(Part: 83 My Caring Boyfriend) {Sidnaaz}


We are lying cuddling each other on the sofa. He’s kissing my hands, face, head and neck lovingly. Mom called up and she told me that she will be late. We are alone for the first time in my home and taking the advantage of it by marking every place of my home with our love. He makes me forget everything with his presence. I utterly forgot about my exams. I’m feeling like to keep lying in his warm arms. It’s so soothing. His arms are my home.

“Sidharth, you go from here.” I suddenly said after coming out of his arms as I realised that I have to study for exams. He looked at me in shock. “I don’t want you to go, but you have to go because if you stay with me then I will not be able to study.”

“Relax, Princess. Don’t worry, I’ll not disturb you. I’ll help in your studies and take care of you.” He placed a kiss on my forehead, stroking my cheeks with his thumbs.

“That’s a great idea.” I kissed his lips lovingly. “I love you.” I confessed, smiling gleefully at him.

“I love you more, Princess.” He whispered against my lips before sucking them chastely.

“Why not we go for one more round before I begin my studies?” I smirked at him, raising my brows and his lips stretched into a wide grin.

“That’s such a mind-blowing idea.” He whooped with joy adorably before coming over me. I giggled as he nuzzled my neck by entwining my hands.

We never get satisfied with each other and it feels incredible every time I feel him inside me. I feel complete.


I’m engrossed in my studies. He’s in the kitchen, helping Mom in preparing dinner. He’s an ideal man, every girl desires. I’m lucky to have him.

“The dinner is ready, Princess.” He stepped into the room and I glanced at him. He’s holding the plate, smiling at me. The smell of delicious food reached to my nostrils, I closed my eyes and inhaled it. I’m starving.

He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Now close your book and have dinner.” He ordered sternly and wandered to the sofa. He placed the plate on the table. I hurriedly closed my book and rushed to the sofa. I sat and started munching the rajma rice.

“I didn’t expect this. I thought you would show tantrums in eating and say I have to study and then I have to feed you from my hand.”

I looked at him and said, “food is life, Sidharth. It comes before everything.” I sucked my upper lip.

He chuckled and pulled my cheeks. “So cute.”

“Now don’t disturb me and let me eat my favourite rajma rice.” I again started eating, he’s just smiling at me.

“Don’t you want to eat?” I asked, raising my brows.

“I’ll have my favourite dish after you finish your dinner.” He smirked at me and I understood what he’s talking about.

Suddenly I sat over his lap, placing my legs on one side. “You can have your favourite dish now.” I whispered, moving close to his lips after wrapping my arms around his neck.

“You understand me very well, Princess. First, finish your rajma rice and then I’ll eat you.” He pecked my lips.

“On one condition.”

“What?” He raised his brows.

“You will also eat.”

“I’m not hungry. I’ll eat after some time.”

“Okay. So feed me and kiss my lips after every bite.” I giggled after telling him.

“That’s better.” He fed me lovingly, gazing into my eyes and planted a kiss on my lips. Like this he fed me and I enjoyed our dinner time a lot.


It’s midnight, I’m studying sitting at my study table. He stood behind me and gently gathered my all hair before binding them with the rubber band. He leaned down and placed a kiss on my cheek. I smiled at him and sucked his lips after placing my hand on his face.

He wandered back to the sofa and started doing his work on the laptop.

After some time he brought a mug of coffee for me.

“My caring boyfriend.” I uttered, taking the mug of coffee and smiled at him merrily.

“You deserve all my love and care.” He cooed, tenderly stroking my cheeks with his thumbs before kissing my lips chastely and lovingly.


It’s three o’clock and he said, closing my book. “Now it’s too late, you should sleep. Tomorrow we have to go to college also.”

“Please, let me study for half an hour more.” I requested.

He shook his head and denied my request sternly. “No.”

“Please.” I looked at him pleadingly.

“Now don’t blame me for this.” He suddenly scooped me into his arms from the chair.

“Why I’ll blame you for picking me in your arms?” I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I’m so exhausted, but felt better after coming into his warm arms, my home. He placed a kiss on my hair and my lips curved into a blissful smile.

We lay down in each other arms. He switched off the lights and pulled the blanket over us. He kissed my forehead and I fell a fast asleep in his warm arms, placing my head on his heart, listening to his soothing heartbeat which is my favourite music.

Precap: Master And Princess Session

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