(Part: 125 Going Away) Mine (Manan)


Next morning after Karva Chauth. Nandini woke up in the morning, rubbing her eyes. She was in her hubby’s shirt which she had worn it after their make-out last night. She sat up on the bed instantly as she saw him packing the luggage. She looked at him in confusion and made a cute pout.

“Hubby, are we going somewhere, like a second honeymoon?” She asked excitedly, her eyes sparkling when he was busy packing his bag. He moved his eyes to her, listening to her voice. He strolled to her and she was looking at him in excitement.

“Did my baby sleep well last night?” He asked lovingly, placing his hand on her face after sitting beside her. She nodded her head at him, smiling.

“Hubby, leave all this. First tell me, where we are going? Is this a surprise for me?” She asked again becoming excited for the holidays. Manik took her hands in his hands, his look was sad. Her excitement vanished away, seeing her hubby sad. She couldn’t see him sad.

“Baby, we are not going anywhere?” When she was about to speak, he answered, making her confused.

“Only I am going  away from you for few days.” Listening to this, her lips drew down in sadness. Only the thought of leaving without him for few days made her felt like crying. She couldn’t imagine her life without him for few days. She couldn’t even sleep without him at night. She wanted to sleep in his arms at night and wanted to wake up in his arms in the morning. She needed him like her shadow. Like, a shadow never leaves a person, like this she also wanted that her hubby should never leave her.

“Hubby, I will also go with you. I can’t live without you.” She uttered, upset. He looked down sadly because he couldn’t see her sad face. Her sad face broke his heart into millions of pieces. He always wanted to see her smiling face whenever he looked at her.

She grabbed his shirt’s collars and made him look at her. “I just want you to be with me every second.”She spoke in dominating tone

“Are you listening to me, Mr Manik Malhotra, my hubby? I am going with you.” She stated sternly. She just wanted to go with him at any cost.

He held her hands and kissed them, looking into her eyes. “Baby, what do you think, that I don’t want to take you with me?” He asked, putting one hand on her face and his other hand was rubbing her knuckles. She remained silent.

“I want to take you with me but I will have a very busy schedule there. I will remain out at night even. So I don’t want you to live alone there without me. Here, Mukti, Abhi, Cabir and Navya, they all are with you. But there, nobody will be with you except me. And I will remain busy. It’s an important project baby, I need to go.” He tried his best to make her understand. She was just looking at him grimly. It seemed like she would start crying.

“Hubby, I just can’t live without you. You know that I will not able to sleep without you. I have the habit of sleeping in your arms. I have the habit to eat with your hands. I have the habit to take shower with you. Every day I want to wake up in your arms and I know the same you want. Please take me with you. I promise that I won’t disturb you.” She also tried her best to convince him to take her with him. Manik was so confused and sad at the same time. He took the decision of going without her very difficultly. He knew that he would not able to take proper care of her there. He would not able to give her proper time. It would be difficult for him too to live without her but for her safety, he was not taking her with him.

“Baby, I know everything.  Please try to understand me. I just can’t leave you alone there at night. By leaving you here alone, I will be tension free but not there. It’s just a matter of few days. I will try to wind up my work as soon as possible. Please understand.” He was constantly trying to make her understand but his stubborn baby was not ready to understand him. She just wanted to go with him at any cost.

“If you don’t take me with you, then I won’t let you go.” She said in a strict tone, pulling him toward herself by holding his shirt with her both hands. Manik disappointingly closed his eyes because she was making everything more difficult for him. Nandini felt bad seeing his condition.

“Okay, I understood your problem. So, when you are going ?” She suddenly asked and he looked at her in disbelief. Seeing him sad, she understood that it’s important that’s why he was going, Inside he also didn’t want to go without her. She understood that indirectly she was making things more difficult for him by stopping him and showing him her sadness. She wanted to become his strength always. She never wanted to become his weakness.

“In the evening.” He answered, having a slight smile on his face, seeing his understanding baby. He just without saying anything kissed her forehead after cupping her face. When his lips touched her forehead,  she closed her eyes to feel his sweet touch. He touched his forehead with her and they looked into each other eyes deeply.

“Hubby, you don’t worry about me. I will manage here. Your baby doesn’t remain a baby anymore. She knows how to handle things and how to take care of herself. You just go tension free and come fast after completing your work.” She spoke cutely. She didn’t want to show her sadness to him anymore because she knew that her smile was his strength.

He was just smiling at her. He knew that she was showing herself happy for him and he was feeling blessed to have her in his life. She was his baby, his strength, his happiness and his everything. For both of them, their life started with each other and ended with each other only. Nobody could love anyone like they used to love each other. For them, each other happiness was most important. They always thought about each other before themselves. This shows that how truly they loved each other. Their love can’t be described in words. Their love was ethereal.


Before going, Manik was instructing everyone, again and again, to take care of Nandu because for him, she was like his small baby. He asked Arnav and Khushi to pick her up for college and drop her back at home. He asked Mukti and Navya to sleep with her because she was not in a habit to sleep alone.

(Poor Abhi and Cabir because of Manan, they have to sleep without their wives for one week😂😂)

The way he was instructing them, they were thinking that like he was not going for one week only, he was going for a lifetime.

Nandini was sad inside, she was not understanding that how she would spend the whole one week without him. But still, for him, she was showing herself strong and asking him to not worry about her. From the time, she came to know that he was leaving. she didn’t leave him alone for a single second.  They were doing everything together, from brushing their teeth to taking bath. She was just wishing for the magic to happen and he would not go away from her.

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