(Part: 129 I need you Badly) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Finally my work is done.” He said and sighed deeply, looking at the phone screen. She smiled slightly in response.

“So now, you should sleep, baby. It’s 3 AM.” Sidharth said after holding the phone and bringing it close to his face.

“But I am not feeling sleepy, hubby.” She uttered sadly. She was feeling sleepy but she knew that she wouldn’t able to sleep without him.

“Okay, listen to me.” As he said, she nodded slightly.

“Lie down properly on the bed like me.” He instructed her, lying down on the bed. She nodded again before lying down.

“Now close your eyes and pull the blanket over you.” He was himself doing the same while instructing her. They were lying, closing their eyes and holding the phone.

“Now feel like you are in my arms.” He spoke and opened his eyes to check that whether she was trying to sleep or not.

“Hubby, I really want to be in your arms.” She said sadly after opening her eyes and bringing the phone close to her face. He looked at her helplessly because he couldn’t fulfil her this wish.

“Okay, I have an idea that can make you feel better.” He said, trying to make her happy. But she wasn’t looking excited at all. She was just looking at him with a sad pout.

“Baby, please for me. Try to be happy. I can’t see you like this. I know it’s difficult but it’s just a matter of few days.” He requested, looking at her pleadingly.

“Okay. Tell me the idea. Maybe it could help me.” She said normally and tried to hide her sadness behind her fake smile because she didn’t want to make him sadder by showing her sadness to him.

“So you just have to do and imagine, whatever I will say.” He told her and she nodded her head meekly.

“Now again you have to close your for this.” He said and she instantly closed her eyes after last time looking at him.

“Feel like, I am on top of you and I am kissing your neck. My one hand is holding your black silky hair and my other hand is going inside your top,” he said in seducing tone. Sidharth smiled, seeing her facial expression which changed. He felt happy because his plan was working. She wasn’t sad anymore.

“Now I reached to your lips, trailing kisses up your neck, chin and jawline. I slammed your lips and my hand started, massaging my favourite assets, your twins. This made you moan inside my mouth. Breaking the kiss for just for few second, I hurriedly get rid of your top and you helped me in this. After tossing the top in the corner of the room, I again captured your lips. This time my one hand is playing with your twins and my other hand went inside your lower. You splayed your legs, giving me access to do my job properly. I rubbed your inner thigh and you felt so good. I broke the kiss and made you moan. Tearing your bra, I started, kissing your upper body and this goes on.” When he was saying this, he was imagining this. Sana eyes were closed and she was imagining everything. She was biting her lips and Sidharth was going crazy, seeing her. He felt like kissing her lips.

“I need you badly, hubby.” She said after opening her eyes and looking at the phone screen. This made both of them horny. Sidharth was looking at her, making a sad face. They both needed each other badly at that moment. Both were looking at each other helplessly.

“But I guess, now we both should sleep. So good night my baby. We will talk tomorrow.” He said and she nodded her head. He disconnected the call unwillingly after last time looking at her. He opened her photo and fell asleep, gazing at her picture with a small smile on his face.

On the other side, Sana was trying to sleep but couldn’t able to sleep without him. She was feeling lonely and incomplete without him. The whole night, she spent changing her position and missing her hubby. She was waiting for the sunrise. So that she could talk to him in the morning. She was missing him badly.

The next morning, she got ready, wearing a beautiful off-shoulder, pink colour midi. It was reaching up to above her knees. She planned to go to college, wearing this. So that she could make her hubby jealous. By making him jealous, she wanted him to come back to her because it was getting unbearable for her to spend time without him. Sidharth woke up, he called her and they talked. She didn’t tell him that she couldn’t able to sleep at night because she didn’t want to make him worried. She disconnected the call because Sidharth needed to get fresh. She clicked her photos and sent them to him.

“Let’s see after seeing this. How you will not come back to me, Hubby.” She chuckled and smiled mischievously.


Sidharth: Someone is looking so gorgeous today. What’s your plan madam?

Sana was shocked to read his message because his reply didn’t show that he was jealous.

Sana: I am going to college today, wearing this dress.

She immediately sent this message to make him jealous. She wanted to make him jealous at any cost. As soon as he read her message, he frowned after knowing that she was planning to go to college, wearing that short and exposed dress. He didn’t want that even one person to see his baby in a short dress because he knew that what type of men live in this world.

“Are you crazy?” He shouted on phone after calling her. Listening to his shout, a smile flashed on her face because her plan succeeded.

“You aren’t going anywhere, wearing this dress.” He stated strictly and she was just smiling.

“Okay, I won’t go wearing this dress to college but only on one condition.” She spoke, smirking and he narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“What condition?” He asked, getting mad at her.

“You have to come back to take me with you.” She told him her condition. Listening to her this condition, he became angrier.

“Baby, I came here because of the important work. I haven’t gone on vacation without you. I know it’s difficult. Why are you making things more difficult for me by doing all this?” As he freaked out, her lips drew down in sadness. He was getting angry more because he was away from her.

“Sorry, hubby bubby, I really didn’t plan to go to college, wearing this dress. I just wanted to make you jealous, so that I can put this condition in front of you because I am missing you a lot. Because I am crazy for you.” She dejectedly told him everything. His anger flew away and he also became sad, listening to her words.

“I am sorry, baby for shouting at you.” He apologised after a few minutes of silence.

“It was my fault. You don’t need to be sorry. Okay, hubby, I will call you later. I am getting late for college.” She disconnected the call. Sidharth sadly put the phone on the table. He was not understanding what he should do to make her understand and to make his baby feel better.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks mechanically as she was missing him a lot. Living without him was like living without taking a breath for her. She was feeling low and lonely. Lots of people were around her but she wanted him to be around her. She knew that she was crazy. Seeing her hubby behaviour, she decided that she wouldn’t disturb him anymore by calling him. She would miss him but would not call him. She decided to accept that she had to spend the whole one week without him. She understood that she has to learn to live without him because in the future anything could happen.

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