(Part: 116 A dilemma) Mine (Sidnaaz)


Before Sidharth could reach her, she dashed to their room because she didn’t want to show her tears to him. He was shocked to see her running like this. He rushed behind her. As he stepped into the room, he heard the sound of locking the door of the washroom. He felt like something was fishy.

“Baby, are you fine?” He asked concernedly, banging the door.

“Hubby, why are you asking this? I am absolutely fine.” She responded to him and he sighed with relief. But he didn’t know that his baby was lying to him.

“I will meet you downstairs, come fast.” He left the room after saying this.

Inside the washroom, Sana was standing in front of the mirror. Tears were constantly rolling down her cheeks. She was very confused that she should tell about the blackmailer to Sidharth or not.

“Why have you brought this villain into our life, God? Earlier Aman and now this person. Aman snatched my parents and now I can’t let this person snatch my hubby from me. If something happens to him, I will die.” She cried and bit her lower lip. The poor soul was in dilemma. She wanted to tell him everything but she was scared to lose him. After losing her parents, she was utterly horrified to lose her parents.

“I badly want to tell, hubby. But if I tell hubby about him and after that something happens to my hubby then what will happen?” Her heart asked this question from her mind. Her mind was constantly saying her to tell Sidharth but her heart was scared to lose her beloved hubby. Her life was nothing without him. He was her world. He was her everything.

“If I don’t tell him then I have to help that villain in destroying my hubby’s life. But how can I destroy my hubby’s life with my own hands?” She asked this question from her heart dejectedly, staring down at her hands.

“Please, Mumma daddy, help your daughter. I don’t want to lose my hubby.” She joined her hands. She was crying sorrowfully wondering about both the option. She didn’t want to lose her hubby at any cost, therefore she decided to hide the truth from her hubby.

But would it be easy for her to hide the truth from her hubby for a long time?

She strolled downstairs, plastering a fake smile on her face because she didn’t want anybody to doubt her, especially her hubby. Her heart was crying inside because she was hiding the biggest truth from her hubby. She knew that she was doing wrong. But her fear was forcing her to hide it from him. Sidharth was instructing some workers on the decoration in the hall.

“Hubby, I am sorry. I can’t tell you the truth by putting your life in danger. If it was about my life, I would have told you about that person. I just can’t put your life at risk. Mein NHI khona chati hubby tumhai. ( I don’t want to lose you.)” She murmured to herself, staring at Sidharth, agitated. He was busy instructing the workers. He was completely unaware that his baby was going through so much.

“Hubby.” She hugged him from behind without caring about the people who were seeing her. A smile flashed on his face as he felt his baby’s arms around him. Her touch and her presence made his heart always happy. He asked all the worker to go through his eyes and they all left. He turned toward her, smiling brightly and found her smiling. He looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a beautiful blue full-length dress.

“Do you know how beautiful you are?” He asked after cupping her face. She denied by nodding her head cutely.

“Sachi nhi pata? (Really, you don’t know?” He asked again, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Really, I don’t know.” She replied, nodding her head again. He smiled at her. Then he yanked her to himself by holding her waist. Both looked into each other eyes deeply. They got lost in each other eyes, forgetting about everything.

“What is going on in public, bro?” Cabir’s voice startled them. Sidharth left her and they both looked at Cabir.

“I know, you both love each other but look everyone is seeing you both.” Sidnaaz looked around and everyone’s eyes were fixed at them. They both looked down shyly. He clasped her hand and wandered to their room. Cabir chuckled, seeing them going upstairs.

“Seriously baby, you always make me forget everything.” Sidharth said after locking the door. She didn’t speak anything, she just smiled slightly. Inside her mind, she was just wondering about the blackmailer’s words.

He moved closer to her face and whispered, “I was just about to kiss you there in front of everyone.” He pulled her to himself by holding her waist. She just hugged him tightly, remembering about the incident when the chandelier was just about to fall over him. Her sudden hug made him shocked. But without asking anything, he hugged her back. For few minutes both got lost in each other arms, closing their eyes.

“What happened baby?” He asked worriedly after breaking the hug. She gave him a dejected look.

“Hubby…” she was about to tell him but stopped herself as she recalled about blackmailer’s word.

“Nothing happened. Can’t I hug you without any reason, hubby ?” She asked immediately and he wasn’t convinced.

“Mera man kiya aur meine hug kar diya (I felt like to hug you and I hugged you.)” She again hugged him. He hugged her back but he found something fishy.

“Is she really upset or am I overthinking?” He asked confusingly, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“I am sorry, hubby.” She apologised to him inside her mind because she was hiding the truth from him.

The whole day, Sidharth remained busy in the preparation of the Mehendi function. Sana stayed in the room, alone. She was just wondering that if she was doing wrong or right by hiding the truth from her hubby. In the evening, she got ready in a beautiful blue lehenga.

“I can’t hide the truth from my hubby, I just can’t. My hubby will kill that villain like in a movie hero kills the villain. He earlier killed Aman and like that he will kill this villain.” She decided to tell the truth to him finally, putting her all fear on the side.

Sidharth stepped inside and he was mesmerised by seeing his beautiful wife. She was looking elegant in blue colour attire. He was wearing blue Sherwani, matching her dress. They both passed a smile, looking at each other through the mirror. Sana stood up and turned toward him. Both were walking to each other, taking slow steps. She was all ready to tell him the truth. But God had some other plans.

“Hub..” she was about to say something but he shushed her by placing his finger over her lips before she could speak something. Both gazed into each other eyes deeply.

“You know what? Whenever I look into your black bewitching eyes, I feel like I love your eyes the most.” He whispered lovingly, gazing into her eyes intensely. She also got lost in him, forgetting about everything.

“But when my eyes fall on your black long hair, I feel like I love your hair the most,” he caressed her soft hair and his eyes were also looking at her hair.

“And when my eyes fall on your beautiful glossy lips, I feel like they are most attractive. I love them the most. I just feel like to kiss your lips till infinity.” He brushed her lips with his thumb.

She yanked him to herself by holding his sherwani. “Then who is stopping you? Kiss me please.”

He smiled, seeing her desperation for the kiss. He moved closer to her lips, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. Then soon their lips and they started kissing each other lovingly, forgetting about everything. They just remembered one thing that to kiss each other. He grasped her bare waist and deepened the kiss by pulling her to himself. Sana wrapped her arms around his neck. She was just wanted him to kiss her till infinity. Her all fear was vanishing because of their kiss. Their kiss had the power to make her forget about her all fear. This called the power of love.

They broke the kiss after becoming breathless. They touched their forehead. They were breathing heavily after their passionate kiss which was full of love. Touching their forehead, they got lost in each other. They were getting so much peace. After few minutes, he held her both hands. He took her hands toward his lips and kissed her knuckles, gazing into her eyes. She smiled slightly seeing his gesture of love.

“I have to tell hubby about all this. He deserves to know. He trusts me so much and I had promised him that I won’t hide anything from him.” She thought in her mind, staring at him. He was looking at her, having so much love in his eyes.

“Hubby, I want to tell you something.” She uttered in a serious tone and he looked at her in confusion.

“What, baby?” He asked instantly, holding her face. Then the screen divided into two halves, on one side she was staring at him dejectedly and on the other side, he was looking at her worriedly.

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