(Part: 122 Role Play) Mine (Manan)


Manik stepped into the room and he was amazed to see his baby in the red dress, she was looking stunning. He was wearing a black blazer with black jeans and a white shirt. He yanked her to himself by holding her waist from behind when she was combing her hair. They smiled at each other through the mirror. He placed a soft kiss on her cheek from behind and a bright smile spread across her face.

“How I am looking, hubby?” She turned around and twirled with delight to show her dress like a small baby. He was just beaming at his baby. He just held her face and planted a lingering kiss on her lips. Her cuteness always turned on him. He wanted to make love with her by ripping her clothes at that time only but he had to wait for some time.

He broke the kiss and she blushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“Whenever you kiss me like this. I mean all of sudden. It makes me feel shy.” She gazed at him through eyelashes.

“Oh, so there is something which makes my baby shy.” He chuckled and she just hugged him. He embraced her in his arms like her shield.

They reached a luxurious cafe. The cafe was empty because Manik had reserved all the seat already for them. After all, he didn’t want that anybody to see his baby in the revealing dress because only he had the right to see his beautiful baby. They took their seat, both gave smile to each other. They were looking damn excited.

“So when we have to start the game?” Nandini asked with enthusiasm, clasping her both hands together.

“I am going,” he said, getting up from the chair. “When I come back, the game will begin.” She nodded, understanding him.

“So be prepared as you know the rule, baby.” He smirked at her. He strode out after winking at her. She smiled and then started thinking about her character.

After a few minutes

He came back and smiled at Nandini who was sitting sadly, staring at the table.

“So she has already started the game. Not bad, Mrs Malhotra. Now the fun begins.” He thought and strolled to her.

“The beautiful girl sitting all alone. I think there is something serious.” He said, standing beside her. She didn’t give him a reply, just kept staring at the table.

“Now I am sure that there is something serious,” he leaned down and whispered in her ear. She raised her head and looked at him, upset.

“All men are the same in this world. They only know one thing that how to cheat their wives. Nobody said anything to them but when a wife cheats his husband, people start calling her characterless. This is ridiculous.” She spoke, doing perfect acting. Manik was highly impressed with her acting and the words which she spoke.

“Oh, so this means, your husband cheated on you. How can a man cheat a beautiful wife like you? I am shocked, really. Could I sit with you” He asked politely and she gave him a slight nod.

“Could I know the name of this pretty lady who is sitting sadly in front of me?” As Manik asked, she smiled slightly at him.

“I am Maya Kapoor.” She said in full attitude and held her hand out to him.

“Karan Patel,” he shook his hand with her and they passed a smile.

“Mr Patel, could I have a one night stand with you because I want to cheat my husband as he cheated me.” He opened his eyes widely in surprise, listening to her words. Her words were unexpected for him.

“Please..” she requested, holding his hand.

Nandini was trying to control her laugh after saying this. “Now you will come to know that how good actor I am, hubby. ” she thought in her mind, looking at his hubby.

“Mrs Kapoor, how can I lose the chance of spending a night with a beautiful girl like you. Of course yes and I will be glad if my one night can able to give you peace.” He caressed her thigh and she smiled at him.

“So let’s just find a room for us,” Nandini said, getting up. She was craving to spend a night with Manik in real. She felt incredible to feel him inside her. She felt complete, the same was with Manik. He wanted to love her till infinity.

“I can’t wait to spend a night with you, Mrs Maya.” He stood up and they together ambled to the empty room.

“Wear this. I want to see the beautiful girl in this.” He gave her a red hot dress. As she turned around, he stopped her by holding her hand. “Where are you going?”

“To change.” She answered after turning toward him.

“Change here, in front of me.” He ordered and she frowned at him.

“Hubby, I don’t have any problem changing in front of you but Maya has.” She thought in her mind and took her hand away. She ran inside the washroom to change and Manik chuckled seeing her perfect acting.

Manik was amazed to see his baby in that hot dress. He lost his breath for a moment as he saw her in that dress. She was looking so damn hot at in that red gown. He again felt like ripping her dress. She strolled toward him in attitude, doing the perfect acting of Maya because she didn’t want to lose in the game.

He snaked his arm around her and yanked her to himself. “You know what? I just want to rip your dress and want to make you scream my name to the loudest.”

“Why so hurry? Let’s just first have some drink.” She pushed him a little away.

“Now how will you deny, Hubby? Yippee, through this game, I got a chance to drink wine again.”She thought, grinning at him.

“I don’t like to spend a night with drunk girls.” Manik politely denied, understanding his baby’s plan. Listening to her words, her face hung down sadly.  She felt like crying because his hubby spoiled her all plan. She always forgot that her hubby was the smartest. He knew her very well. Manik controlled his laugh, seeing her face.

“Now let’s just not waste time.” He whispered before planting a kiss on her lips after clasping her face. She kissed him back, grasping his collars. Kissing his lips were like chewing her favourite candy in childhood for her.

After few minutes, their clothes were scattered on the floor and they were on the bed. Manik was over Nandini. He was loving his body with his soft kisses and his hand were doing his magic in between her thigh. Nandini was just moaning under him. She never thought that romance would become an important part of her life. With him, everything was perfect for her. When she was just about to cum, Manik removed his hand. He smirked, looking at her and she made an irritated face.

“I want you to cum when I will be inside you.” saying, he shoved into her after entwining her hands with his hands. She screamed his name loudly. Like always, they were feeling so good. At that time, they felt like they are inseparable, nobody could separate them. Soon they climax.

“Please, stay like this for some time.” She requested, hugging him tightly when Manik was just about to come outside of her. He remained inside her for just a few minutes without saying anything because he didn’t want to deny any request of his baby.

“Are you okay, baby?” He asked after taking her in his protective arms. She didn’t reply, just started playing with his chain like always. Her silence made him worried. He requested, “tell me, please.”

“Hubby, I am wondering why husband cheats their wives. I know this is just a role play for us but I am sad for those girls, who have to face this.” Nandini told him sadly. She was a pure soul who couldn’t see anyone suffering.

“There are so many bad people around us. And you know this, right ?” He asked and she nodded, upset.

“One day, god surely do justice to everybody. God punish the bad people and also give happiness to good people.” He explained to her calmly everything like a father. He was her everything, her mother, her father, her friend and her husband.

“By the way, I loved playing this game a lot.” She hugged him, smiling.

“And I must say, You played the role of Maya very well. Impressive. I am in love with Maya too.” He confessed, hugging her back.

“Hubby, you have the right to love me, only. You have no right to love Maya also.” She said strictly, waggling her finger at him. She was getting jealous of her character ‘Maya’ also. Manik smiled, seeing her possessiveness. After talking to each other for few minutes, they fell asleep in each other arms.


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