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The next morning, Nandini woke at four o’clock. She smiled broadly, finding herself in her hubby’s arms. She hugged him tighter, she wasn’t feeling like to come out of his arms but she came out because she had to keep the fast. She kissed his forehead, gently caressing his hair. He smiled in sleep as her lips touched his skin. She smiled back and pecked his lips. As her lips touched his lips, he opened his eyes. They looked deeply into each other eyes for a few second. Her hot breath was turning him on. He flipped her on her back and captured her lips. He was on top of her and she was lying under him. They were kissing each other like they were craving for ages. Skipping of just one good night kiss made them so crazy. This called crazy love.

“Let’s keep this fast for each other.” He uttered after breaking the kiss. She widened her eyes in shock. She was shocked because last night he had strictly stated that he wouldn’t let her keep the fast.

“Really?” She asked to confirm in a disbelief tone. He nodded his head. Her eyes gleamed with happiness and she hugged him tightly, having a big smile on her face.

“Thank you, thank you so much, hubby.” He said after breaking the hug and kissed his cheeks. He was happy because she was happy. For him more than her health, her happiness was more important. He could compromise with her health but he could never compromise with her happiness. Her happiness was the only reason that he agreed for fast.

“Now let’s go to take the shower together or else we will get late.” She said and then they both got up. They together went to take shower.

Nandini was wearing a dusty rose pink saree with an off-shoulder blouse. She was looking so beautiful. She was getting ready, standing in front of the mirror. Manik was outside, he went to check the food for them. As he stepped inside, he went crazy, seeing his wife. She turned toward him with a big smile. He walked toward her, taking the slow step.

“How I am looking, hubby ?” She asked and like always, she twirled around to show her Saree.

“What’s your plan, Madam? Do you want me to change the plans? As you are making me crazy.” He suddenly yanked her to himself. “I am feeling like to rip your saree and make love with you.” He smirked at her.

“Hubby, not now but after having the food, we can make love. I have no problem.” She said, spoiling his teasing plan like always. He shook his disbelievingly.

They both stepped into the dining room hand in hand. Already cabya and Mukbhi were present there. Mukbhi were also living in Malhotra Mansion after their marriage. As our Nandini requested them to live with them. Like small kids want that everyone should live together, in the same way, she also wanted that everyone should live together. Even she had asked Arnav and Khushi to live with them but they didn’t agree because they needed privacy.

Manan smiled at everyone, settling down in the dining area.

“Abhi jiju, Cabir bhai, will you both also keep the fast for Mukti Didu and Navya?” She asked curiously from them.

“Yes, cutie-pie.” Abhi replied.

Manan were feeding the food to each other with their own hands. Nandini asked other couples also to feed each other. When they fed each other, she cutely clapped her hands. Manik just admired, looking at her lovingly. He kissed her both hands first and then her forehead without caring about others. She kissed his cheek. They all were adoring them.

“Baby, at least drink water for one time.” Manik said holding out the glass of water because she was coughing. He requested her because he cared about her.

“Hubby, please. I can’t and you know why I can’t. So please keep this glass away from me.” Nandini denied, jerking his hand and coughed.

“Baby, please for me. Nothing will happen to me with this just one glass of water. You are coughing yaar.. ” he again requested but she marched out of the room without saying anything.

“Why this girl never listen to me?” Manik muttered frustratingly. He stormed out of the room, banging the door angrily.

“Now, you will eat this food also. And if you don’t listen to me, I will force you.” He warned her in fury, marching to the living room where Nandini was sitting. She was watching tv.

“Hubby, but you said that I can keep the fast then why are behaving like this?” She asked when Manik sat beside her, holding the plate.

“It was my biggest mistake. Now are you eating or should I force you?” He asked, holding out the plate in front of her. She was about to get up without saying anything, but he stopped her by holding her hand.

“I think you want me to force you.” He said after putting the plate on the table. He held her both hands with one hand. He brought the spoon full of rice near to her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly like a small baby who doesn’t want to eat anything. They were fighting like small kids. Nobody could say that the person who was fighting like this with his wife, was twenty-seven years old. Nandini made him like her only.

“Bhai, are you crazy? What are you doing?” Mukti asked in shock, walking there. He was utterly shocked to see her brother behaving like a small kid.

“Didu, please help me. Hubby is forcing me to eat the food. He wanted me to break the fast.” She complained to Mukti.

“Bullshit, I don’t believe in this fast and all. You have to eat this at any cost.” He stated stubbornly. Mukti stood, holding her head, seeing their fight.

“Bhai, this Karva Chauth will be bullshit for you and other males. But for girls, this is important. It is for the safety of our husbands. So please back off. Nandini is not going to eat. I’m on her side. ” Mukti said, snatching the spoon from Manik’s hand. He glared at her angrily. She smiled with triumph. He marched from there.

“Thank you so much, didu.” She hugged Mukti, smiling with glee.


In the evening, Nandini got ready, wearing the beautiful red Saree. She was looking like a new bride. She was wearing Mangalsutra around her neck and put the vermilion on her hairline. She was also wearing red bangles. He came out of the washroom, wearing a black Kurta. They were still not talking to each other. Nandini looked at him through the mirror.

“Hubby, I know. You cared about me. But please understand me, this fast is very special for me. It’s for your safety. Why you are not understanding your baby ?” She said, standing in front of him. He listened to her words but didn’t look at her.

“Hubby, please, look at me.” She requested, holding his face and made him look at her. As he looked at her, he got lost in her deep black big eyes.

“I am sorry that I fought with you.” He apologised, realising his mistake. He kissed her forehead. She smiled in response.

“Now let me look at my beautiful wife properly first.” He moved away from her and looked at her from head to toe properly. He was loving her whole body with his eyes. She was just beaming at him.

“How can anybody look so damn pretty every time?” He asked, pulling her toward himself by holding her waist.

“You know what, tonight I am not gonna leave you. Today’s night will be going to be very long for us.” He brushed her lips with his thumb, gazing into her eyes deeply.

“I want this only that you don’t leave me.” She whispered and they both were moving closer to each other face. They were just about to kiss each other but pulled apart as they heard a knock on the door.

“Moon has risen, come fast Nandini.” They heard Navya voice.

“Finally,” Manik said and she smiled, looking at him.


All husband were opening the fast of their wives by making them drink water from their hands. Then wives opened the fast of their husbands in the same way. So like this, the Karva Chauth ended with lots of fight.

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