(Part: 115 A Mysterious Man) Mine (Manan)


“And my last question, what is BDSM?” Manik closed his eyes when she asked this question. This was the only question which he was fearing to answer. He really had no idea how to explain to his little baby about BDSM. She was looking at him excitedly for the answer.

“Baby, sleep now and let me sleep too, please.” He requested and tried to save himself from talking about the topic ‘BDSM but how could our Nandu leave him before getting the answer to her question.

“If you don’t answer my question, then who will answer my question. Please, hubby.” She said after sitting on his stomach like a small baby and started playing with his hand.

“Okay, I will answer your this question but you have to promise me that after this you will sleep and no more question for today.” He put the condition and she nodded her head, grinning widely.

“Promise, promise,” she instantly promised him by holding his hand because she was curious to know about BDSM.

“Bdsm means..” he was finding the right words so that his answer wouldn’t scare her and also wouldn’t confuse her more.

“Like I tie your hands and control you, that’s mean BDSM.” He finally explains to her in the easiest way. She made O mouth.

Nandini was about to ask something more because she had lots of doubts, but Manik pulled her into his warm arms and said before she could ask. “Now sleep, you promised me that after this no more questions.”

Nandini giggled holding his vest and hiding her face in his chest.

“Hubby, you are behaving like I am asking you to kill someone.” She uttered cutely. He shook his head in disbelief and wrapped her properly in his protective arms. Within few minutes, they both fell asleep in each other peacefully.

Next Morning

“Hubby, I need to go washroom.” Nandini was trying to come out from his arms in the morning because she needed to pee but Manik was still sleeping and he was not leaving her.

“Please, don’t go, baby.” He requested in a sleepy tone, hugging her tighter. She made faces and didn’t force him more. Few minutes passed away and she was controlling herself.

“Good morning.” Manik woke up and wished her good morning with a kiss on the forehead. She looked at her, irritated.

“What happened, baby?” He asked contentedly after clasping her face.

“Hubby, I want to go washroom.” She told him in a babyish voice.

“Then go, who is stopping you?” Manik finally freed her from his arms and she dashed to the washroom after jumping down the bed.

“Baby, why you were not going to the washroom?”Manik asked when she came outside after few minutes. She sat beside him sadly.

“Hubby, you were not letting me go. You were asking me to stay with you.” She told him her problem.

“Oh shit, I said in sleep.” He slightly slapped his head.

“Baby, in future, if I say something in sleep, just wake me up. Please don’t control your pee. It is not good for the body.” Again his caring side came. He said, caressing her hair. She cutely smiled and slightly nodded her head.

Nandini stepped out of the bathroom after taking bath. She was wearing a white off-shoulder top with black jeans. She pouted annoyingly when she didn’t find her hubby in the room. She walked outside to check him. Their room was on the third floors of the hotel. Her lips stretched into a wide smile as she saw Manik in the hall from upstairs, instructing someone. She sprinted to the stairs, smiling.

Suddenly somebody grasped her wrist and yanked her into the empty room. She was horrified. The person pinned her against the wall by grasping her arms tightly. She couldn’t see his face because he was wearing the mask.

“Leave me, hubby, help..” she was trying her best to come out from his hold by kicking her legs. He was getting annoyed.

“Shut up.” The person growled by shutting her mouth with one hand. She flinched and stopped resisting because she got afraid. She looked at him, her eyes wide-open in fear.

“What do you want? Who are you? If my hubby comes to know that you took me here forcibly, then he won’t leave you.” Nandini warned him as he removed his hand from her mouth. She tried to act strong in front of him but inside, she was afraid.

The person chuckled, listening to her last line.

“Your hubby, I mean the Manik Malhotra can’t do anything. He is going to come on the road very soon and you know you will help me in this?” He asked and she gave him confused looks.

“You will help me in bringing him on the road.” He answered himself and Nandini was looking at him, baffled.

“Why I will help you? I won’t help you. I will tell about you to my hubby.” She instantly denied that she wouldn’t help him.

“After seeing this also, you won’t help me?” He asked after dragging her out of the room and pointed at his one man who was cutting the rope of chandelier which was hanging above of Manik.

“Please, stop him, hubby.” She freaked out and scurried toward the man to stop him from cutting the rope. But that person grasped her hand and didn’t let her go. She because extremely anxious for her hubby, seeing his life in danger.

“Please, stop him, please.” She begged in front of that person, tears trickled down her cheeks automatically. He was grinning evilly at her condition.

“Say yes that you will help in bringing your hubby on the road and then I will ask that man to stop cutting the rope.” He put the condition in front of her. She cried seeing her hubby, whose life was in danger. She moved her eyes to that person, pleading him to through her eyes which were brimmed with tears, but that person was heartless, her tears were not affecting him.

“I will help you, please ask him to stop.” She again pleaded and that person’s smile grew bigger. He called his man and asked him to stop. Nandini sighed with profound relief, but tears were still rolling down her soft cheeks.

“Now, don’t dare to tell your hubby about our meet or I have my man everywhere, they will kill your hubby.” He warned her sternly and she cried more listening to his words. She was not understanding that she should tell her hubby about him or not. His warning made her more scared.

“Bye, for now, princess, we will meet again and don’t forget about our deal. If you don’t help me, you will lose your loving husband.” He again blackmailed her and she cried sorrowfully, squeezing her eyes. The next moment she opened her eyes and that person disappeared. She saw Manik, he was coming upstairs. She was crying badly, looking at him and she wasn’t understanding that she should tell him or not. She was frightened to lose her hubby.

What do think she would tell about the person to Manik or not?

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