(Part: 89 His Favourite Candy) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I woke in the morning with a bright smile on my face because Sidharth is sleeping burying his face in my chest like a small baby. I caressed his silky hair and placed a soft kiss on his forehead, a smile flashed on his face and he instantly opened his eyes, feeling touch of my lips.

“Good morning, Princess.” He wished me and smiled adorably at me.

Haye, I want to eat up my baby. He’s looking so cute.

“Morning, my baby.” I slightly squeezed his cheeks and he chuckled.

“Could I have my favourite candy, Princess?” He asked sweetly like a small kid.

“You never have to ask.” I answered, gazing into his eyes deeply after clasping his face.

“I love you, Princess.” He confessed and kissed my forehead.

“I love you more…” I moaned as he hastily pulled my twins out of my black lacy bra and sucked the nipple, squeezing them. I felt incredible and enjoyed the massage with my closed eyes.

But I thought that his favourite candy is my lips.

After satisfying with my both twins, he gazed up at me, grinning. “I just love them. Starting my morning with my favourite candy is incredible.” He’s still gently massaging my twins with both hands. I’m loving it. My every morning with him is incredible.

“But I thought that your favourite candy is my lips.” I uttered and he moved closer to my face.

“Every part of your body is my favourite,” he whispered, his warm breath caressing my face and sending chills down my spine. He added, “but I love to suck your twins a lot and pinch your nipples.” I moaned as he pinched my both nipples together. He smiled at me before planting a lingering kiss on my lips which always crave for his lips.


We reached college, I’m so excited to know the result and to get the reward. Finally, I’ll have him, but I have to wait for five hours more. I wish I could get the reward now.

I pouted sadly, sitting in the classroom with Anu.

“Where are you lost, Sana?” Anu shook me and brought me on the earth back.

“I’m lost in the thoughts of my hottie professor.” I told and grinned at her.

“You’re completely crazy.” Anu slightly hit my head and we both burst into laughter.

“Good morning, class.” My hottie professor’s voice startled us and we both shifted our gaze to him. He’s wearing a sky blue half sleeves shirt, tucked in his black jeans, he’s looking tempting like always. He’s standing with the answers sheet in his hand.

“I’m highly impressed with your results. You all have done great. If you all score well like this in your final exams, I’ll surely organise a college trip after talking to management.” He smiled, looking at me through the corner of his eyes.

Wow, a college trip with my hottie professor, it’s an amazing plan.

From where does he get such brilliant ideas?

I think he’s becoming smart like me by staying with me.

I grinned widely at him.

He asked one of the students to distribute the test sheets and then he glanced at me before sitting on the chair comfortably.

That girl gave me my sheet and my eyes shimmered with happiness and my lips stretched to a wide smile as I saw my marks. I scored nineteen out of twenty marks. I moved my eyes to my hottie professor who is already smiling at me.

“How many marks, you have scored?” Anu asked me and I turned my face to her.

“Nineteen.” I squealed and grinned at her. I asked, raising my brows. “And you?”

“Same.” She showed me her answer sheet and we hugged each other, smiling gleefully.

“I just hope we score like this in our final exams also.” She uttered after breaking the hug.

“We’ll give our best and score like this only.” I assured her, blinking my eyes.

As my phone beeped in my handbag, I hurriedly took out my phone, knowing who has messaged me. I glanced at him before reading the message. He’s sitting on the chair, beaming at me.

My hottie Professor: So get ready for the reward after college, Princess.

Me: I’m super duper excited.

His punishments are so pleasurable, now I’m just wondering how he will reward me. I’m so damn excited.

My hottie Professor: I’m also excited to reward my Princess for scoring such good marks.

Me: By the way what about the trip after final exams? What are you planning?

My hottie Professor: Princess, you know that I keep my plans secret.

I rolled my eyes and glared at him. He smirked at me.


Me: You always does this.

My hottie Professor: You know that why I do this.

Me: Yes, I know. You do this to keep me excited and deep inside I love this.

I beamed at him. He’s typing the message, his lips are drawn to a smile.

My hottie Professor: I know, Princess, that’s why I do this always. Now I know you better than you know yourself.

My smile grew bigger.

Me: That’s a hundred percent correct and I also know you better than you know yourself.

We beamed at each other ear to ear.

My hottie Professor: Today I’m really not feeling like taking the class.

Me: So what are you feeling like to do, Professor?

My hottie Professor: I’m just feeling like to keep talking to you like this.

Me: Then keep talking, who is stopping you? After all, you’re a professor. You can even cancel the class.

I winked at him.

My hottie Professor: That’s a great idea. I think I should really cancel the class today.

Me: Wow, It means I’ll get the reward now.

My hottie Professor: No. I was just kidding. I’m not cancelling the class.

I pouted sadly.

Me: Why?

My hottie Professor: Because I have planned something after college. We need time more than one lecture.

I made O mouth.

Me: Now you’re increasing my excitement more. I’m getting so desperate to get my reward.

My hottie Professor: I can vividly see this. Now let me make an announcement.

Me: What announcement?

My hottie Professor: You will get to know.

“Students, you all do so well in yesterday’s test, so this lecture is free for you all. You can do anything, but keep your voice low.” As he announced, I grinned and the whole class hooted loudly and beat the desk joyfully.

Me: Wow, this is the best announcement of my life. So we can talk in this lecture.

My hottie Professor: Yes, Princess.

Me: So let’s play a game on message.

My hottie Professor: Which game?

Me: Let me think.

I’m wondering, placing my finger on my cheek.

Suggest me a game.

I’m really enjoying writing these sweet and simple parts. Are you enjoying it?

Love Mehak

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