(Part: 87 A Surprise Punishment) {Manan} Master And His Princess


As I stepped into his Cabin, he sprinted his rolling chair and greeted me in his sexy voice. “Hello, my favourite student.”

“Hello, my hottie professor.” I reached to him, taking long steps. We’re beaming at each other. I placed my handbag on the table.

He grasped my hand and yanked me onto his lap. He clasped my face and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I grasped his hair and kissed him passionately. He squeezed my twins, nibbling my lower lip. I moaned in his mouth.

“I’m glad you messaged me and came to meet me here. I was missing your delicious lips a lot.” He whispered, sensuously brushing my lips with his thumb as we broke the kiss.

I smiled at him and kissed his lips again, curling my fingers around his neck. He grasped my bare waist under the top and kissed me deeply. As his hands touched my bare skin, I shivered and my whole body burned with desires. He’s gliding his hand up my back inside the top, driving me crazy with his touch. Whenever he touches me, I feel like he’s touching me for the first time. His touch is always new for me and it electrifies me.

He unclasped my bra inside the top, roaming his hands all over my bare back, kissing me softly and lovingly. He broke the kiss and attacked my neck, taking his hands in front. He’s nibbling down my neck, pinching my hard nipples and arousing my desires. My core is throbbing for him. He very well knows how to turn me on.

“I need you, Manik.” I whispered, panting and he glanced at me. His lips curved in a smirk.

I wondered, now what’s going in his evil mind.

“You won’t get me today.” As he denied it, I frowned.

“Why?” I asked instantly.

“Because I want to make you crave for me.” He’s still caressing my bare belly inside the top and driving me insane.

“But why?” I asked again, having no clue why he’s denying me.

He softly held my chin with his thumb and index finger. “Because, you forgot that you had to meet me in the morning before the first lecture, Princess. You thought your professor wouldn’t punish you for this.” He told me the reason, I made O mouth.

Oh, so this is the reason.

I really thought that he wouldn’t punish me this time, but I’m seriously crazy that I was thinking this because he loves to punish me.

“But why didn’t you tell me before that you will punish me?” I asked him, confused.

“Because this time I want to give a surprise punishment like a surprise test.” I shook my head incredulously.

He’s seriously unbelievable.

“But how could you forgot about our meeting, Princess?” He asked, now his tone became serious. “I was so excited to spend time with you after two long days.” I felt a sudden pang of guilt.

I opened my mouth to apologise, but he asked solemnly, “wouldn’t you get angry if I forgot about our meet?” He has a serious look on his face and I moved my eyes down in remorse.

“I’m sorry, Manik. It just that these days, my mind is only thinking about exams and exams. I really don’t know how it slipped out of my mind. I’m really sorry.” I apologised genuinely and pecked his lips.

A smile flashed on his face. “It’s okay. I forgive you.” My eyes glinted with happiness.

“So no punishment?” I asked gleefully.

“No, you will get punishment. You have to wait for me till tomorrow to get your reward for your test.” I pouted sadly.

He said I’ll get the reward. It means he has checked my paper and I scored more than fifteen marks.

“How many marks I have scored in today’s test?” I grinned and asked curiously.

“You will get to know your result tomorrow, Princess because I haven’t checked your answer sheet yet.” I opened my mouth in O.

“Oh, I thought you have checked it when you said get ready for the reward.”

“I’m sure you will score well.” As he uttered, I grinned widely.

“I’m excited for my reward.” I squealed with glee and he chuckled softly.

He suddenly embraced me in his warm arms and confessed, “I love you so much, Princess.”

“I love you more, Manik.” I murmured, my face is buried in his chest.

As he slid up his hands into my top, I shivered. Is he again planning to turn me on and then leave me?

I glanced at him. “Manik, please, don’t do this.” He uttered sadly.

“What?” He asked acting innocent. As he held the straps of my bra, I understood his real intention, he slid his hands into my top to hook my bra.

“Nothing.” I shook my head and he took out his hand after hooking my bra.

He held my face and kissed my forehead.

“Your next is free?” I asked him.

“No, but if your is free, I can cancel mine.” He pecked my lips, his long fingers stroked my cheeks.

“No, I was just asking.”

I glanced at my wristwatch, in five minutes this lecture will get over.

“So we will meet after college.” As I stood up, he pulled me again onto his lap by grasping my wrist, making me shocked. He grasped my hair and captured my lips. He kissed me hungrily, pulling my head back. I’m enjoying the intense kiss.

“I never get satisfied from you, Princess.” He breathed after breaking the kiss. I’m breathing heavily after the intense kiss.

“Me too, Manik. I crave for you every single second when you’re not with me. I love you so much.” I caressed his stubble with my fingers, gazing in his blazing eyes deeply.

He entwined his hand with mine and kissed them. “I love you more.” We touched our forehead and got lost in each other until the bell rang and startled us.

“Now I have to go, Manik. Next lecture is very important.” I stood up and leaned down to peck his lips before hanging my handbag over my shoulder and rushing out of the room.

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4 thoughts on “(Part: 87 A Surprise Punishment) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. And what to say about Manik…he just finds every petty reason to punish Nandini 😏😏
    Men and their egos 😤🌚

  2. I don’t know why but when the FL sits on the ML lap and they share some cute moments that gives me more goosebumps than their sensual kisses😂😙😬♥️
    Otherwise the part was amazing…you are blessed with amazing writing skills ☺️😍♥️

  3. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Yeh manan kesese daarte nahi kya aren’t they scared that when they are romancing in clg premisses someone will catch them red handed???
    And the king of punishments is back again nandu got a punishment for not meeting manik befor clg and poor nandu as usual uske pass koi option nahi tha other than to accept her punishment…
    I am loving this simple romantic moments between manan where there is no physical activities just them and there love…

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