(Part: 121) Mine (Manan)


Next day

Manik woke up and sat on the bed instantly when he didn’t find Nandini in his arms. They always woke up in each other arms, that’s why he became worried. He looked at the empty bed before climbing down the bed. He checked the washroom and balcony first then went to check her outside of their room.

“Baby, where are you?” He was calling her, strolling downstairs. He was hell worried for his baby. So many bad thoughts started coming into his mind. His eyes just wanted to see her completely fine.

He went to the kitchen when he heard some voices from the kitchen. He got his breath back when he found her completely fine, working in the kitchen. He sighed and rushed to her. He hugged her tightly after turning her toward himself. Nandini was taken aback by her sudden hug. She hugged him back, making a confused face. He was hugging her more and more tightly.

She tried to break the hug and asked, baffled. “Hubby, what happened?” Listening to her words, he broke the hug. He looked at her still worriedly. His acts and his behaviour was making his baby also worried.

“You hurt me a lot today, baby. He said disappointedly and she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“How could you wake up before me. I want to wake up in your arms every day. You know, how much I got worried for you when I found you missing from my arms. How could you do this, baby?” He scolded her and she pouted sadly.

“I am sorry, hubby.”She apologised cutely, holding her ears. “I just want to give you a surprise by preparing breakfast for you. But on your birthday, I spoiled your mood. I am sorry, hubby.” She said, holding his hand. She was feeling guilty for making her hubby sad.

“It’s okay, baby. But next time, promise me that you won’t make me sad like this. You know that how much I love you, right ?” He asked, putting a hand on her face. She smiled and nodded her head at him.

“Losing you is like losing everything for me. Just the thought of losing you makes my heartbeat stop. So never try to do this again.” He kissed her forehead after clasping her face and she closed her eyes in response. They beamed at each other.

“By the way, I am so shocked, baby. How did you wake up so early? We slept so late at night and that too after our lovemaking. So tell me, how this miracle happened?” He asked raising his eyebrows. She smiled, showing her all teeth to him.

“Hubby, I told you yesterday also that your baby is becoming strong.” She again showed her arms muscle to him.

“And I think these miracles are happening because of you only.” As she gave all credit to him, he narrowed his brows.

“How?” He asked, confused.

“You make me eat healthy food, that’s why. Really I think this is the effect of your strict diet. You know that how difficult it is for me to eat that tasteless healthy food.” She said cutely making bad faces, thinking about healthy food. He chuckled, seeing her adorable expression.

“Now tell me, What my baby is preparing for me with her beautiful hands.” He asked, holding her hands. He leaned down and kissed her knuckles. She smiled in response, looking at him.

“I have prepared Aloo pratha for you. I know, you love Aloo pratha but you don’t eat it because you are health conscious. But on your this birthday, just for one day, will you please eat this for me?” She looked at him pleadingly.

“Anything for my baby.” As he agreed, a wide smile spread across her face. Then she happily hugged him and thanked him. After kissing her lips, he went to take shower. She again got busy preparing breakfast for her hubby.

Nandini was sitting, straddling Manik on his lap in the dining room. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. His hands were playing with his baby’s hair. Both were gazing into each other eyes lovingly. They did their breakfast like this only. He thanked her for making delicious breakfast for him, kissing her hands.

“Hubby it’s your birthday, we should go somewhere.” She said, getting up from his lap. Manik smirked as an idea came to his mind for his birthday.

“Why are you smiling like this hubby?” She asked innocently.

“It’s my birthday. So, you have to promise me that you won’t ask so many questions from me. And also that you will listen to me.” He said taking the advantage of his birthday.

“Of course I will listen to you, hubby. Do my questions irritates you, hubby ?” She asked, becoming upset.

He clasped her face after standing up. “No at all, baby. Whatever you say and do, I like it. I like everything about you. It’s just that at some point your questions disturb our romance.” He told her and she nodded, understanding him.

“I have a special game for us for my birthday.” As he told her, her eyes shimmered with excitement and her lips drew up to a bright smile after knowing that they would play the game.

“What is the game, hubby?” She asked gleefully.

“Role Play.” He told her the name of the game. She narrowed her brows, becoming confused again.

“Means ?” She asked instantly, still wondering about the game name ‘Role Play’.

“In this game, we have to act like strangers and then we have to flirt with each other. At last, we have to make love.” When Manik was explaining the game to her, she was listening to him keenly and her eyes were sparkling. The last word ‘make love’ made her more excited.

“You will take the role of a wife who has just caught her husband cheating her. And I will take the role of husband, who doesn’t like his wife. We have to cheat our husband and  wife by spending the night.”  He told her about the role which they had to play.

“I am really excited to play this game, hubby. Your games are always so mind-blowing and different.” She clapped her hands with glee.

“Wait. Let me tell you one rule that if you come in your real character, I mean you start acting like Nandini. Then you will be punished. The same goes with me.” He said, having a smirk on his face.

“I will not lose this game because I am perfect in acting. I used to participate in drama competition a lot. So hubby, be ready to meet a new Nandini. ” She blew few hair strands from her face in attitude.

“Hubby, do we have to change our name also?” She asked and he nodded. She started wondering about her new name by placing her finger on the cheek and moving her eyeballs up. He just smiled at her.

“So, let’s just get ready. We need to leave.” he said and she looked at him confusingly.

“Where?” She asked, raising her brows.

“You will come to know, baby. We’re going somewhere to play this game.”

“Wow, I’m so excited, hubby.” She again clapped her hand cheerily. He just smiled at her merrily.

So, excited for the game?

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