(Part: 114 Love in being Possessive) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Hubby, I am feeling sleepy.” She lied, standing up in the middle of the game because firstly Sidharth kissed Sneha and secondly, she got to know that Sneha had the feeling for Sidharth. She was getting mad wondering how could Sneha love her hubby. Her hubby was her only, No one had the right to love her hubby.

“Go, Sidharth, make your baby sleep.” Abhi said in a fun tone and Sidharth stood up, shaking his head. Sana glanced at Sneha in anger before striding to her room. He was keenly noticing her every expression.

He stepped into the room following Sana. “Baby,” he was about to say something but Sana cut his words.

“Lie down on the bed.” She instructed in dominating tone, pointing her finger at the bed, her eyes fixed at his face. He didn’t argue and lay down on the bed because he knew that it was waste of time to argue with his possessive baby.

He narrowed his brows in confusion when he saw her strolling toward the cupboard. She took out something from it and turned toward him. She sauntered to him, smiling naughtily. He instantly understood what was going on in her mind as he saw a red dupatta in her hand.

A smile flashed on his cheeks as she sat on his stomach, astride him like a baby. She glared at him with an angry pout.

“Give me your hands.” As she ordered, he complied by holding out his both hands in front of her, gazing at her lovingly.

She was tying his wrists together with the dupatta and he was busy admiring his baby. He knew that his baby was jealous of Sneha but he also knew that how to make her normal. That’s why he was tension free and enjoying whatever she was doing with him.

“Keep your hands like this only.” She again ordered him sternly, placing his hands above his forehead after tying them. She leaned down to his face. Their lips were only a few inches apart, they could feel each other warm breath on their lips which was turning them on.

“Only I have right on your lips and nobody else.” She murmured in a dominating tone, brushing his lips with her thumb. They both were deeply gazing into each other eyes.

Their lips were just about to meet each other but she again sat on his stomach and started punching his stomach with her tiny hands. “Why you kissed Sneha, motti? How could you?” She was constantly hitting him, complaining like a baby.

“Baby, relax.” He was trying to control her but she wasn’t listening to him.

“Why did you give my right to Sneha?” She asked in a crying tone after placing her face over his chest. His heart ached as he heard her broken voice. He wanted to wrap her into his warms arms but couldn’t because his hands were tied.

“I felt so bad when you kissed Sneha. I love you so much, hubby.” She said still in a crying tone and he closed his eyes sadly.

“Baby, but you asked me to continue the game.” As he uttered, she sat upon his stomach again by raising her head from his chest and looked at him with a sad pout after.

“But you could have kissed Khushi and Navya, Why that Moti?” She asked annoyingly and addressed Sneha as Moti.

“Baby, both of their boyfriends were present there. It was awkward for me to kiss them in front of their boyfriends.” He told her the reason and she sighed with relief.

“Only you have right on me, it was just a task. I love you, trust me.” He cooed lovingly and a blissful smile spread across her face.

“I trust you, hubby but I can’t trust other girls.” She leaned down and pecked his lips.

“Agar kisne tumhai mujhe chin liya, toh mere kya hoga, hubby. (If somebody snatches you from me then what will I do?)” She asked dejectedly.

“Nobody can snatch you from me because you live in my heart, baby and you’re in my every breath. Tumhai pane se phle mere pass kuch nhi tha aur jab meine tumhai paya toh mujhe mera jahan mil gaya. (I had nothing before getting you and when I found you, I found my world.)” He spoke every word through the core of his heart. He was looking at her having so much love in his eyes for her. She just hugged him tightly, getting speechless after listening to his words.

“Baby, open my hands, I also want to hug you badly.” He stretched his arms, he was going crazy because he wanted to hug her. She mischievously smiled at him.

“Hubby, I think Sneha was talking about you, she loves you.” As she said, untying his hands, his smile faded away

“She indeed loves me.” He stated and cleared her doubt. She looked at him, upset.

“Baby, but you don’t worry. She won’t snatch me from you.” He reassured her after clasping her face.

“But how can you be so sure that she won’t snatch you from me?” She instantly asked, raising her brows.

“Sneha had confessed her love to me two years back and I denied. This was the only reason, she disappeared. I think now, she has just come to attend Mukti’s wedding.” Sidharth explained to her and she was trying to understand his words.

“Sari duniya mein ushe mera Hubby hi mila tha pyaar karne ko.” She thought putting hand on her forehead.

“You can trust her, Sidharth, but I can’t.” She stated in a serious tone.

“Why aren’t you thinking that we are so lucky that we got our love and we together? Think about her, she will never get her love because I love you.” Sidharth tried to make her understand about Sneha. Listening to his words, innocent Sana felt bad for her. She was the girl who couldn’t bear anybody pain. It was her weakness that she was so good to others. She could feel everybody’s pain.

“Hubby, you are right. In jealousy, I was just thinking about myself. I was thinking bad about her and I even called her motti. Hubby, I will make her understand that she should move on because you are mine.” She said innocently. He slightly smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“Baby, ab ek kiss toh dedo apne hubby ko.” As he asked for the kiss like a baby, she giggled, placing her hand on her mouth. He was demanding a kiss like her.

“You will get my kiss after answering my few questions.” She stood up from his tummy and lay down beside him. He instantly pulled her into his protective arms. He knew what questions, she going to ask.

“I really didn’t get it, what are the positions on the bed?” She asked confusingly.

Sidharth took a deep breath and explained his innocent baby. “There are making out positions, they were talking about that.” He explained her in the most simplest way and she made O mouth. Her next question was going to be very difficult to answer. Sometimes, Sidharth felt like he is her teacher.

“Really, hubby? I never knew about this. Hubby, we will also do in every position.” She blurted and as the realisation hit her mind, she hid her face in his chest shyly and he chuckled, hugging her tightly.

“Hubby, 69 position, what is that?” She asked the next question after breaking the hug. He closed his eyes because he had no idea how to explain to her about this position.

“Baby in this, both the partners give each pleasure together.” He said after opening his eyes.

“Matlab, hubby, mujhe kuch smajh nhi aya (I didn’t understand.)” She shook her head.

“Oh god, baby, you don’t even know, your questions are turning me on. Sometimes it’s got so difficult to answer.” He wondered, looking at him and she was waiting for the answer curiously.

“Let me show you the photos.” He picked up the phone from the side table and she excitedly as a small baby looked at his phone. ’69 position’ he typed this on google. She palmed her mouth and her widened her eyes in shock as she saw the photos of 69 positions. He was controlling his laugh after seeing her expression. She gave the reaction like ‘hai maa mata ji’ types.

“Hubby, I want to see photos of other position too, please show me.” She requested when Sidharth was about to put the phone back.

“Baby, it is enough for you tonight, I will show you everything practically later on. Don’t you think it will be more exciting?” He smiled naughtily and moved closer to her face.

She grasped his collars and pulled him closer to herself. “Then show me now practically.”

“Baby, we did in the morning and in one day, I can’t show you all positions. You will come to know all the position step by step.” He sighed with relief when she nodded her.

“And my last question, what is BDSM?” Sidharth closed his eyes when she asked this question. This was the only question which he was fearing to answer. He really had no idea how to explain to his little baby about BDSM. She was looking at him excitedly for the answer.


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