(Part: 85 A different Surprise) {Manan} Master And His Princess


I have been busy with my studies since two days and staying with Anu. I met Manik in the college only in these two days. I clearly instructed him that romance after exams, but the truth is now I’m craving for his touch. He has become my addiction.

Oh God, when will the exam get over? It’s really a punishment to live without him.

I’m going to college with Anu in her car. She’s driving the car and I’m sitting on the passenger seat. My phone beeped and a smile flashed on my face as I saw a notification of his message on the lock screen. I instantly unlocked the phone and opened his message, smiling.

My hottie Professor: I just reached college. When you will come? Remember last night we decided to meet before the first lecture?

I bit my tongue because I forgot this.

Me: I’ll be late. Sorry, I forgot.

My hottie Professor: Okay, so we’ll meet after college.

I thought he would say he will punish me because he always finds reasons to punish me.

Me: Sure.

My hottie Professor: I thought you would deny by saying you have to go home early, you have to study and all that.

Me: I’m missing you and I want to spend some time with you. A small break from studies.

My hottie Professor: That’s a great idea, Princess. By the way, I have a surprise for you.

My eyes simmered with excitement as he mentioned about surprise. I love surprises.

Me: Wow! What?

“Talking to Professor Manik?” Anu’s voice reached my ear and I moved my eyes to her. She glanced at me and I nodded at her, smiling.

“You know because of studies, we’re not getting time to spend with each other.” I pouted sadly.

“I can completely understand, Nandu because I’m also not getting time to meet Cabir. At least you can meet him in college.” She said after looking at me and concentrated back on the road.

My hottie Professor: This surprise is different.


Now I’m more excited.

My hottie Professor: Reached college? Why aren’t you replying?

Me: I was talking to Anu.

My hottie Professor: I just can’t wait to see you. What are you wearing today?

Me: Not so special, knee cut jeans with a white crop top.

My hottie Professor: You don’t have to wear something special every day to look beautiful. You look so elegant in simple outfits also. In fact, you look so attractive to me in the messy hair also.

Haye! My heart.

A blissful smile touched my lips after reading his message. He doesn’t leave any chance to make me feel so special. I love him so much.

Me: I’m speechless.

I replied to him with a face blowing kiss emoji.

My hottie Professor: What are you wearing under your simple clothes?

He asked and sent blushing face emoji.

I smiled, typing the message.

Me: Guess it.

My hottie Professor: My favourite Colour black lingerie.

My smile grew bigger as he guessed right.

Me: Absolutely right.

He sent a smiling emoji.

“Oh Madam, we have reached college.” Anu said and I came on the earth back.

I nodded at her and looked around, we are in the parking area of the college. I was so engrossed talking to Manik that I didn’t come to know when we reached college. I chuckled at myself before stepping out of the car.

Me: Meet you in the classroom.

My hottie Professor: See you, Princess.

I replied to him before putting the phone into my pocket.

I sat with Anu on the last second desk of the middle row. He strode into the classroom, like always he’s looking dashing in the grey shirt which is nicely tucked in the black trouser. Hai shirt is rolled up to the elbow. He glanced at me and smiled slightly. I tucked my hair behind my ear, smiling.

“So today, I’ll take a surprise test.” As he announced the surprise test, I instantly looked at him in shock.

Was he talking about this surprise?

What the hell? I was so excited for the surprise.

“I want to see your preparation before the final examination.” He glanced at me through the corner of his eyes and slightly smirked.

Anu nudged me and asked, “did you know about this surprise test?”

I answered her, “no, Anu. Now I’m angry.” I glared at him. He is flipping the pages of the literature book with one hand, holding the book with his other hand.

I instantly took out my phone from my pocket and messaged him.

Me: Don’t tell me, you were talking about this surprise, or else I’ll kill you.

He saw my message after turning to the whiteboard to write questions.

My hottie Professor: I told you it is a different surprise.

He sent the laughing emoji and my brows frowned.

Me: I hate you. I was so excited for the surprise.

He wrote one question and then replied to me.

My hottie Professor: Wait let me write the questions, then I’ll you about the surprise in detail.

Oh, so there is more to it. I took him wrong. My anger vanished away instantly.

Me: Okay.

After writing the questions, he turned toward the class.

“So all the best, students.” He wished the class before sitting on the chair comfortably.

He glanced at me before looking at the phone and typing the message.

My hottie Professor: If today you score marks above fifteen out of twenty, I’ll reward and if not, I’ll punish you. So this is the surprise for you.


Me: I like it.

“I can easily score the target marks.” I murmured to myself, reading the questions from the board. Then checked my phone.

My hottie Professor: Now all best, Princess.

Me: Thank you, my hottie Professor, and get ready to reward me after the class.

My hottie Professor: So confident that you will earn the reward. I’m impressed, Princess.

We glanced at each other and beamed ear to ear.

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2 thoughts on “(Part: 85 A different Surprise) {Manan} Master And His Princess

  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manan iss exam ne un dono ko alag kar deya but kya karne kuch pane ke liye khona bhi tou padta hai but theg could atleast meet in clg bt poor anu woh tou woh bhi nahi kar pare…
    Waah kya surprise hai manik ka for nandu 2 surprises for her in one day not bad…
    Bhale he nandu acha score na kare but manik ke punishment bhi uske liye pleasurable hote hai so its ok….

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