Mukti was constantly asking Sana that what happened but Sana was not replying. She was just crying, sitting on the floor. Mukti was putting the bandage on her finger, sitting beside her. Mukti was confused that what just happened in between them. She had never seen them fighting like this before.

“Didu, I made a mistake. I- I hurt hu-hubby badly.” Sana said in a broken voice without looking at her. Her eyes were staring straight. She was in deep pain after hurting her hubby unintentionally.

“What do you mean? What did you do?” Mukti asked, having no clue about her plan. She looked at her with her sorrowful eyes, having guilt in her eyes. Then she told her that what she had done. She was crying badly while telling her and feeling sorry for what she had done. Mukti was shocked to know this. She had no idea about her plan at that time when she was forcing everyone to watch the movie with her and took everyone’s phones.

“Didu, I just wanted him back at home. Didu, I became crazy. It was getting so difficult for me to spend even a single second without him. I was not able to breathe properly also. I was not able to sleep at night. I needed his arms. I was going crazy. I tried everything to live without him but nothing was helping me out. I even pleaded with him to come back but he didn’t listen to me. He tried to explain me. You tried to explain me. Everyone tried to explain me. But nothing was going in my head because at that time, I just needed him with me. I wanted relief. I did this because I lost my mind that time.” Sana tried to explain to Mukti that why she did all this. She was crying miserably.

Mukti was completely understanding her. Sidharth had made her completely dependent on himself. Without him, she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t go anywhere and even she couldn’t breathe without him. That’s why she had gone mad and made a wrong plan to call her hubby. She did wrong because her mind had stopped working at that time. She just wanted her hubby at any cost.

“But now I’m realising that what I did, was completely wrong. By doing this, I hurt my hubby. I have played with his feelings. Sachi didu, I had no intention to hurt him. Please didu, ask hubby to talk to me. I can’t see him like this.” She was stammering because she was crying badly. Mukti just took her in her arms. Few tears rolled down her cheeks too.

“Sana, you did wrong with him. Just give him some time. He will understand you because he loves you. Just be strong, you will hurt him more by crying like this.” After breaking the hug, Mukti wiped her tears and explained her after clasping her face, but her tears weren’t stopping.

“Didu, will he forgive me ?” She asked in a serious tone.

“Of course he will. He will take time but he will. Just don’t hurt him more by hurting yourself. He really loves you. I am sure that he will understand. Just give him some time.” She said again wiping her tears. A small smile of relief touched her face.

“Thank you so much, didu for always being there for me and for always understanding me.” She thanked her, placing her hand on her hand. Mukti’s words really calmed her down. She got a little relief after talking with her. Mukti smiled in response and just kissed her forehead.

“Now come on get up and sleep for some time. You will feel better.” Mukti said, getting up. She held out her hand to Sana. She stood up, holding her hand. Sana lay down and Mukti pulled the blanket over her.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. When he comes back, talk to him.” Mukti caressed her forehead.

“Now just close your eyes and sleep.” Mukti said and Sana smiled faintly before closing her eyes and falling asleep.


“She has crossed all the limit this time. She should really start behaving maturely.” Khushi said.

“You are right, Khushi but this won’t happen until Sidharth doesn’t give her space. He made her completely dependent on himself. And Sana did really wrong this time.” Navya said when Mukti told everything to them. They all started blaming Sana.

“Guys stop it, who is wrong and who is right, we are no one to judge anything because we are not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes in their life. We are mature and we also make mistakes. We are not perfect to judge them. In fact, Sana is better than all of us. She has a pure heart. I am sure, she can’t hurt anyone intentionally. She didn’t hurt Bhai intentionally. You all need to understand this. She doesn’t need to get change for anyone because bhai loves the way she is.” Mukti shut everyone mouths with her words. Everyone was convinced with her.

After a few hours, Sidharth came back home. He directly strode to his room. He was angry with her but then also he wanted to see his baby. He stepped inside after opening the door. He looked at her. She was sleeping. He closed the door and strolled to her slowly without making a noise because he didn’t want to disturb her sleep. Standing beside the bed, he stared at her for few minutes. He was getting peace in staring at her. He was angry with her. And still, he was getting peace in seeing her only. This called true love.

“Hubby, I am sorry.” She was constantly apologising to Sidharth for her mistake in sleep also. It was clearly showing that she wasn’t sleeping peacefully. She was sleeping but her mind was still thinking about him.

Sidharth removed his shirt and hastily lay down beside her. He pulled her into his arms. He felt so good to take her in his after three long days. He felt like that finally he got his breath back. Sana in sleep hugged him back. After coming into his arms, she stopped apologising. She also got her peace back. Taking her in his arms, he forgot everything. He even forgot that he was angry. Just he remembered her. He kissed her forehead and she smiled in sleep. Then he also fell asleep.

The next morning Sidharth woke up, rubbing his eyes. He looked at the time, it was six in the morning. He became anxious when he found Sana missing so early in the morning. He checked the washroom and balcony. Then came downstairs to check her. He checked every room and woke up everyone. But Sana was nowhere.

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