(Part: 118) Mine (Sidnaaz)


After a few minutes only, the light turned on automatically. Sana got her breath back and sighed with profound relief as she found Sidharth standing fine in front of her. She hugged him tightly, wrapping her arms around his neck. She had become extremely horrified after listening to the scream. She thought that she lost him. She was hugging him more and more tightly and he hugged her back. She was feeling like she got her world back.

“Abhi,” the Next moment, Sidnaaz broke the hug instantly as they heard the scream of Mukti. They widened their eyes, horrified as they saw Abhi lying on the floor unconscious. Somebody had stabbed the knife in his stomach.

“Abhi, open your eyes, please.” Mukti was crying miserably after placing his head on her lap. Sana was utterly blank at that moment. She immediately understood that all this was done by that blackmailer. Everyone was shocked to react, even Sidharth. His best friend was lying in the pool of blood in front of his eyes. The friend who always stood beside him whenever he needed someone. Mukti’s condition was worsening seeing the love of her life lying unconscious in front of her eyes. She didn’t want to lose him. He was her everything.


Everyone was sitting outside of the I.C.U. Mukti was constantly crying badly. Sneha, Navya and Cabir were trying to console her. Khushi and Arnav were also sitting worriedly. Sidharth was sitting holding his head and Sana was sitting beside him. She was in great shock. She was scared. The incident made her more scared. She was blaming herself because she was thinking that she should have told Sidharth the truth before only.

“It is all my fault,” she blurted in a crying tone, staring straight in shock. Her words caught everyone attention. Everyone looked at her in shock including Sidharth.

“Last night, a man in mask blackmailed me.” She moved her eyes toward him and her lips were trembling. “He asked me to help him in destroying you or else he will harm you, hubby. I got scared for you, that’s why I couldn’t able to tell you. I wanted to tell you.” She told him everything because she couldn’t able to hide it anymore. She was thinking that Abhi’s life came in danger because she hid the truth from everyone. Sidharth didn’t get shocked because he already guessed the reason. But he was confused, wondering about the person who was behind all this. Everyone was shocked after listening to this.

“You are so stupid, Sana. Because of you, today Abhi is fighting for his life. You could have told us the truth. If something happens to him. I will never able to forgive you.” Mukti shouted on Sana. She was in the worst state, her mind had stopped working. The fear of losing Abhi forced her to speak those words.

“I am sorry, Didu.” She apologised in a crying tone, feeling guilty. Mukti turned her face to another side in anger. Sana felt more guilty seeing Mukti anger and her condition. She cried closing her eyes. Sidharth was looking at them, crying silently.

“I am,” after opening her eyes, she was about to apologise to Sidharth. But he didn’t let her speak.

He cut her words. “There is no fault of you in this. I can understand that why you hid it. Don’t think about Mukti’s words. Whatever she said, she said because she is not in a right state of mind.” He tried his best to make Sana understand that there was no fault of her. His words were clearly showing that how truly he loved Sana. He understood her.

“You know that Mukti loves you a lot, right?” He asked her. First Sana looked at Mukti dejectedly and then nodded at Sidharth after moving her eyes to him.

“Hubby, mujhe bhut dar lag rha hai. (Hubby, I am frightened.” As she shuttered with fright, he took her into his arms without saying anything. She silently cried in his arms.

“I hope everything gets fine soon.” Sidharth murmured, closing his eyes, holding her tightly in his arms. His heart was crying from inside because his whole family was in danger. Abhi was fighting for his life and his wife and his sister was in so much pain. He couldn’t see them in pain. He didn’t want to lose anyone of them.

“If something happens to Abhi, I will also never able to forgive myself.” She thought and fresh tears rolled her eyes.

After a few minutes, a nurse stepped out of the ICU.

“How is he?”Mukti asked the nurse after rushing to her.

“Doctor is operating him. The patient condition is very critical.” The nurse left after saying this. Mukti slumped down on the floor and cried in agony. Navya and Sneha consoled her. Cabir was crying seeing his sister in pain. Sidharth was difficultly controlling his emotions. He wanted to console Mukti. But he knew her state. At this time, no word could give her strength. Sana was blaming herself for everything.

Sidharth was sitting, resting his head against the wall. His eyes were closed. Sana looked at him and she felt pain in her heart when she found him in so much pain. She realised that what she was doing. She was hurting her hubby more by crying. In her pain, she forgot about his pain. As she entwined her hand with his hand, he instantly opened his eyes and looked at her. She blinked her eyes, assuring her that everything would be fine. He stared at her dejectedly, clutching her hand tighter. She placed her other hand on his face and both looked deeply into each other eyes.

“Everything will be fine, hubby.” She murmured after coming close to his face. Tears rolled down his cheeks and she immediately wiped them with her thumb.

“I am feeling like I am losing everything. You said that the person wanted to harm me but instead of me, Abhi got hurt, because of me, my friend’s life came in danger.” Sidharth said in a crying tone. Sana was constantly nodding her head because he was blaming himself unnecessarily. But she let him speak whatever was going in his mind because it was good to take out all the bad thoughts. He pursed his lips together to control his emotions. Sana looked at him, distressed.

Before she could speak anything, he rushed from there because he couldn’t able to control his emotions more. She ran behind him. He cried hysterically after entering the storeroom. He was in pain. At that time, he was not understanding what he should do.

Sana felt extreme pain in her heart when she found him crying. She never wanted to see her hubby in this condition but she was seeing him. She hugged him tightly from behind, wrapping her arms hands around him. Sidharth closed his eyes in response, he felt better after feeling her touch.

“I just don’t want to lose anyone.” He uttered after turning toward her.

“Everything will be fine, hubby. Just have a faith in God.” She reassured him after clasping his face. She stood on her toes and kissed his forehead. He closed his eyes in response. Then she sucked his tears and kissed both the eyelids. He opened his eyes and gazed into her eyes. He touched his forehead with her forehead. Both got lost in each other, closing their eyes, feeling better. Their love was their strength.

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