(Part: 119 Hubby’s Birthday Surprise) Mine (Manan)


After a week

Everyone was happy because Abhi was recovering fast. Their marriage was postponed to the next month. They all came to Mumbai back. The person who attacked Abhi and who blackmailed Nandini, left no clue behind him. Police were trying to find him. Nandini apologised to Mukti and even Mukti also apologised to her for putting all blame on her. Everything got absolutely fine between Mukti and Nandini.

Nandini was anxious for Manik, but in this also, she planned a small birthday surprise for her hubby with help of Khushi and Navya.

Manik after meeting Abhi. He came back home, having no idea that her wife had planned a birthday surprise for him. He even forgot about his birthday because of all the recent happenings. But how could his loving wife forget her hubby’s birthday? He always made her every day special, then it was her duty to make one day special for him too.

Manik stepped into his room. It was all dark. He turned on the light and his eyes widened in surprise to find his room fully decorated with red roses. His eyes shone in amazement they fell on his wife. She was standing beside the bed, facing her back to him. She was wearing the beautiful backless red saree which took away his breath and accelerated his heartbeat. She smiled broadly at him after turning toward him. He got lost in admiring her cute wife, who was looking super sexy in the saree. She was walking to him sexily, taking a slow step in full attitude. Manik was going crazy seeing her every move. She was looking irresistible. He wanted to eat her up.

“Ahaa..” she shouted because she stumbled but how could her hubby let his baby fall. He hurriedly ran to her and caught his beautiful princess into his protective arms. She clutched his coat tightly, closing her eyes. He admired her beautiful angelic face from close. He thanked God for blessing him with a wife like Nandini. She was a pure soul. He gently brushed her hair away from her face. Opening her eyes, she looked at him. For few minutes, they got lost in each other eyes. They both were gazing at each other, having so much love in their eyes.

“Baby, why did you wear heels again? ” Manik asked, making her stand properly and she made a sad pout.

“Hubby, I wore it for you but I spoiled everything. I couldn’t able to walk properly in heels. I am so stupid. I spoiled everything, I am sorry, hubby.” she apologised cutely, holding her ears with her both hands. He smiled at her cuteness.

“Baby, it’s okay. Now, this is the last time I’m telling you that you don’t have to wear heels for me because my baby looks perfect without heels also.” He explained to her after cupping her face. She gleefully smiled at him.

“Hubby, now just tell me. How I am looking in Saree?” She asked, raising her eyebrows and moved a little away from him, showing her Saree again to him. He again looked at her from head to toe. She was looking at him excitedly like a small kid who was excited to hear his compliment.

“Sexy, I want to eat you up. You don’t even know, what you are doing to me right now with this new hot look.” He strolled close to her. She was smiling merrily at him. But when he asked that she planned to kill him. He asked, “are you planning to kill your hubby?” She instantly nodded her head.

“So Am I permitted to eat up, my baby doll?” He asked tucking her hair strands behind her ear. She smiled slightly, looking down. Then she nodded her head positively at him and he smiled at her. He pulled her toward himself, holding her bare waist. She closed her eyes in response and a shiver ran down her spine when his hands touched her bare skin. She looked at him, opening her eyes and found him gazing at her without blinking his eyes. She could only see the love and only love for her in his eyes.

“My lips are craving to feel the touch of your lips, baby.” He spoke, brushing her lower lip with his thumb. They both were looking into each other eyes lovingly. His lips were craving to feel her lips because they didn’t kiss each from one week. He looked at her lips and then again toward her eyes. He started coming close to her lips, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. She closed her eyes in response and felt so excited to feel his lips on her lips. She was excited for their kiss as they were going to kiss each other after one week. Their lips were just a few inches apart, they could feel each other hot breath which was driving them crazier. Finally, their lips touched and they felt like they got their breath back after one week. He sucked her upper lip and in response, she sucked his lower lip. Soon their lips moved in rhythm. He was kissing her lips so softly, pouring his all love in the kiss. She was responding to him with equal flavour. Soon their soft kiss turned into a passionate kiss. They were eating each other lips. While kissing her, his hands moved down and started massaging her twins. She moaned in his mouth, clutching his coat. Both were not ready to stop but they broke the kiss, becoming breathless. They looked into each other eyes, then he touched his forehead with her forehead. They got lost in each other, closing their eyes.

After a few minutes, he looked at her, opening his eyes. Then he attacked her neck. She closed her eyes in response and got lost in his touch. His one hand started unpinning her saree pallu. But suddenly, she pushed him, making him shocked. He looked at her confusingly and waited for the answer.

“Hubby, you were just about to remove my saree pallu. I pushed you because I want to take few selfies with you in this saree.” She said innocently, walking close to him. He was looking at her shockingly, opening his eyes widely. They were so lost in each other at that time and she pushed him for the selfies. He shook his head in disbelief.

“Now give me your phone,” she held out her hand in front of him. He took out his phone from his pocket and gave it to her.

“Smile please,” she asked him to smile before clicking the selfie. He wanted to make love to her at that time because her sexy look was turning him on. But because of his baby, he was posing for the selfie. He couldn’t deny her for anything.

“Baby, now can we continue our romance, if your selfie session is finished?” He asked when she was about to take the fifteenth selfie with him.

“Hubby two more, please,” she requested cutely, showing her two-fingers to him and how could our Majnu Manik deny her?

“It’s done.” She finally gave the phone back to him after taking ten more selfies. Manik put the phone on the table and she became happy to see the time. It was midnight.

“Happy birthday, my loving hubby.” She wished him, hugging him tightly, wrapping her hands around his neck. He hugged her back, having a beatific smile on his face. When she wished him, then he understood that why she had planned all this for him.

They broke the hug. “Thank you, baby.” He said after cubbing her face. Then he kissed her forehead. She smiled in response, closing her eyes.

“I am sure, this will be my best birthday because you are with me. My happiness is with me.” He stated with full confidence, looking at her, having a smile on his face. She was also smiling, looking at him.

“Thank you for accepting me and my love, baby.” He again pulled into his arms.

“Hubby, I have one more surprise for you.” She told him excitedly.

“What?” He also asked excitedly like her.

“First, lie down on the bed.” She pointed her finger at the bed. He looked at her confusingly.

“What’s your plan, baby?” he asked, raising his brows suspiciously.

“Hubby, first please lie down there. Please..” she requested, looking at him with pleading eyes. He strolled to the bed and lay down. She went toward him and smiled cutely, standing beside him. He was just thinking about his baby’s surprise.

She sat on his knees and smiled, showing her all teeth to him. He was just looking at her confusingly.

Then she started opening his jeans button and Manik got little idea about her surprise. After opening his jeans button, she pulled down the zip of jeans. She started pulling down his jeans.

“Baby you don’t need to..” he stooped her hand by holding her hand. But she spoke, cutting his words.

“If you can give me pleasure, then why not me, hubby?” She asked, moving close to his face after placing her hands on his face.

“But baby, you said to me that you would never do this. I don’t want that you should do such things for me which you don’t want to do.” He told her.

“Hubby, but now I want to do. I mean, I want to try it. Promise, if I don’t like it, I will not do this. Just need your help in this because I don’t know, how to do this.” She spoke cutely and Manik was just smiling at her. He was sure that she wanted to do this for him only.

“Okay, you can try.” He agreed and she grinned, showing her teeth to him and her eyes glinted with excitement.

“Thank you so much, hubby.” She hugged him, smiling broadly.

“I should thank you because you are doing this for me.” He uttered after breaking the hug.

“Thank me after the completing of this task.”

“I don’t know, how I will able to do this? But I have to do this for hubby.” She thought in her mind, looking at him. She had no idea, what she was going to do. She also didn’t even know that would she able to this or not. She was just doing it for her hubby. Her love forced her to do this.


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