(Part: 127 Missing Him) Mine (Manan)


Nandini was sitting in the backseat of the car, Abhi at the driving seat and Mukti beside him. They were going back home after dropping Manik at Airport. She had been sitting silently from twenty minutes. She was just thinking about Manik. The flight was for two hours. Passing two hours without talking to her hubby were like spending two years without him for her. She was again and again seeing the time. Abhi and Mukti tried to talk with her but she didn’t answer them because she was lost. They were upset, seeing her so silent. On the other side, Manik was passing his time by seeing their videos and photos which they had made on honeymoon. The same was with him, each second was like one day.

“Abhi, stop the car.” Suddenly Mukti shouted, asking Abhi to stop the car. Nandini also came out from her thoughts, listening to her shout. She looked at Mukti worriedly.

“What happened Mukti?” Abhi asked her after applying the brake immediately.

“I want to eat ice cream.” Mukti said, pointing her finger at the Ice cream stall. Nandini and Abhi sighed with relief. But he was confused because he had never seen her so much excited for the ice cream before. He was looking at her in confusion. In gesture of her eyes, Mukti told Abhi that she was doing this for Nandini. Abhi opened his mouth, making O shape, understanding the real matter.

“So how many Ice creams our baby doll wants to have?” Abhi asked, looking at Nandini for the answer. Mukti also looked at Nandini, turning her face behind. She was sitting grimly. For the first, she wasn’t excited to eat Ice cream because her hubby was not with her. Mukti and Abhi gave each other helpless looks. It was just half an hour passed and her condition was this. Mukti and Abhi were thinking that how they would able to see her like this for the whole one week.

“I don’t want to eat ice cream, I just want to talk, to hubby first. When he safely reaches Delhi, then only I will do and eat something.” She stated to them and then looked out of the window. Mukti looked at Abhi helplessly. He blinked his eyes, assuring her that everything would be fine. Then he went to bring ice cream for them.

“Sweetie, I know that you need bhai every second with you, but it’s just a matter of few days, after that he will be with you again. Be strong. If you sit like this silently, it won’t help you out. Please talk to us. Are we nothing to you?” Mukti was trying hard to make her understand and at last, she asked in a serious tone, looking at Nandini. She immediately nodded negatively.

“Didu, please don’t say this. When I married Manik, From day one, you are there with me. You were there with me when nobody was there. It’s just that I am sad and not feeling like to talk.” She said, sharing her sadness with her didu. Mukti was understanding her completely.

“I am sorry, didu for making you feel like you are nothing to me.” She apologised cutely, holding both ears. Mukti smiled, seeing her cuteness. Before Mukti could say something, Abhi came with ice creams.

“Still our cutie pie doesn’t want to eat ice cream?” Abhi asked, raising his brows. He showed her the packets of ice cream which were visible in transparent polythene. She denied by nodding her head negatively. Mukti and Abhi looked at each other sadly again. Ice cream reminded her about her hubby that how they used to eat ice cream by sucking it from each other body. She became sadder, recalling this.

“Uhmm, it’s really yummy. I’m feeling like to keep eating this Ice cream. ” Mukti said and then Abhi joined her. They were eating ice cream and acting like the small kids. They were doing this to catch the attention of Nandini. Listening to their voices, she looked at them. Her mouth became watery, seeing the ice cream. She licked her lower lip cutely and her eyes were at Ice cream. This means Abhi and Mukti became successful in their plan.

“Didu, Abhi jiju,” as she called them in her sweet voice, they instantly looked at her. She continued, “I know that you both are acting like the small kids for me.” She spoke making their popat. They looked at each other, pouting.

“And now I want to say that you both are succeeded in convincing me to eat Ice cream.” She spoke and her eyes were fixed on the melting Ice cream. Mukti and Abhi’s lips drew up to wide smile of triumph. They were happy like they won any battle.

Abhi gave her the polythene of Ice cream. Nandini again licked her lower lip, seeing the lots of Ice cream. She first checked out all the Ice creams which were in the polythene. Then she took out her favourite one and started eating adorably. Abhi and Mukti were gazing at her, having a smile on their faces. Hence proved that Nandini heart was like a small kid. As she got distracted with the Ice Cream.


Nandini was sitting in her room and like before waiting for two hours to be passed. Now only fifteen minutes were remaining.

“Oh, when will be these two hours passed? What will be hubby doing without me? Please god, please god keep my hubby safe and also complete his work as soon as possible.” She closed her eyes and prayed, joining her hands.

“Finally the wait of two hours without talking to my baby doll ended.” Manik sighed with relief when the flight landed at Delhi’s Airport. He immediately turned off the flight mode. He opened her number to call her. But before he could call her, her call came. A bright smile spread across his face, seeing her call-id ‘My baby’ with the kiss emoji.

As he picked up the call, she spoke up. “Hubby, I’m missing you so much… when will you come back?” His smile grew bigger, listening to his baby’s sweet voice. Her voice gave some kind of peace to his heart. He could spend his whole life, listening to her voice.

“Baby, I’m missing you more than you. I think it was the worst idea to leave you alone there. I am missing the fragrance of your body. Your touch on my body.” Manik started telling her that how much he was missing her. She was listening to him, making a sad pout.

“Hubby, I told you to take me with you. You are bad, very bad. You know, I am not feeling like doing anything without you. It’s your mistake. I won’t forgive you for this, hubby.” She started scolding him for leaving her alone because she was missing him a lot. Manik was smiling, listening to her words. He was walking out of the Airport while talking to her.

“Okay bacha, It is my mistake. Now tell me, did you eat anything?” He asked concernedly.

“I ate Ice cream, yummy yummy.” She told him after licking her lower lip. Manik chuckled at her ‘yummy’ word. These small cute things of her made his heart feel so good. He felt blessed to have her in his life. And if he had seen her licking her lips, he would have surely kissed her lips.

“Hubby.. hubby..” She was talking to him with joy and suddenly the phone disconnected. She called him worriedly. She tried his number again but it was coming switched off now. She cried like a small baby.

On the other side, Manik was standing outside of the airport in fury as somebody had snatched his phone. He tried hard to catch him but couldn’t able to do this. He didn’t care about his damn phone. He cared about his baby. He knew that she would have become worried for him. He immediately sat in his cab which was booked by him in advance.

“Do you have a phone?” He asked the driver.

“No, sir.” When the driver denied, Manik stared at the driver like he would kill him with his look. He was so fed up. First coming to Delhi without her was making him sick and then stealing of his phone added fuel to the fire. Still, It was not the end of his problems. Now the driver didn’t have the phone.

“Just take me to my hotel fast.” He roared on the driver like it was all his mistake. Only Nandini could calm him down but she was not with him. Only by seeing her face, he forgot about his all anger. This called the magic of love.

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