(Part: 91 The Secret of Anu) {Manan} Master And His Princess


“Nandu, Cabir and I, ” she paused for a second, “we are also in that relationship.”

I’m dumbfounded after knowing that Cabir and Anushka are also in a BDSM relationship like Manik and me. It is really unbelievable and unexpected for me. I never thought that Anu will be in this relationship. Cabir is so sweet.

“You mean, Cabir is your master?” I asked in disbelief.

She slightly nodded and a blushed touched her cheeks. “Yes, Cabir is my master. He’s very dominating on the bed, but I love this thing about him, you know it excites me.” She kept her voice low so that nobody can hear her.

I’m really glad to be in this relationship. I never thought that my romantic life would be so thrilling. I’m loving it.

Now I came to know Anu’s romantic life is also thrilling like mine. Wow! Our choices are same.

“So there is one more thing which is common between us.” I said, we both chuckled.

“But seriously this was really unexpected for me.”

I cut her words, “no, for both of us, it was unexpected.”

We laughed and then my eyes fell on my hottie professor.

He’s looking at us suspiciously.

“Now I want more details about your master professor.” As Anu said excitedly, I looked at her.

“Wait, first let me message him.” She nodded and I typed the message.

Me: You won’t believe it that Anu and Cabir are also in a BDSM relationship

My hottie Professor: It would be unbelievable for you, but I had already doubt on them.

Me: What? How?

My Hottie Professor: You remember once I visited your home when you both were studying in your room, I went to the washroom. Mom called for lunch, you both went out, but Anu left her phone in your room. When I came out of the washroom, her phone was ringing, I was shocked to see the caller Id ‘my Master’. I hurriedly picked the phone to know who is Anu’s master. Cabir answered the call, I recognised his voice.

I made O mouth after reading his message.

But why he didn’t tell me this before?

Me: Why didn’t you tell about earlier about this?

My Hottie Professor: Because I wanted to confirm it and therefore I gave you this dare.

Me: It was really unexpected for me.

My hottie Professor: When first time I came to know this, I was also shocked like you.

Me: Now I’ll talk to you later, I want to talk to my friend.

My hottie Professor: That’s not fair, Princess.

Me: She’s my friend, Manik. We have just come to know such a big secret about each other, Give us some time to talk.

My Hottie Professor: Don’t force me to cancel your reward, Princess.

What! I frowned at him.

Me: You can’t do this.

My Hottie Professor: I can do anything, Princess.

Me: Okay, fine, do whatever you want.

I sent him the angry face emoji and kept the phone in my handbag in anger.

“By the way, I never thought that Cabir would be dominating, he’s so sweet.” As I said, Anu looked at me.

“There’s no doubt that he’s my sweet boyfriend,” she moved closer to me and whispered, “but on the bed, he’s completely different.” She blushed hard and I smiled at her.

“I want to know everything in detail, Anu.” I said curiously.

“Even I also want to know everything in detail.”

“Of course I’ll tell you, but first you will tell me your story.” I said.

“No, first, you will tell.”

“No, you.” I said stubbornly.

“First you, please.” She requested, looking at me pleadingly.

I nodded my head. “No, I told you the secret, now it’s your turn.” I waggled my finger at her.

“No, no, you.”

We both aren’t ready to tell first and fighting like small kids.

“Okay, I have a plan.” I shrieked as suddenly an idea popped into my mind.

“What?” She raised her brows.

“Choose one finger.” I held out my two fingers in front of her.

“What if you cheat?” She looked at me dubiously.

“Okay fine, I’m writing in my copy.”

I write it in my notebook, if she chooses my index finger, so I’ll first tell my story and if she chooses the middle finger, then she will tell first.

I again pointed my fingers at her.

She looked at me before moving her eyes to my fingers. As she touched my middle finger, a smile of triumph flashed on my face.

“Anu, you will tell me first.” I squealed merrily.

She pouted sadly at me after confirming it by reading it from copy.

“Okay, fine, I’ll tell first, but I think it’s not the right place to discuss it.” She finally agreed and I grinned.

I nodded. “You’re right. I’m so excited to know your story, Anu.” I hugged her in excitement.

“You’re completely insane, Nandu.”

“You too, Anu baby.” We both laughed loudly as we’re sitting at home.

Suddenly my eyes fell on Manik, he’s staring at us only.

Then the bell rang.

“So meet you tomorrow, class, have a nice day.” He strode out of the room after last time glancing at me in anger.

“Nandu, he’s looking angry, what happened?” Anu asked me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head.

“By the way, angry Master’s punishments are hotter, don’t you think?” She asked, raising her brows.

“Hundred percent correct, Anu.” We both laughed hysterically.

She moved closer to my ear and whispered, “you know sometimes I deliberately make Cabir angry to wake up his wild side.” As she told me, I looked at her in disbelief.

“Really?” I asked and she nodded, blushing. “I never did this.”

“I have been in this relationship from three years, you have to learn so much for me.” As she said, my eyes glinted with excitement.

“Wow, it will be so much.” I whooped and hugged her.


After the second lecture, I couldn’t stop myself from messaging Manik.

Me: Still Angry?

He instantly replied to me like he was waiting for my message.

My Hottie Professor: I’m not angry.

I smiled with relief after reading his message, but my smile faded instantly as I read his other message.

My Hottie Professor: I’m furious.

Me: Why? I was talking to my friend.

My Hottie Professor: And you ignored me. We planned to play in that lecture.

Me: I became curious to know more about Cabir and Anu.

My Hottie Professor: Now you will be punished, Princess by your master.

Me: What about my reward?

My Hottie Professor: No reward.

I pouted sadly.

Wait a second. My master was on holiday, how can he come to punish me?

Me: But you said that my master is on holiday, then?

My Hottie Professor: You forced me to bring him back, Princess. Now get ready for the punishment.

Me: Okay, I’m ready.

I didn’t argue because I know it is useless. Anyway, his punishment excites me.

My Hottie Professor: That’s like my good Princess. So meet you after college, I love you.

Me: I’m excited to meet my master after college and I love you more.

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6 thoughts on “(Part: 91 The Secret of Anu) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. And again you are doing an amazing job♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. My opinion may sound offensive but manik sometimes goes over the board🙂
    He needs to realise Nandini has people whom she knows outside their relationship and they too matter in her life.
    I understand because of his past he craves her attention but he also needs to give her space to explore out the world.

    And I’m sorry if it hurts you. But it’s my personal thinking ☺️
    No offence towards the story..just a pov♥️

  3. And I’m glad Nandini didn’t apologised to him right now….even I would have listened to my friend if I were at her place😌

  4. Calm down…deep breaths….Mr. Control Freak…deep breaths… Control🖐️🖐️
    Let the girl atleast talk with her friend😒
    Friendship >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Relationship.

  5. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Manik and nandu ka tou thik hai I didn’t expect BDSM relation from cabir and anu i thought anu will be shocked and disgusted with after hearing it but anu surprised nandu by telling her that she is this relation for 3 yrs…
    Aab yeh dono best friends san kuch share karenge and will always plan to annoy there master with new tricks and ideas which will make there BDSM relation more interesting…
    Poor nandu firse manik gussa hou gaya and wants to punish nandu for it and like a loyal princesses she has to accept the punishment…

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