(Part: 86 My Evil Professor) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess


I’m utterly engrossed in doing the test because I have to earn the reward, not a punishment from my hottie professor. He’s trying every possible way to distract me by coming to my desk after every few minutes and gazing at me.

He is really evil, but I love him a lot.

He again ambled to my desk and as I glanced at him, he smirked at me. He deliberately dropped his pen on the floor and bent down to pick it up, placing his hand over my thigh. I instantly looked around if anybody is seeing us. Thankfully everyone is busy with the test. I sighed.

He got up after picking up the pen, grinning at me. He stood at the back of the classroom, leaning against the wall, crossing his muscular arms over his chest, giving sexy look to me.

Haye, he’s looking so damn attractive, I want to eat him.

And he deliberately bit his lower lip to seduce me.

Fuck! I want to kiss him right now. I want to suck his sensuous lips. He smiled evilly at me and winked at me.

“You’re evil.” I mouthed and his smile grew bigger.

I know he’s intentionally wasting my time with his cheap thrills so that I score fewer marks and he can punish me.

He really loves it.

I love it too.

But this time I want the reward.

Now I won’t look at him, I’ll concentrate on my test. I decided this for the sixth time and started doing my test again. He’s so irresistible, what to do?

I sighed deeply after completing the test and closed the pen by putting it’s cap. I’m hundred percent sure that I’ll get more than fifteen marks. My reward is fixed. I grinned gleefully. I’m damn excited for the reward.

I love our session in the college because it’s thrilling and exciting.

He asked one of the students to collect the papers and I’m grinning at him. He strode out of the classroom after last time smiling at me.

“What do you think, how many marks you will score?” Anu asked me, catching my attention.

“More than fifteen,” I told her and smiled widely.

“By the way, ask your professor boyfriend to give us the highest marks in the final examination.” She winked at me and encircled her arms around my neck. “Take some advantage, Nandu.”

“Sure, I’ll ask him.” We both laughed loudly, throwing our head back.

Me: When I’ll get my result of today’s exam, professor.

I messaged him, my lips are drawn up to a bright smile.

My Hottie Professor: Tomorrow.

I pouted, a bit disappointed. I thought I would get my reward today only. Now I have to wait till tomorrow.

Me: Why not today?

My Hottie Professor: You’re so desperate to get the punishment, Princess.

Me: I’m excited to get the reward, not punishment.

My Hottie Professor: But I’m excited to punish my favourite student after so many days.

Me: But this time, I’m sure I’ll get the reward.

My Hottie Professor: But the result is in my hands. I can cut your marks deliberately.

I frowned after reading his message.

Seriously! So mean.

Me: That’s cheating. You can’t do this, Sidharth.

My Hottie Professor: I can do anything, sweetheart.

Me: You’re evil.

I sent him the angry emoji. He sent me the laughing emoji.

My Hottie Professor: I was just kidding, Princess. Now stop fuming in anger and smile.

A smile flashed on my face instantly after reading his message.

Me: Okay, now my next lecture is going to start. I’ll talk to you later.

My Hottie Professor: I love you, Princess.

Me: I love you more.


Me: Hey, I’m getting bore. What’s up?

I messaged him in the middle of last second lecture, hiding the phone under the table because the lecture is hell boring.

A bright smile spread across my face as I instantly received his reply.

My Hottie Professor: My this period is free, I’m in H.O.D. Room. You can come here and meet me.

Me: I wish I could come.

I pouted sadly because I can’t go.

My Hottie Professor: You can come.

Me: How?

My Hottie Professor: Give some excuse and come. It’s so simple.

He is right. I can do this. I smiled cheerily.

Me: I’m coming to you, Professor.

My Hottie Professor: I’m eagerly waiting for you, my Princess.

“Anu, I’m going to meet Sidharth.” I whispered in Anu’s ear and she stared at me in shock.

“Now?” She asked in a low voice, I nodded. “How?”


Suddenly I stood up from the desk. “Excuse me, Mam.” I said, catching everybody’s attention and Professor Rina also looked at me.

“What happened?” She asked me.

“Mam, I’m not feeling well. Could I go to the medical room?” I asked politely, placing my hand over my forehead. I’m pretending that I’m feeling dizzy.

“Yeh, sure.” She permitted and I tried not to smile.

“Thank you, Mam.”

I slightly smiled at Anu and put my book into the handbag. I want to rush out of the room, but I slowly walked to the door after hanging the bag over my shoulder because I’m pretending that I’m not well.

“Wow, it’s so simple.” I squealed with joy after coming out of the room.

I called Sidharth, sauntering to the H.O.D. Room, excited to meet him because for the first time I’m going to meet him in his private cabin.

“When you will come, Princess? I’m dying to see your angelic face.” He said and my smile grew bigger. He’s so eager to see me.

“Have some Patience, Professor. I’m just coming.”

“You make me wait so much.” He complained like a baby and I chuckled.

“I’m standing out of the room. May I come in, Professor.” I asked and smiled.

“Yeah sure, Miss Shehnaaz.” He permitted and I pushed open the door, holding the handle.

I directly strode to his cabin.


to be continued.

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