(Part: 126 Goodbye Makeout) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Sana was sitting beside him and he was driving the car. They were going to Airport. From the other car, Mukti and Abhi were also coming. She was sitting silently and playing with her fingers. Her silence was showing him that how upset she was from inside. Sidharth looked at her sadly and felt bad, seeing her. She was looking out of the window and her eyes were depicting her sadness. Sidharth held her hand from one hand and the other hand, he held the steering.

“Please don’t go.” She requested him, looking at him with pleading eyes. He also looked at her sadly. They both for few seconds got lost in looking into each other eyes. They remained quiet and their eyes were talking to each other. Then he kissed her hands, concentrating on the road.

“How many hours left for your flight?” She asked suddenly as something wild came into her small mind.

“It’s our company private jet, so we will leave when I reach there.” He said, looking at her and then again concentrated on driving. She grinned widely, listening to his words.

“Then stop the car.” She ordered and he narrowed his brows at her, confused.

“Stop it, please Hubby.” She requested again and he applied the brake, looking at her. She removed the seat belt and moved close to him.

“I want to make love with you right now, so that I can able to spend one week without you.” She said, holding his face with her both hands. Sidharth was looking at her, widening his eyes. His baby was becoming bold with each passing day. Her boldness always shocked him.

“Baby, but we are in public. Anybody can see us.” He said and she made a sad pout. He smiled seeing her cute pout.

“I am going to miss you so much.” He said after pecking her lips. She sucked his lips in response after cupping his face. Her act made again shocked him and also turned him on.

“Let’s go to some private place before going to Airport.” He suggested and she smiled with glee, showing her all teeth. She wanted this only. She hugged him tightly with delight, wrapping her arms around his neck. He hugged her back, having a smile on his face.

“Oh God, I’ll miss you so much, baby.” He said after breaking the hug.

She pouted disappointedly. “I will miss more, hubby.” She uttered dejectedly.

“Just forget all this and enjoy our goodbye make-out session.” He started the car’s engine.

Sidharth stopped the car in somewhere middle of the Jungle to get some privacy with his baby. The place was just a few kilometres away from the Airport. They beamed at each other. Soon their lips met and they were kissing each other wildly, cupping each other face. They were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow and this was the end. While kissing her, both of their hands started going down. His hands opened her jeans button and her hands opened his jeans button. He slid his one hand into her jeans and inner-wear and rubbed her core, and his other hand rubbed her waist. Her hands were pulling down his jeans and boxer. They started giving each other pleasure and with this, their moans increased and also became louder. They were feeling incredible like always. Their touch as always making them feel alive.

“I want to feel you inside me, now.” She spoke after breaking the kiss, they were breathing heavily and gazing into each other eyes, having so much love in their eyes. He pulled down her seat down after sucking her lips. Now Sana was lying on the seat and her legs were down.

“I hope you are comfortable here, baby?” He asked after coming above her. He never left his caring side.

“I just want you, hubby.” She spoke, pulling him closer to herself by grabbing his coat’s collars. With this, he captured her lips and they again started kissing each other lips. He entwined his hands with her hands. Pinning her hands on the car seat, he eased into her slowly. He gave her time to adjust him. Then he started thrusting her in and out slowly and then accelerated the speed. They made this day memorable and special with their love. His phone was ringing constantly but who cared. The love birds were busy making love. They both weren’t feeling like to leave each other because he was going away from her for one week. They didn’t know how they would able to live without each other love. It would going to be very hard.

Love Mehak

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