(Part: 117) Mine (Manan)


Nandini started crying like a small baby, making Manik hell worried. Her tears broke his heart like always.

“Baby, tell me what happened?” He asked concernedly after clasping her face. She was just crying sorrowfully. He was looking at her, having so much pain in his eyes. Her tears were making him scared and hurting him.

“Hubby..” she hiccuped. He was constantly wiping her tears with his thumb, his eyes filled with concern was fixed at her.

“I can’t tell,” she sobbed loudly. She badly wanted to tell him but scared to lose him. The fear of losing him was killing her from inside. She couldn’t even imagine her life without her hubby. He dejectedly closed his eyes for a second. He had no idea that why she was crying.

“Sh… It’s okay. It’s fine,” he gently wiped her tears. “When you will feel like to tell me then tell me. Please don’t cry like this. I’m with you, baby always. Nothing will go wrong until we are together. Just have faith in our love.” He reassured after pulling her face toward himself and they both looked deeply into each other eyes.

He tried to calm her down because her tears were his weakness. He wanted to know the reason of her tears but at that time the most important thing for him was to make her stop crying and to assure her that everything would be fine.

“I trust you, hubby. I know that you won’t let anything happen to me but what about you? I am worried for you.” She told him in a crying tone, looking at him with her sorrowful eyes. Her words were clearly showing to him that she was worried for him. He was constantly fighting back with his tears.

“If anything happens to you, then what will happen to me, hubby? I’m nothing without you.” She asked grimly, looking at him and fresh tears rolled down her soft cheeks.

“Nothing will happen to me, baby. Until you are with me, nothing will happen to me. You are my lucky charm. You are my good luck.” He reassured her, gazing into her eyes deeply having so much love in them. She got lost in his intense eyes. His words gave little strength to her.

“I know, my baby is strong. She has the power to fight with any problem.” Saying this, he pulled her into his protective arms and kissed her hair. She clutched his Sherwani tightly. She got solace in his arms. She wanted to always live in his arms. She didn’t want to go to heaven because she had found her heaven in his arms. His arms were her real home. Both got lost in each other arms, closing their eyes.

“I wish I could tell you about that blackmailer, Hubby.” She wondered, opening her eyes.

“I’m sure that there is something very massive which you can’t able to tell me. I just hope that you tell me soon before it gets late.” He thought after breaking the hug, looking at her. She was looking at him, having pain in her eyes. She was feeling better but still, the fear of losing him was scaring him. He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response. She gave faint smile and his lips twitched into slight smile.

They came to the party hall hand in hand. Girls were applying Mehendi. She passed a smile to everyone.

“Come, Nandini, you also apply mehendi,” Mukti asked her to join and she gave her a slight. She looked at her hubby, he gave her a smile. Then she sat beside Mukti and Manik stood beside her like her bodyguard.

“Apply the best mehendi on my baby’s hand.” Manik instructed strictly to the girl who was just about to apply the Mehendi on her hands. Nandini smiled at him gleefully.

He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled brightly in response. She asked him to bend down with the gesture of her hand. As he bent down, she kissed cheek. He smiled at her and mouthed, “I love you,” caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Manan were lost in each other eyes, forgetting about the whole world. Everybody smiled at them finding them cute and didn’t disturb them. They were talking to each other through their eyes.

“Always be with me,” said Nandini’s eyes

“I am always there with you as your shadow,” said Manik’s eyes.

“I am scared to lose you.” Nandini’s eyes spoke and she made a sad face.

“Until we are together, you don’t need to be scared.” His eyes spoke and he placed his hand on her face.

As the light dimmed, Manan came back on the earth, listening to the Music. They looked straight and found Arshi dancing with few dancers on the song Dil chori sadda  ho gya. They forced everyone to join them. Manan were also dancing, gazing at each other, having smile on their faces. Everyone was dancing happily, not aware of the big problem which was coming behind them and would change everything.

Suddenly the light turned off. Everyone became scared. “Ahaaa…” after few minutes, they all heard a scream of a Man. Nandini heart stopped beating for a moment, listening to the scream. Her fear was getting true.

So what do you think, what happened in the end. Any guess.

Love Mehak

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