(Part: 128 His Anxious Baby) Mine (Sidnaaz)


“Didu..” she stepped into Mukti’s room, crying badly. Mukti was doing something on the laptop, sitting on the bed. She immediately stood up from the bed in shock as she saw her crying.

“Didu, I… I was talking to hubby but.. suddenly the phone disconnected, and now-now his phone is coming switched off.” She shuttered, sobbing badly. She was hell worried for her hubby. If Sidharth had seen his baby condition, he would have surely killed that thief who stole his phone.

“Sweetie, first be relax.” She said and made her sit on the bed. She sat beside her and closed her eyes dejectedly, seeing her crying badly.

“Maybe his phone gets switched while talking to you. You are overthinking, Sana. Please calm down.” She reassured her, placing her hand on her face. Mukti’s words gave her little peace. Before, only the negative thoughts were coming into her mind when Sidharth’s phone suddenly got switched off. But listening to Mukti’s words, she started seeing things differently.

“You are right, Didu, maybe Hubby’s phone gets switched off. Voh kya hai na, didu, he is not with me na that’s why I am worried about him more. I love him a lot. Before I didn’t know the real meaning of love but after falling in love with him, I understood the real meaning of love.” She explained to her that why she was thinking too much about him. Mukti smiled slightly in response.

“Thank you, Didu.” She thanked Mukti when she gave her water. Mukti tried to call him and she also became worried when his phone was coming switched off.

“Please, keep my hubby safe and fine.” She prayed to god, joining her hands and closing her eyes.

On the other side, the driver was driving the car in a slow speed which was making Sidharth angrier. He was boiling in anger, sitting behind him and killing the driver with his glares.

“Please God, pardon me for one murder today because I will get relief only after murdering anyone, today. ” Sidharth murmured to himself cutely. He was behaving like his baby. He was talking to god like her. The effect of his cute wife was clearly visible on him.

“Stop the car right now” Sidharth growled in fury. Listening to Sidharth shout, Driver immediately stopped the car by applying the brake. He came outside while the Driver was looking at him in confusion.

“Come outside,” Sidharth asked him to come outside, knocking on the window of his side. The driver pulled the window down as he couldn’t understand Sidharth’s words. The driver was just looking at him, baffled.

“I said come outside.” As he shrieked, the driver flinched and immediately came outside, getting scared of him. Sidharth was the person, from whom everyone used to fear off.

“Sit inside, now.” Sidharth sternly ordered the driver, looking at him through the window. And through his eyes, he asked him to seat in the backseat. Driver without questioning him sat inside. Sidharth immediately started the car engine and drove off at full speed. He wanted to reach his hotel as soon as possible because he wanted to inform his baby that he was completely fine. He was driving, breaking all the signals. Behind him, the driver was enchanting god’s name constantly. As he got scared a lot, seeing Sidharth’s harsh driving. He was praying for his life, sitting behind.

He stopped the car in front of his hotel and finally Driver sighed with profound relief. He completed the route of forty-fives minutes in fifteen minutes. He ran hurried into the hotel. He called Sana from the reception phone after reaching inside. The people who were standing at the reception were staring at Sidharth.

“Am I looking like a ghost to you all?”Sidharth asked in anger from them. They immediately nodded their head negatively.

“Then concentrate on your work.” He said curtly and then they all started doing something on their laptops.

“Hello, Baby.” Sidharth said as soon as she picked up the call. Listening to his pleasant voice, she got her breath back. Those fifteen minutes were like fifteen years for her. It got so difficult for her to even pass a second. She was waiting for his call desperately and staring at the phone worriedly before his call.

“Hubby, What happened to your phone. You know, how much I got scared for you. Negative thoughts started coming into my mind. Thank god you are safe. I just want to hug you, hubby, tightly in my arms.” She told him everything in one go. Sidharth felt bad as he couldn’t fulfil her this wish. He so wanted to feel her in his arms but couldn’t. But listening to her voice, his all anger vanished like magic.

“Baby, somebody stole my phone. The driver didn’t have the phone, therefore I couldn’t able to contact you. Now I am talking to you from the reception phone. Sorry baby for making you worried.” Sidharth explained to her and apologised without having any fault for him.

“Hubby, why are you saying sorry? It was not your mistake. It was that thief mistake. Hubby, please find him and punish him for his mistake.” She made a cute demand and Sidharth chuckled.

“Hubby, now how you will contact us? You have no phone with you.” Sana asked sadly.

“Baby, don’t worry. I will ask my P.A. to bring a new phone for me. Within few minutes, I will get my new phone.” He explained to her.

“Baby, I know you are sad there. And I am sorry that I am here because of important work. If it wasn’t important, I would have never come here without you. Just pass few days without me. After this, we will go for a small holiday together. We will do a lot of Masti.” He was trying to make her happy and excited by saying this. But nothing was making her happy as she wanted to be him at that time.

Sidharth was about to speak something but his eyes fell on the receptionist. She was again staring at him.

“Okay baby. I will call you in few minutes after getting my new phone. Now I have to leave or else the people who are standing in front of me will kill me with their looks.” He said the last line in a low voice and after speaking this, he passed the fake smile to the receptionist.

“Okay, hubby and I will miss you.” She said grimly and cut the call. Sidharth’s heart broke down into a million pieces, listening to her dejected voice. He felt like reaching Mumbai by taking the next flight. He called his P.A. from the reception and asked him to bring his new phone as fast as possible.

“I wish that I have a magic wand and I can able to fast forward this one week,” Sana murmured to herself.

“I don’t know, how I will spend the whole one week without him.” She wondered with a sad pout.

It was night time. Sana was having dinner, talking with Sidharth on phone. Abhi and Mukti were smiling, seeing her. Sidharth was doing three things at the same time. First, the important one, talking to his cute wife. Second, doing office work on laptop and third, eating dinner. His phone was on the speaker which was kept on the table. After every half an hour, Sana was calling him.

At night before sleeping, they were doing video chat. Sana was lying on the bed and Mukti was sleeping beside her. Sidharth was talking to her, taking a break from his work. He was still sitting on the couch in front of his laptop.

“Baby, Now you sleep and let your hubby do some work.” He said after talking to her for a full hour. She made a sad pout because she didn’t want to say bye to him. She wanted to talk to him more. In fact, she wanted to be in his arms like every night.

“Hubby, you do your work and let me do my work.” She said and Sidharth didn’t understand what she was trying to say.

He narrowed his brows bemusedly. “What work?” He asked, raising his brows.

“I mean, don’t cut the call. You do your work and I will do my work by gazing you because I am not feeling sleepy. Promise, I won’t disturb you. I will just gaze at you.” She explained to him and he was just adoringly gazing at her. He always found his wife super cute.

“Please,” she requested again after not getting his reply and how could her hubby deny her request.

He nodded his head saying, “okay.”

She smiled gleefully. He kept the phone in front of him on the table. So that she could see him, doing his work. Sidharth again smiled at her and she smiled back. He started doing his work and she started doing her work of gazing at her hubby. After every few minutes, Sidharth was passing a smile to Sana. Like a good wife, she was just staring at him without saying anything. She could gaze at her hubby for the whole night but didn’t want to cut the call because she knew that after that she would feel lonely and wouldn’t able to sleep as she had become habitual of sleeping in his warm arms.

“Baby, you should sleep now. It’s getting too late.” Sidharth said after one hour.

“No.” She immediately denied it by nodding her head.

“Until you are awake, I will also not sleep. Hubby, now don’t waste your time and complete your work because when your work finished then only your baby will sleep.” She said strictly. Sidharth knew that it was waste of time to argue with her because she would not listen to him like always. That’s why as she said, he started doing his work, without wasting any time to complete his work fast. He wanted to complete his work as earlier as possible, not for himself. He wanted to complete his work for his baby. Which clearly shows that how much he loved her.

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