(Part: 120 Birthday Romantic Night ) Mine (Manan)


Manik closed his eyes as Nandini grasped his manhood, sitting over his knees. She looked at him, her lips were curved to adorable smile. Then she leaned down and placed a kiss on his manhood. Manik was going crazy and she was not understanding, how to do it.

“Hubby.” He opened his eyes as her sweet voice reached to his ear. She was looking at him innocently. She continued, “Hubby, I am so sorry. I want to do but I can’t.” She said like a small baby.

He had become so hard at that moment with her one touch only, he just wanted to be inside her. He didn’t want her to do this for him. He hurriedly grasped her arm and pushed her on the bed before coming over her and pinning her hands against the soft mattress.

“It’s okay, baby. I can understand.” He murmured, gazing at her and she was looking at him, having guilt in her eyes. She was upset because she couldn’t able to give pleasure to her hubby.

She uttered dejectedly, “Hubby, this is Didu’s favourite. Why I can’t able to do this? I want to give you a birthday sur,” he suddenly shushed her by capturing her lips and her eyes widened in surprise. He pulled apart after sucking all the lipgloss from her lips.

“It’s my birthday and I just want to love my baby the whole night. So, am I allowed?” He asked like a gentleman, gazing deeply into her eyes. She nodded her head positively at him, smiling at him. He grinned widely before removing her saree pallu, he started kissing her shoulder after pulling down the straps of her blouse. He attacked toward her neck and she closed her eyes in response. He loved her body with his soft kisses for few minutes only because he just wanted to be inside her. The same was with Nandini, she also wanted to feel him inside her. In their second time also, she was excited like their first time only.

“Could I enter inside you?” Manik as always like a gentleman took her permission. As she nodded, blushing, he slid into her slowly, kissing her lips.

After making love with her, he lay down comfortably and pulled her into his protective arms. A blissful smile was spread on their faces. They were feeling contented. Like a small baby, she was playing with his chain, which he was wearing around his neck.

“Hubby, this feels incredible, like damn good. I don’t know why you were running away from this.” She looked at him, confused. He was just gazing at her lovingly.

“I used to think that I would hurt you by this. But now I’m glad because my baby is feeling good. I am also happy because I am not hurting you by doing this. Now I can love my baby, how much I want without any fear.” He uttered gleefully after cupping her face. He was caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. He placed a kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes in response, having a smile on her face.

“But I am shocked that you are not feeling sleepy. What’s the matter?” He asked, raising his eyebrows. He was shocked because after her every orgasm, she used to sleep immediately and that too also for so many hours. But after their second lovemaking, he was not seeing sleep in her eyes.

“Hubby, your baby has become so.. strong.” She merrily told him, showing her skinny arms to him and he laughed at her cute antics. She made a sad pout, seeing him laughing at her.

“You are laughing at me. This is bad, hubby.” She complained to him like a small baby. He looked at her, controlling his laugh.

“Baby, I am laughing because you are super cute. Your everything makes me happy. I never make fun of you.” He explained to her and a smile appeared on her face.

“I love you, hubby.” She smiled with glee and pecked his lips.

“You know, what you are doing to me, baby?” He asked, softly brushing her face with his thumbs. He tucked her hair strand behind her ear, looking deeply into her eyes. She nodded negatively, innocently.

“Your acts are turning me on. I want to love you more.” He said teasingly after moving closer to her lips.

“So, who is stopping you, hubby? Go ahead.” Nandini said, spoiling his all teasing plan like always. He loved everything about her but didn’t like one thing that she never let him tease her. He pouted sadly.

“What happened, hubby? Have I said something wrong?” She asked innocently.

“Nothing.” He shook his head, showing his teeth. It was the effect of his baby that he started behaving cutely like her.

“I think, now you should sleep, baby.” He said thinking about her.

“Hubby, but you said that you would love me the whole night.” She asked immediately.

“Sleep is also necessary, baby. I want to love you every time but it’s not possible. Health is important, baby.” He tried to make her understand lovingly and she smiled at him. His words every time showed that how truly, he loved his baby.

“You think about me so much, hubby. I love you. I love you so much.” She hugged him with delight. He hugged her back, smiling blissfully.

He murmured in her ear, ” I love you too.”

“Hubby, rats are jumping in my tummy. Could we sleep after eating something?” She politely asked, looking at him after breaking the hug.

“Oh, how did I forget that we didn’t have dinner? Of course, we will sleep after eating something.” He said and stood up. He pulled up his short and she was gazing at him, having a cute smile on her face. Then he made her wear his shirt. He was buttoning her shirt’s button and she again started playing with his chain, looking at him.

“Baby, I am just coming in few minutes. Count till 50 and I will come.” He said and turned to walk.

“I will also come with you to the kitchen.” She said, holding his hand when he was about to go. She wanted to be with him every second.

“Okay, so climb on my back.” He stood facing his back to her. She hurriedly jumped and climbed on his back, wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She placed a kiss on his cheek from behind and he smiled in response.

They stepped into the kitchen. Manik was making coffee for them, she was still on his back. They were looking so cute together like always. She was kissing his neck, cheeks and bareback when he was busy preparing something to fill his baby’s tummy.

He was reheating the food in the oven and she was gazing at him, sitting on the kitchen slab. She was swinging her legs like a small baby and waiting for the food. She jumped down and ambled toward him. She hugged him from behind when he was taking the food out of the Oven. He turned toward her, having a smile on his face but became confused seeing her sad face.

“What happened, baby? Why suddenly you became sad?” He asked after clasping her face and she looked at him, upset.

“Hubby, I don’t want to talk about this but I am afraid. That mask wala villain can hurt you any time. If something happens to you, what I will do? I can’t live without you, hubby.” She said dejectedly in a crying tone. He was also worried about this. That person could hurt anyone after Abhi. He wanted to protect his family and especially his baby.

“Baby, he is a villain, he will die at the end. I am your hero and you are my heroine. So nothing will happen to us. Your hero will find him and kill him. You just don’t worry, no one can separate us, not even god.” He reassured her and a small smile flashed on her lips.

“My hero please take care of yourself too because I know, heroes never take care of themselves. They only protect others and their heroines. Please for me, never put your life at risk because indirectly you will put my life in danger because you are my life, I am nothing without you.” She stated lovingly. Her words were clearly showing that how important his life for her.

“I promise, I will let nothing happen to anyone including me.” He promised her after kissing her forehead. With this forehead kiss, he promised her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to anyone. Then he pulled her in his arms and snuggled in his arms.


“Manik and Nandini. I will back soon with a bigger plan which will surely break your love.” Someone was standing in the balcony and talking to himself.

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